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Mercedes-Benz vívoactive 3 can help to make driving healthier

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Most of us spend a lot of time driving, which means being inside the car for long periods almost every day. As we drive, we go through various conditions which can have an effect on our wellbeing and how we feel. The common conditions would be fatigue and drowsiness, which some cars now have systems to detect by the way the car is being driven. In fact, 10 years ago, Mercedes-Benz introduced the drowsiness warning system ATTENTION ASSIST as a world first. This assistance system can recognise typical signs of fatigue and prompt drowsy drivers to take a break.

10 years ago, Mercedes-Benz introduced ATTENTION ASSIST which detects driver drowsiness and prompts him or her to take a break. To date, some 14 million vehicles have the system and it is now standard in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Now, the carmaker is going further in helping drivers keep track of their condition while driving. With the vívoactive 3 wearable from Mercedes-Benz in collaboration with Garmin and the new ENERGIZING COACH, an integral health feature of the latest generations of CLA and GLE, intelligent comfort is now achievable.

Mercedes-Benz vívoactive 3

Interior adapted to wearer’s condition
Via the Mercedes me app, the smartwatch app transmits significant vital data of the wearer to the vehicle. From this, an algorithm derives the wearer’s stress level and recommends the appropriate ENERGIZING (Comfort) program while also taking into account further parameters. When the driver accepts the recommendation, the atmosphere in the interior optimally adapts to his needs.

Behind the sporty, dynamic design is an intelligent everyday accessory that makes optimum use of all that the digital age has to offer. The 3-pointed star on the sophisticated touchscreen watch face was designed exclusively with Mercedes-Benz Designers together with Garmin. It serves as an elegant demonstration of the way in which two pioneers in their respective fields have combined their expertise, know-how and sense of stylish design.

Particularly challenging or long and monotonous routes can also strain even those who enjoy driving and are used to spending extended periods at the wheel. And this is where the Mercedes-Benz vívoactive 3 in conjunction with the new ENERGIZING Packages is able to reveal its full potential. The smartwatch links via the Mercedes me App and the iOS smartphone into the vehicle’s telematics system and transmits the pulse rate on the display.

Mercedes-Benz vívoactive 3

Vital data such as stress level or sleep quality supplement the accuracy of the intelligent algorithm in the backend, which recommends a situational and individually adapted wellness or activation program depending on environmental, vehicle and vital data. Drivers will also have the option to select potentially less stressful routes directly from the navigation system. Some of the conceivable capabilities of the infotainment system can extend to provide stimulating or soothing music to suit the driver’s mood on the road, new-type seat massages, matching climate control, and the ability to manipulate fragrance and suitable ambience lighting within the vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe
The vívoactive 3 interfaces with the new ENERGIZING COACH, an integral health feature of the latest generation of the CLA.

Additional functionality
In some countries, the Mercedes-Benz vívoactive 3 also provides a range of features that prove useful also outside of the vehicle. Apart from monitoring personal fitness levels, the smartwatch is, for example, Garmin Pay-ready, thus able to allow contactless payments. Its compatibility with Android and Apple smartphones via the Garmin Connect Mobile app expands its potential uses to many other areas.

Visually speaking, the Mercedes-Benz vívoactive 3 offers a stylish, yet minimalistic and dynamic look. The 43.4 mm round casing in black or white plastic features a bezel and back in high-quality stainless steel. A silicon strap, colour-coordinated to the casing, ensures that the watch sits firmly and comfortably, whatever the activity. The colour display, featuring a touchscreen made out of tough Corning Gorilla glass, can be set to reflect the wearer’s personal style with one of a range of pre-installed watch faces in an exclusive Mercedes-Benz design. Battery life is up to 7 days but if GPS mode is activated, this will diminish to about 13 hours.

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