Kia Malaysia Sdn Bhd Officially Announces New Pricing Of Its Model Range Post SST

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Following the Government of Malaysia’s announcement of Sales and Service Tax (SST) implementation,Naza Kia Malaysia Sdn Bhd officially announced the new pricing of its model range inclusive of 10% sales tax applicable for vehicles.

Refer to the pricing list below for the breakdown of prices according to model.

Picanto EX RM49,888.00 RM49,888.00 RM0.00
Rio RM79,888.00 RM78,888.00 less RM1,000.00
Cerato RM103,888.00 RM103,888.00 RM0.00
Optima GT RM174,888.00 RM169,888.00 less RM5,000.00
Sporatage EX RM129,888.00 RM126,888.00 less RM3,000.00
Sporatge GT RM153,888.00 RM149,888.00 less RM4,000.00
Sorento EX RM173,888.00 RM169,888.00 less RM4,000.00
Sorento SX RM185,888.00 RM179,888.00 less RM6,000.00
Grand Carnival SX RM188,888.00 RM184,888.00 less RM4,000.00
Grand Carnival KX RM159,888.00 RM155,888.00 less RM4,000.00

*OTR price without insurance

For enquiries, contact Naza Kia Malaysia customer service at 1-800-888-542 or

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