Use Reverse Osmosis Water to Clean Your Bike for Spotless Clarity

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System from Apec Water

Reverse osmosis water as we know does not contain anything inside it except H2O only. H2O is a volatile compound means that it can vapourise well at any temperature above its boiling point. This property of volatility makes it dry when wash our car. But if we are using normal tap water, we can see spot and streak on our car after the water have dried out. The spot and streak are actually minerals and contaminant that is normally existed in the normal tap water such as calcium, magnesium, silica, iron etc.
So, using reverse osmosis water to clean our car and bike really make sense since it does not contain anything else other than H2O only.
Perfect clean car, spotless and streak-free surface is also good for waxing and polishing since it does not contain any metals from the water to make the paint surface to be scratched.
In fact, reverse osmosis water is used in luxury auto detailing company since they are looking for nothing other perfection.
If you have reverse osmosis water filter and like to have perfect clarity spotless clean bike, this is the time to use it!

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