Innovative new process at BMW Group factory allows personalisation in painting (w/VIDEO)

Since the days of Henry Ford who said ‘you can have your car in any colour you want as long as it’s black’, the process of painting a car constantly evolved. In the earliest days, the work was done manually and took around 40 days to complete painting a car. Today, with automated processes using […]

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Volvo Cars to stop using leather in all its future electric vehicles (w/VIDEO)

From its early days, Volvo has been well known for being a leader in automobile safety, which was its strongest selling point. Then the company (not surprisingly with its Swedish roots) started to be determined about its products being environmentally-friendly. Whatever regulations there were, the carmaker aimed to meet them and even be better than […]

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Eco-friendly shoes for World Car-Free Day, inspired by the Volvo XC40 Recharge

Cars and shoes… in some ways, they can be considered have similar functions since both ‘transport’ people around, though in very different ways. Cars use energy from the combustion engine or electric motor to move but with shoes, you have to provide your own energy. So it’s not unusual that on World Car-Free Day (September 22), […]

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2040 BMW i Vision Circular Concept

BMW i Vision Circular Concept demonstrates how the ‘circular economy’ can be used for automobiles

Scrapping cars at the end of their useful life has been a common practice for decades. The metal and plastic parts that can be extracted can be reused for other goods – but not necessarily cars again. BMW thinks that cars of the future should be made from nearly 100% recycled materials. This will support […]

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Continental AMBIENC3 concept VW T2 microvan

Continental AMBIENC3 concept vehicle shows interior of the future

As the actual job of driving a car gets taken over by a computer in future, the interior space will become more than just a place to sit while travelling, it will be a space where the occupants, besides driving when necessary, can relax or work. These three activities are set to merge in the […]

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2021 MINI STRIP by Paul Smith

MINI STRIP – showing a sustainable approach to automotive design and manufacturing

It’s all about sustainability today, using materials and processes that do not deplete and to preserve the environment for future generations. In the auto industry, sustainability is pursued seriously in all areas and with the MINI STRIP, the British brand showcases inspirational ideas for a more sustainable method of automotive design. A custom-made, one-off model […]

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Making fuel sustainable and low carbon for future vehicles with combustion engines

Almost every day, there’s news about the electrification in the auto industry, if not the introduction of a new electric vehicle (EV). The industry, especially in Europe, has fast-tracked plans to move existing model fleets from using internal combustion engines to either hybrid or fully electric powertrains. Some companies even plan to stop selling vehicles […]

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BMW X5 PHEV uses world’s first FSC-certified tyre

Pirelli is the first company in the world to produce a range of FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) tyres which represent a new horizon for increasingly sustainable tyre production. The tyres are made from rayon and FSC-certified natural rubber which comes from FSC-certified plantations. What is FSC? FSC forest management certification confirms that plantations are managed […]

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BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia gives support to reforestation efforts in Borneo

The BMW Group has sustainability goals to reduce carbon emissions globally and affiliates throughout the world work in their own ways to support those goals. In Malaysia, BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia has announced a commitment to reforestation efforts in Borneo. These efforts are with a local social enterprise, Animal Projects and Environmental Education (APE […]

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Mercedes-Benz battery pack production in Thailand

Mercedes-Benz battery pack production facility in Thailand begins operations

With increasing emphasis on electrification of vehicles in the industry, demand for battery packs has also been accelerating. It is crucial that higher volumes be achieved in order to get economies of scale and push production costs down. Different manufacturers have different strategies to address this demand and for Mercedes-Benz, the approach taken is to […]

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