2022 COOL HUNTING X Ferrari Roma

Tailor Made Ferrari Roma brings together Italian with Japanese-inspired detailing

A Ferrari is already an exclusive machine when it leaves the factory but virtually none are ‘stock standard’ as every owner will want to personalise their car in some way. After all, when you have paid that much, what’s a little bit more to add something to make it unique? That’s what Ferrari’s bespoke Tailor […]

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F1: Preview & Provisional Starting Grid of 2022 Miami Grand Prix

Race starts at 3:30 pm in Miami on Sunday/3:30 am on Monday in Malaysia In its quest to grow interest in America, Formula 1 has been actively looking for new venues to hold races. It has been helped by the Netflix series, Drive to Survive, which has been giving audiences worldwide a behind-the-scenes look at […]

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2022 Ferrari SP48 Unica

Ferrari reveals SP48 Unica designed specially for just one customer

Ferrari’s Special Projects programme creates unique models which have a design so exclusive that each one can be considered a ‘One-Off’. Each project originates from an idea put forward by the customer and is then developed with a team of designers from Ferrari’s Styling Centre. The entire process can last for more than a year […]

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2022 Ferrari 296 GTS PHEV

Ferrari 296 GTS – the top comes off the 296 GTB

Perhaps our climate is not the best for open-top motoring but in other places in the world, conditions are perfect for driving around with the top down and there’s enough demand for convertibles that manufacturers still offer them. The Ferrari 296 GTS is the latest convertible to join the list, offering those who want a […]

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Bizzarrini 5300 GT Corsa Revival

Giotto Bizzarrini’s 5300 GT Corsa is reborn as Revival model

Giotto Bizzarrini lived during the era when automobile engineers were not just engineers but were also involved in design, building and testing cars. He got a job at Ferrari in 1957 and among the various projects, played the key role in the development of the iconic Ferrari 250 GTO. But his employment at Ferrari came […]

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2022 Ferrari 296 GTB hybrid

Naza Italia introduces Ferrari 296 GTB PHEV, priced from RM1,228,000

Demands to address climate change by becoming carbon-neutral are strong and carmakers, whose products are identified as contributors to climate change because of their exhaust emissions, need to do their part. Electrification is the quickest solution that allows vehicles as we know them to still be used without causing more pollution. Ferrari, like other sportscar […]

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Ferrari Malaysia

An exclusive journey through the Ferrari universe

For Ferrari-lovers and those who are thinking of buying one, Naza Italia recently organized an event to take them on a unique ‘journey’ through the Ferrari universe. The 3-day private viewing event was an immersive experience, offering specially invited guests a glimpse of the brand’s full range and connecting them to the heart of Ferrari […]

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Ferrari F8 Spider Driven: Facelifts Are Not Supposed To Be This Good!

The heart is a weird thing. It is what keeps you alive, and yet it is also the same spot where you feel such powerful emotions as joy and sadness. The factually inclined amongst us would argue that you feel those emotions because the brain sends signals to your body to release dopamine or serotonin […]

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2021 Ferrari BR20

Only one person in the world can own the Ferrari BR20

Although the models which Ferrari usually publicises are those produced in more than a single unit, there are also cars which the carmaker has made which are not shown or mentioned because the customers may not like publicity. But some do agree to the exposure and the customer who commissioned the Ferrari BR20, the latest […]

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2021 Ferrari Portifino M

Ferrari Portofino M launched in Malaysia, priced from RM998,000

It was in September 2017 that Ferrari launched the Portofino and by May 2018, the first units arrived in the showrooms of Naza Italia in Malaysia. 39 months later comes the evolution version – the Portofino M. The car was unveiled in September last year and like many new models during the period of the […]

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