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The 2.0-litre Bi-Turbo Diesel engine will soon be offered with the Next-Generation Ford Ranger Raptor in response to widespread demand from Raptor enthusiasts around the country.

The new Ranger Raptor 2.0L Bi-Turbo will be offered beginning June 8, 2023, according to a statement from Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford in Malaysia.


East Malaysia is truck country and with the Ford Ranger as its core model, Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) has made sure it has a good presence there to offer one of the best trucks in the market.

Over the years, the company, which has been the sole distributor for Ford vehicles in Malaysia since 2008, has steadily built up its network in the region and recently added another dealership in Sabah. With this new dealership SDAC-Ford now has 37 outlets nationwide.

Operated by Rightpower Corporation Sdn Bhd, Ford Kota Kinabalu (Penampang) is the second Ford 3S Centre in the state capital and the eighth outlet in East Malaysia.


The pick-up truck was once just for work and regulations (in Malaysia) before the late 1990s did not permit registration for private use. When the regulations changed, Ford was the first to show people the fun side of owning a pick-up truck with its Ranger. Built tough for workhorse duties, the Ranger was also a very capable truck able to travel over difficult terrain.

Today’s Ranger is even more capable but many people don’t realise just how capable, or they do not have an opportunity to take it to its limits. Sime Darby Auto ConneXion, the sole distributor for Ford in Malaysia, can help Ranger owners discover the capabilities of their Ranger at a course specially designed for beginners.

To be held on March 19, the Ford Ranger Getaways M4TREC Beginner 4WD Course offers any Ranger owner the chance to master his or her vehicle. Participants will also gain in-depth familiarity with their vehicle and might even discover some features which they did not realise their Ranger had.


Since 2007, when Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) immediately took over the Ford business in Malaysia after the American carmaker withdrew from its joint venture, the exclusive distributor for the brand has been steadily building up its retail network. Fortunately, Sime Darby had already been Ford’s business partner for a long time (since the 1980s) and had its own dealer network selling Ford vehicles and providing aftersales services.

With the continuing sales growth leading to a larger customer base, SDAC has continued to expand its network to have a presence in more areas around the country. Soon, there will be a new Ford 3S Centre to serve customers and owners in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia.


With the next couple of months being festive periods that will see many people going on holiday or returning to their hometowns to be with loved ones, there will be a lot of motoring taking place. Those who are planning long-distance trips should ensure that their vehicles are in a good condition for not only safety but also to avoid an unexpected breakdown that would certainly spoil the holiday.

For Ford owners, Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) is having a service promotion that will not only ensure that the vehicles are in tip-top condition but also save owners money. The promotion period is from December 1, 2022 until January 21, 2023.


Genuine parts are always the best to use when it comes to replacing parts in your motor vehicle. They are designed and manufactured to the same standards as the vehicle they are intended for, and should fit perfectly.

However, genuine parts can be hard to find if the vehicle you own is an older one. Over time, distributors may reduce the stocks of genuine parts they keep for older models as demand diminishes, and they also need space for parts for the newer models.

If it’s genuine parts for older Ford vehicles that you’re looking for, SpareXHub is the place to go to. This Malaysian e-commerce company has been operating for a few years now, and its founders have 100+ years of combined experience in the automotive and tech industry. So they know the importance of using genuine parts, and have built up a vast inventory dating back to the Ford Courier which was first launched in 1997.


The all-new Everest joins the Ford range in Malaysia, adding a SUV to the next-generation Ranger pick-up in Sime Darby Auto ConneXion’s offerings. This is the third generation of the SUV that was developed for ASEAN and other Asia-Pacific markets around the world and it’s no secret that the Everest (also known as the Endeavour in India) shares a lot with the latest Ranger.

Though the Everest is on the same platform as the Ranger, the shared approach was not considered when the Ranger was being developed in the 1990s as Ford’s ‘Asian Car’. However, with the growing popularity of SUVs, Ford knew it had to have a representative in that segment too. It had the Explorer, once the bestselling SUV in the world, but that was essentially a North American product not really suited for the rest of the world.


To Ford, the lives of the occupants of a pick-up truck like the Ranger are no less valuable than those in a passenger car, and require the maximum level of protection that can be provided. For this reason, the next-gen Ford Ranger pick-up truck comes with some of the latest in crash protection features and driver assistance technologies.

Passive Safety systems and features include the tough vehicle structure, SRS airbags, and 3-point seatbelts while Active Safety systems include driver assistance technologies (XLT Plus and Wildtrak) to alert the driver and help him avoid accidents.

During the development phase, numerous computer-aided engineering (CAE) models were built to test various accident scenarios. These included full-frontal, frontal offset, pole test, rear offset crash tests, pedestrian impacts, roof crush tests, and more. Additionally, the team conducted hundreds of physical tests to ensure vehicle safety performance was met and to validate the CAE modelling.

As safety technology keeps advancing all the time, this new generation of the Ranger gets some of the latest systems that make motoring even safer. Here are some of the new safety technologies:

Post-Collision Braking
[Available on Ranger WildTrak/XLT Plus]

In the immediate moments following a collision, the vehicle may be headed in an unpredictable direction. It could hit another object – a lamp post or another vehicle. To reduce this risk, the next-gen Ranger has Ford’s post-collision braking system which automatically applies the brakes after a collision. The system automatically engages with moderate brake pressure when an initial collision has occurred, so the vehicle will come to a standstill and avoid a secondary collision.

Pre-Collision Assist
[Available on Ranger WildTrak/XLT Plus]

Pre-collision Assist uses both the new, wide-view windscreen-mounted camera and radar located near the front bumper to scan the road ahead to detect a potential collision with another vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist directly in front of the vehicle. If an imminent collision is detected, the system emits an audible and visual warning. If the driver’s response is not sufficient, the Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system will activate automatically.

The AEB system has been enhanced with cyclist and pedestrian detection capability as well as the ability to provide AEB support at an intersection in some instances, thanks to the addition of the new, wider camera coverage. Whenever a possible collision is detected and the fails to take corrective action, the vehicle will apply the brakes automatically.

Before the AEB activates, the driver will get a Forward Collision Warning, an audible tone which will be very evident because the audio system (if on) will be muted. If the driver does not respond correctly, ie slow down or brake, then AEB will activate.

Evasive Steer Assist
[Available on Ranger WildTrak]

A segment-first feature in the next-gen Ranger is Evasive Steer Assist which also helps prevent potential collisions. In the event a vehicle in front is too slow or has stopped, the Ranger driver can get additional assistance in the steering to steer around the hazard. This will be valuable when braking alone cannot fully avoid the collision. The advanced system is designed to operate at both urban and highway speeds and employs the same camera and radar used with the Pre-collision Assist feature.

Reverse Brake Assist
[Standard on Ranger WildTrak]

Reverse Brake Assist helps the driver to avoid or mitigate potential collisions while reversing. The system may detect moving vehicles or stationary pedestrians and objects behind the Ranger. While some other systems may only alert the driver, the system in the next-gen Ranger will automatically apply the brakes to briefly stop the vehicle, should the driver not react in time.

Cross Traffic Alert
[Available on Ranger WildTrak]

Tricky reversing situations are a little less stressful with the next-gen Ford Ranger’s Cross Traffic Alert system. When the driver shifts into Reverse, the system is active, and will alert the driver of a vehicle approaching from the sides, when reversing out of a driveway onto a street, or even from a busy supermarket parking spot.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go
[Available on Ranger WildTrak]

Adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go is more advanced than just cruise control. It is an intelligent feature that maintains a safe gap with a vehicle ahead whatever the cruising speed is set at. This is done by scanning the road ahead with the camera and radar and if there is a vehicle, the speed will be adjusted.

The system in the next-gen Ranger is even more advanced that many Adaptive Cruise Control systems as it operates down to standstill. With other systems, the cruise control will deactivate below a certain speed. The Ford system can slow the vehicle right down to standstill when necessary, and then resume forward movement when the vehicle ahead moves on.

Available in many passenger cars today, this system is like having another ‘set of eyes’ when performing a lane change or joining a highway. If a faster-moving vehicle enters the Ranger’s blind spot zone, BLIS will alert the driver via a small light on the side mirror (left or right), so they know not to change lanes.

Next-Gen Ranger In East Malaysia
After journeying around Peninsular Malaysia on a series of previews before it has its official showroom launch, the next-gen Ranger will cross the South China Sea to East Malaysia.

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) will hold previews at Vivacity Megamall in Kuching, on September 7 – 11, and at Suria Sabah Shopping Centre in Kota Kinabalu on October 5 – 9, 2022.

If you would like to attend either of these two events, sign up here for an exclusive invitation. Alternatively, you can visit www.sdacford.com.my for more information about the next-gen Ranger, or follow the Ford Malaysia Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels.

The next-generation Ford Ranger continues its journey around the country on a series of previews before it officially starts to become a regular showroom display nationwide. After being shown in the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru, the all-new Ranger will cross the South China Sea to East Malaysia.

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) will hold previews at Vivacity Megamall in Kuching, on September 7 – 11, and at Suria Sabah Shopping Centre in Kota Kinabalu on October 5 – 9, 2022.

Ahead of its showroom launch, these last two preview events that are part of the nationwide debut tour of 5 regions over 5 weekends for the public to get a first-hand look at the latest generation of Ford’s iconic vehicle.

Those who have received their exclusive event invitation will have a seat at the unveiling ceremony at the events. They will also be able to learn all about the new Ranger through an in-depth presentation. Registrations are open 30 minutes prior to the unveiling ceremony.

2022 Ford Ranger

Apart from getting close-up to the vehicle, there are also exclusive Ford merchandise items to be won so pay attention to the presentation!

If you want to receive an exclusive invitation, click here to select which of the two venues you would like to go to. Alternatively, you can visit www.sdacford.com.my for more information.

Six versions available
There are six versions of the new Ranger available, with prices ranging from RM108,888 to RM162,888. All have double cabs and two versions are available with manual transmissions. A bit later on, the Ranger Raptor will also be imported and we understand that this more hardcore version has already attracted much interest and SDAC-Ford has received many orders.

To make a great pick-up truck, ask customers what they want. That was how designers of the next-generation Ford Ranger started their project. Max Tran, chief designer for the new Ranger, and his team spent hundreds of hours with customers around the world to see how they use their pick-up trucks on a daily basis.

More than 5,000 interviews were conducted and more than 1,800 pages of field notes were generated for reference, which helped development and guide both engineers and designers to build a truck with the features and capability customers wanted.

With these insights, plus the Ranger’s award-winning pick-up truck formula, they created the next-generation Ranger as an iconic, versatile and trusted pick-up truck customers can trust to tackle almost anything.

“Seeing owners use their trucks, whether for work, family or play, inspired some fantastic ideas that drove our design and development decisions,” said Tran. “One great example of that is the integrated box side-step. During our clinic sessions, we noticed that many customers had trouble reaching over the side of the truck into the bed; others were standing on the rear tyre or the bumper to gain access,” Tran said.

“So, we came up with the idea of a box step, behind the rear wheel,” he said. “We mocked one up, tested it with owners and the response was overwhelming. People told us that step would be reason enough to buy the Ford Ranger,” he revealed.

Exterior Design
The exterior design of the next-generation Ranger followed two important guiding principles: to bring it into the future and to make it Built Ford Tough. “Customers had clear ideas on what they liked and how they used their Rangers in their day-to-day lives,” Tran said. “We also needed to incorporate features customers wanted and valued to ensure it was welcoming and contemporary and as versatile as it was capable.”

2022 Ford Ranger

Some of the designers looked to nature, some to architecture and some others to art for inspiration. “We didn’t hold back. We let our designers loose to really go for it,” Tran said. They also thought of the Ranger as the brother of the F-150, the best-selling truck in the world, and drew some styling elements from it.

“The Ranger has developed a strong following over the past 10 years, and we really leaned into the iconic design features that have made it such a beloved truck across the world but also push the design envelope,” said Tran.

The pick-up’s athletic look is intentional, with surface treatments executed to be strong and muscular. From the bold new grille with its C-clamp headlights, daytime running lights and strong horizontal upper grille bar, to the pronounced wheelarches, strong shoulder line and large sculpted Ranger logo on the tailgate, the next-generation Ranger conveys confidence and capability.

At the rear, the taillamps were designed in harmony with the graphics of the C-clamp headlight treatment. By extending the track and wheelbase by 50 mm (compared to the previous Ranger), the designers were able to push the front wheels out to the corners, enhancing its on-road stance.

Interior design
Inside, the next-generation Ranger not only features a stylish new and spacious cabin but the cockpit also has user-friendly technology. Soft-touch materials and appliques elevate the interior ambience with a premium feel while the new instrument panel adopts a coast-to-coast design that enhances the spacious feel.

Several design cues also are carried over from the exterior. The air vent vanes, for example, feature a similar design to those in the front grille, and several exterior surface treatments have been adapted for interior use.

The dashboard is dominated by a 10.1-inch or 12-inch high-resolution touchscreen (depending on version) solidly mounted into the centre section, complementing the digital instrument cluster. Customers expressed a preference  for the screen’s portrait orientation because it created enough space for navigation screens while also leaving room in the lower portion of the screen for other menus, like those for the climate and entertainment controls.

The designers also reimagined key aspects of the cabin. One example: how the door release handles could be better integrated into the ‘coast-to-coast’ dashboard design, making them easier to use. Again, customer feedback led to the door release handles being mounted lower, providing easier reach to window switches and the armrests. Rear occupants also get cooling outlets at the rear of the centre console.

The seats also have been redesigned, with new bolsters and foam inserts that are more inviting, stylish and comfortable. Versatility is key with the second-row seats now folding flat and boasting out-of-sight and secure under-seat storage. There is also an added storage area in the door pockets with space both in the front and back.

“The next-gen Ranger really redefines the role of the pickup as a trusted partner for work, family and play,” said Gary Boes, Enterprise Product Line Management director, Global Trucks. “With the help of all the rich insights from customers, we’ve created a Ranger we believe will inspire owners to do more of what they love to do, with features that encourage them to explore new horizons.”

Join the Debut Tour
The next-generation Ranger has been making a debut tour since its first public appearance last month. Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford in Malaysia, is offering previews at a series of events around the country over 5 weekends. These include events in Kuching on September 7 -1 1 at Vivacity Megamall, and at the Suria Sabah Shopping Centre, Kota Kinabalu on October 5 – 9.

Sign up here to get an exclusive invitation to a venue close to you. Or if you want more information about the next-generation Ranger, follow the Ford Malaysia Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channel or visit www.sdacford.com.my.


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