The Lamborghini Urus super SUV has been a success for the sportscar maker right from the time it went on sale in 2018. Within the first four years, 20,000 units were sold, making it the company’s best-selling model in the shortest time ever. Last year, of the 9,322 vehicles Lamborghini delivered worldwide, 5,367 of them were the Urus.

For most people, owning an Urus (which presently has an 18-month waiting list) is already something special. But there will be some who still want their luxury SUV to be more unique and are willing to pay the extra money for personalisation.


While cars of the premium luxury brands already possess a measure of exclusivity, there are customers who want to make their car even more special, more personalized. After all, they are already paying a lot so why not go a bit further and make the car truly unique? The carmakers understand this and have divisions to cater for personalization and conversion requests of almost any nature as long as it does not affect safety.

Maserati, for example, has its Fuoriserie personalization program that allows a customer to make his or her vehicle one-of-a-kind. However, the personalization is typically related to materials and accessories which the carmaker may already have or which can be specifically fabricated. And, of course, there are colour choices that are ‘infinite’ and limited only by imagination.

The bodywork is often not changed much to maintain the original design and this is where specialists like Mansory provide customization that can give a sportier or bolder appearance. The latest example of the German company’s offering is for the Maserati MC20 where they can carry out a full conversion to a Mansory First Edition.


In the first 6 months of this year, 1,595 units of Aston Martin’s first SUV and first 5-seater were delivered to customers worldwide, joining the 1,516 units in 2020. That’s not a huge number by global industry standards so it is pretty exclusive (it should be for around RM1 million each) even if you get one in ‘standard’ form. But in that stratospheric segment, most customers want more exclusivity and personalisation, so the carmakers have special divisions to cater to such needs.

For those who prefer not to use the services of the carmaker, there are also companies that specialise in personalisation of any motor vehicle – in appearance, in fittings and even in upgrading performance. In recent years, such companies have given attention to SUVs, which even the luxury brands could not ignore.

MANSORY Aston Martin DBX 2021
MANSORY’s complete conversion package gives a more aggressive look to the standard DBX (below) while still maintaing the recognisable form.

One of them is MANSORY, the 32-year old car modification firm based in Germany. MANSORY has already done a number of luxury SUVs and now with Aston Martin’s DBX also in the market, it offers a more exclusive model for those who must be different.

The company has developed a complete conversion for the SUV which includes upgrading of the engine by the Performance Department. The V8 twin-turbo engine of the DBX has its engine management system replaced and new and larger turbochargers are also installed. For better efficiency, a sports air filter and high-performance sports exhaust system are also installed.

MANSORY Aston Martin DBX 2021

The exhaust system is offered in two versions for customers to choose. They differ recognisably in the positioning of the tailpipes; either located in the area of the standard rear apron opening, or terminating as closely spaced double pipes in the middle of the carbonfibre rear apron.

After this engine conversion, the output rises to 800 ps from the standard 550 ps while torque hits 1,000 Nm, about 43% more than standard. This improves performance to a maximum speed of 325 km/h and 0 to 100 km/in a short 3.8 seconds (according to MANSORY’S tests).

MANSORY Aston Martin DBX 2021

The high-speed performance is helped by the refined aerodynamics of the vehicle. This results in an impressive wide-body styling in combination with optimised aerodynamics with increased downforce for significantly improved cornering performance at higher speeds. For this purpose, the front of the DBX is redesigned with a completely new apron including an integrated front lip made of carbonfibre. The ultra-light and painted carbonfibre bonnet with additional cooling air outlets (visible carbon) revises the front section.

On the flanks, MANSORY-designed extensions continue the design language and make the DBX look significantly more powerful, but also lower and more elongated. To increase the downforce on the rear axle, the engineers developed a special spoiler for mounting on the tailgate and a matching roof spoiler – both of which take up the design language of the standard tear-off edge of the tailgate and are also made entirely of carbonfibre.

MANSORY Aston Martin DBX 2021

In addition, a new rear apron with diffuser skilfully sets off the striking tailpipes of the sports exhaust system. Numerous carbonfibre components such as trim strips, mirror housings and air intake trims add further striking highlights, some of which are further accentuated with accents in the special Limegreen colour.

The DBX also features a new wheel design called ‘DX.5’ in 24×10 inch (front) and 24×12.5 inch (rear) dimensions with matching 295/30R24 and 355/25R24 tyre sizes. The rim design optimises ventilation of the brake system on the one hand and emphasises the car’s dynamic appearance.

MANSORY Aston Martin DBX 2021

These not only fill out the front and rear wheel arches coherently, but also combine both sportiness and technical elegance in the best possible way. The colour scheme of the rims was chosen to match the overall colour concept of the car – black and Limegreen.

MANSORY Aston Martin DBX 2021

MANSORY Aston Martin DBX 2021

The interior – matching the exterior design – is kept entirely in black. The Limegreen colour used to accentuate details on the exterior is also found in many places in the interior. The edging of the floor mats, the seats, the centre console, the decorative stitching on the dashboard and the sports  steering wheel are all finished in this colour. Individually embroidered floor mats, the use of fine visible carbonfibre and the covering of almost all surfaces with the finest leather add further highlights to the handcrafted interior.

MANSORY Aston Martin DBX 2021

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