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Understanding Liability For Vehicle Damage In Parking Lots

In a recent incident near the Puchong Prima LRT station, an unsettling occurrence has brought to light a significant concern regarding the liability for damages sustained by parked vehicles within a car park.

As reported by The Sun Daily, Ms. Preshila Karunagaran, a 27-year-old motorist and front desk receptionist at a Kuala Lumpur hotel, shared her distressing experience when her relatively new vehicle fell victim to a hit-and-run situation while parked at a nearby car park.


Expressing her frustration, Ms. Karunagaran emphasised her trust in the safety of the car park for her two-month-old car. “It’s disheartening, especially considering that I parked my two-month-old car in the car park on the assumption that it would be safe. I feel violated knowing that someone hit my car and ran away,” she shared.

The inconvenience escalated as Ms. Karunagaran had to manage the repair process and associated expenses after the incident. She approached a car park attendant for assistance but was dismayed to learn that the CCTV in the vicinity was non-functional and the attendant was unaware of the incident. Despite filing a police report, the lack of evidence made it difficult for law enforcement to take immediate action.

LRT station carpark

Ms. Karunagaran voiced her displeasure at having to bear the financial burden resulting from someone else’s actions. She contemplated filing a claim with her insurance company but was deterred by the protracted processing time. Ultimately, she had to personally cover the repair costs, amounting to RM4,859, including windscreen replacements and tyre repairs.

Tailgaters To Be Fined RM1k Or Imprisoned For Three Months

Tailgating, the act of driving too closely behind another vehicle, is a hazardous and irresponsible behaviour with numerous negative consequences. Many consider most tailgaters as bullies, as they often create discomfort and insecurity while driving. The issue isn’t about the car model but rather the driver’s behaviour. While fingers are being pointed at certain brands when it comes to tailgating, it’s important to remember that a bully is a bully, regardless of the model they drive.

In 2015, Penang JPJ director Datuk Hassan Yaakob advised drivers to capture a photo of tailgaters, including the visible vehicle number plate, for potential action by authorities. However, this approach may not have been effective. Recently, a statement from Prolintas on a social media platform revealed that bullies like tailgaters could face fines of up to RM1,000 or imprisonment for up to three months.

Enforcing this regulation poses challenges. Taking a photo of a tailgater while driving is inherently unsafe. While rearview dashcams are available, not everyone can afford them. Therefore, only those with dashcams can file reports using captured footage. Concerned citizens who witness tailgating incidents can also submit reports with evidence via the MyJPJ application.

Unfortunately, MyJPJ’s efficiency in handling such complaints has been questioned. Users have reported delays and a lack of transparency in the process. This raises doubts about the effectiveness of reporting tailgating incidents through official channels.

So, can we effectively stop tailgaters? Well, it ultimately depends on the driver’s mindset.

Given the dissatisfaction with MyJPJ’s response, some may resort to sharing footage on social media platforms to raise awareness about tailgating issues. However, changing the behaviour of tailgaters remains a complex challenge.

Project Titan: Apple Car Set To Launch Soon?

In the realm of autonomous and electric vehicles, the Apple Car, a project that has seen its fair share of twists and turns, stands out as a technological and automotive marvel in the making. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what we know so far about Apple’s ambitious foray into the automotive industry.

Project Titan: The Genesis

Originating in 2014, “Project Titan” marked the inception of Apple’s ambitious venture into the automobile domain. Initially focusing on a fully autonomous electric vehicle, the project has undergone numerous transformations over the years, ranging from shelving plans to reviving and scaling down the vision.

ABT Unleashes 810hp Lamborghini Urus Scatenato

In a bold endeavour, renowned tuner ABT Sportsline has set its sights on Lamborghini, unveiling its latest creation – the ABT Urus Scatenato, aptly named for its promise of unleashed, raging performance. Limited to a mere 99 units, this exclusive offering marries power and exclusivity in a breathtaking display of automotive prowess.

Taking its expertise from enhancing VW Group vehicles, ABT begins its transformation with the performance-oriented Lamborghini Urus, adding a remarkable boost of power and subtle design refinements. The base model Urus Performante already boasts an impressive 666hp from its twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine. However, ABT’s Power R technology elevates this figure to an astonishing 810hp, a remarkable addition of 144hp.

E-Hailing Abduction Attempt Highlights Passenger Safety Concerns

In a recent alarming incident, a woman narrowly escaped an apparent abduction attempt by an e-hailing driver. The victim, an employee en route to an event, recounted her harrowing experience, highlighting significant safety concerns associated with e-hailing services.

The incident occurred last Wednesday, as the employee, Neera, opted for an e-hailing service to reach her destination after taking the Subang Jaya LRT train. As reported by NST, Neera attempted to make a cash payment, but the driver remained unresponsive, leaving her feeling uneasy.

The situation escalated as the driver veered into an obscure route and drove past an empty building. Distressed and sensing danger, Neera called emergency services (999) for help. Despite assistance from customer service officers, the driver maintained silence, heightening Neera’s fear. In a brave act of self-preservation, Neera decided to jump out of the moving vehicle near the empty building, seeking refuge and safety.

New Toyota Vios Race Car Formally Announced!

The Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) Festival has undoubtedly cemented its reputation as the premiere one make race series in Malaysia. Over six seasons, TGR has provided fans with thrilling wheel to wheel racing where professionals, celebrities as well as amateur drivers compete to be crowned champion of the series at the end of the season.

The series requires teams to compete in a race spec Toyota Vios with all cars having the same state of tune. To level the playing field, drivers who are particularly quick are required to have weight ballasts that slow down their cars.

In the six seasons of racing, the Toyota Vios has been the mainstay of the series. Teams fork out about RM100,000 to buy a race prepared Toyota Vios and this also gives the access to two seasons of racing.

As season six draws to a close, UMW Toyota Motors took the opportunity to officially unveil next season’s race car.

Based on the latest generation Toyota Vios, the new race car shares the same concept as the old – with a stripped out interior and a six-point roll cage that not only offers safety for the driver but also adds stiffness to the car that gives it more agile handling.

Besides the roll cage, the new Vios also sports a new platform that adds further rigidity. This combined with new aerodynamic enhancements make the Vios more planted in corners, improves responsiveness and also provides faster lap times as compared to the previous generation race car.

The new Vios challenger is still powered by the same 1.5-litre engine producing 106PS and 138Nm of torque. The power figures are the same as the street car but the biggest difference is the transmission. While the road going model uses a CVT gearbox, the race car sends power to the front wheels through a 5-speed manual transmission.

The Vios also includes a new race exhaust manifold, exhaust mid-section and muffler, a limited slip differential and race tuned suspension.

Season seven of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival will continue next year and interested parties can get in touch with the management of the series at 60163673300.

The complete list of modifications to the Toyota Vios is offered in the table below:

Porsche 911 GT3 R Rennsport: The Collectors Edition

In the realm of exceptional and exclusive collector’s items, the Porsche 911 GT3 R Rennsport stands tall, limited to a mere 77 units, it’s a beacon of distinctive design and raw performance. A fusion of high-performance competition aesthetics and modern design elements, the Rennsport pays homage to Porsche’s rich motorsport history without being confined to a retro look. Built on the fundamental performance factors of the original GT3 model, the 911 GT3 R Rennsport continues to prioritise function while captivating the senses in an exceedingly emotional and attractive manner.

Aesthetics and Craftsmanship

Crafted by Grant Larson and Thorsten Klein from the Style Porsche team, it exhibits a powerful presence. Larson states that this model is a logical successor to the modern Porsche 935, drawing on the current 911 GT3 R of the 992 generation. Although elements like the bonnet and roof are shared with the standard GT3 R, nearly all other body components have been meticulously redesigned. The visual enhancements include a widened stance, a lower profile with beautifully designed wheels, and meticulous attention to proportions to create a spectacular visual appeal.

Distinctive Design Elements

The distinct design elements of it begin at the front, where aerodynamically optimized geometry meets striking aesthetics. The air intake and outlet panels of the front wheel arches boast a radically modified shape, giving a more self-assured appearance. Notably, the exterior mirrors have been replaced by a digital equivalent – a system comprising three cameras integrated into the vehicle’s outer skin, providing improved visibility.

Honda Shifts Gears With The 2024 Prologue EV SUV

Honda, a long-time player in the hybrid car realm, is venturing further into the world of electric vehicles (EVs) with the upcoming 2024 Honda Prologue. This marks a significant step for Honda, known for its environmentally conscious automobiles, as it delves deeper into full electrification. The Prologue, a Honda Passport-sized crossover, is Honda’s substantial foray into the EV market.

Power and Platform

The 2024 Honda Prologue will share the Ultium platform and battery with electric GM models like the Chevrolet Blazer EV. However, Honda is confident that its unique suspension tuning, styling, and cabin design will distinguish the Prologue and appeal to potential customers. The SUV will boast an 85.0-kilowatt-hour battery, providing a manufacturer-estimated range of 482km for the most efficient versions.

The Prologue will be available in single- and dual-motor variants, with the all-wheel-drive version generating 288hp and 451Nm of torque, promising a satisfying performance.

Bentley’s ‘Belonging Bentayga’ Is A Tribute To Diversity And Artistry

Bentley, renowned for its luxury vehicles, has taken a significant step forward in its mission to be the epitome of diversity among luxury car manufacturers worldwide. The company has revealed the ‘Belonging Bentayga,’ a bespoke Bentley Bentayga Hybrid hand-painted with intricate artistry, showcasing skylines and landmarks from iconic cities across the globe.

The Artistic Endeavor

The ‘Belonging Bentayga’ is adorned with various skylines and renowned buildings from cities such as New York, London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Venice, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, each side representing a different continent. This unique art piece, displaying 29 different landmarks, is a creation of Stephen Wiltshire MBE, a British architectural artist and autistic savant celebrated for his extraordinary ability to recreate landscapes from memory.

Porsche Embraces the Potential of eFuels at Rennsport Reunion 7

In an ambitious display of environmental commitment and technological innovation, Porsche is set to showcase the promising potential of eFuels at the renowned Rennsport Reunion 7. This event is the world’s largest gathering of Porsche enthusiasts.

This milestone marks the first time synthetic fuel is used in Porsche models at a large-scale event in the United States, as eFuels will power various Porsche demo lap vehicles appearing on the track and Cayenne media shuttles transporting media guests to and from local hotels, as well as prototype 356 number one.

eFuels Unleashing New Possibilities

eFuels, hailed as a game-changer in sustainable energy solutions, are crafted from water and carbon dioxide, utilizing renewable energy sources. This innovation has paved the way for powering combustion engines while maintaining a substantially net CO₂ neutral usage. The production of eFuels captures an amount of CO₂ equivalent to the emissions generated during the vehicle’s operational phase, underlining the eco-friendly nature of this groundbreaking technology.

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