2021 Honda Civic 11th generation

11th generation Honda Civic debuts in Thailand

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In April this year, we carried news about the all-new 11th generation of the Honda Civic making its global debut, the online launch originating in the USA. In the past, it would have taken about a year for the model to appear in the ASEAN region, usually starting with Thailand. Yet, in less than four months, the new model has been launched in Thailand. That market usually gets the models first since the ‘mother plant’ for the region is located there and so is the Asian Honda office.

The new Civic continues with the styling theme started by the 10th generation so it is more an evolutionary change although the designers reviewed the designs of earlier generations to see if there were any good ideas could be used again. The styling of the ASEAN Civic has similarities to the North American one, with the deep front end is deep and a distinctive signature for the DRLs.

2021 Honda Civic 11th generation
The front end of the ASEAN version of the new Civic (above) has similarities to the one launched in North America in April this year.

2021 Honda Civic 11th generation

The overall size is close to the 10th generation, increasing in overall length by 30 mm with a marginally longer wheelbase as well. The latter, with a wide rear track as well, should improve legroom for the rear occupants.

The new Civic is said to have the most rigid structure in the model’s history which goes back to the 1970s. The stiffer structure improves ride and handling while also reducing transmission of road and wind noise to create a more relaxed cabin environment.

Taking advantage of the stiffer structure, the engineers have tuned the suspension for a smoother ride while improving the sporty handling. Steering feel has been improved and new bushings on the rear suspension minimize harshness while also promoting better straight-line stability and turn in. The electronic power steering has been re-tuned to provide better feedback and improved straight-line stability.

For the Thai market, there will be 3 variants and from what we can see from the specs, all three have the same EarthDreams engine. This is the familiar 1.5-litre turbocharged DOHC VTEC unit that develops 178 ps/240 Nm, with a CVT delivering power to the front wheels. The driver has a choice of the usual three drive modes – SPORT, NORMAL and ECON – to suit personal preferences.

With each generation, especially the recent ones, the interior has gained a more premium look and feel as well as received more new technologies. At the same time, the original design approach of ‘Man-Maximum, Machine-Minimum’ has been maintained and this is apparent in the uncluttered layout of the dashboard – which is reminiscent of the early Civics.

The top of the instrument panel has been designed with minimum cutlines to reduce windscreen reflections and visual distractions. A metal honeycomb mesh accent stretches from door to door across the dashboard. It serves both form and function, creating a dramatic visual dividing line between the audio, information displays and climate controls, while the intricate flow-through design conceals the air vents for an uncluttered look.

2021 Honda Civic 11th generation

Dashboard of current 10th generation Civic.

Standing almost vertically in a slot in the middle of the dashboard is the infotainment system display, from which most of the car’s functions can be managed. The 9-inch wide colour touchscreen has large icons for ease of contact and selection while close attention has also been paid to the operation of all switchgear and controls.

2021 Honda Civic 11th generation

As with virtually all new Honda models, the Honda SENSING suite of driver assistance systems is standard. This integrates the operation of various active safety systems to help the driver avoid an accident or automatically take action if the driver does not. A common feature is autonomous emergency braking where the on-board computer will activate the brakes if a collision is likely, but the driver does not appear to brake or decelerate. Other systems – which use a radar and camera – help to keep the car in the lane and maintain a safe gap with the car ahead when using cruise control. There’s also LaneWatch, the camera-based system that gives the driver a view of the blind spot on the left side of the car.

2021 Honda Civic 11th Generation

The pricing in Thailand ranges from 964,900 baht (RM122,100) to 1,199,900 baht (RM151,800) while the current 10th generation Civic in Malaysia is priced from RM109,326 to RM134,661. It’s hard to say how Honda Malaysia will price the new model and when it will be launched. There was a hint that it might come before the year ends but that was before the government ordered vehicle assembly plants to stop operations from June 1. So two months have already passed with no activity allowed at the plant in Melaka, and we are now into the third month. This could well alter launch planning so the roll-out might only be in early 2022.

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