BMW XM Label Red: The Most Powerful M-Car

BMW had recently launched the XM, the first standalone M car since the M1. Whether you love it or hate it, the BMW XM is a crucial model for the performance section of the German manufacturer.

The “regular” XM already seemed impressive to us but for a car that was made to celebrate 50 years of the M division, it was actually slower than the gas-powered X6M.

So, BMW decided to slap on some red lipstick to that controversial kidney grille and add more magic to the powertrain. The power and torque of this updated, top-of-the-line hybrid V8 super-SUV are astoundingly increased to 748 HP and 997 Nm of torque.

The increase in torque will be the biggest change felt on the road. However, a new “pre-gearing stage” is also present between the electric motor and the input shaft of the transmission.

According to BMW, the difference is noticeable both while accelerating quickly in mid-gear and from a standing start. The 0-100 km/h time drops to 3.7 seconds, an improvement from the regular XM’s time of 4.1 seconds. BMW did highlight that the Label Red version would “impress with its ability to serve up large reserves of power in an instant, at any time and across any extraordinarily wide rpm band.”

The Combined Charging Unit of the M HYBRID system enables AC charging at up to 7.4 kW. This means the high-voltage battery can be replenished from zero to 100 per cent charge in 4.25 hours.

Together with the electric motor’s efficiency and the system of intelligent energy management, this enables an electric range of 75 – 83 kilometres in the WLTP cycle.

Now to address the elephant in the room. Those red highlights around the exterior. You get red model badges and wheel inserts, and there’s an optional Toronto Red metallic accent band in place of the standard black. We feel it makes the car look cheap. Something you might get from Shopee Motorsports.

The red colour scheme is carried inside as you might expect. On the black surfaces of the seats, instrument panel, door trim, and centre console, red contrast stitching is applied. The air vents also have red highlights. Underneath the control display, there is a boost mode indicator and a red “XM” emblem.

 Production will begin in August 2023 at BMW Group Plant Spartanburg in the USA. The BMW XM Label Red will celebrate its world premiere at the Auto Shanghai international motor show in April 2023. 

With nearly 30 XM’s already ordered in Malaysia just a few weeks ago, we wonder how the owners will be feeling, to know that right after they spent about RM1.4 million on an XM, a new, more hardcore version is already available.

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