Sepang International Circuit

It was a wet race yesterday for the first part of the GAZOO Racing Vios Sprint Cup held at the Sepang International Circuit. But even with the challenging conditions, the pair of Eddie Liew and Putera Adam kept their cool to win the race. The Laser Motor Racing duo finished the 1-hour race well clear of Prima Pearl TD Racing’s Tengku Djan Ley and Mika Hakimi, while in third place was Telagamas Toyota’s Freddie Ang and James Liam Russell.

Laser Motor Racing’s Mark Darwin had led the opening stages of the race when he shot into the lead from fifth place on the grid, with team mate Liew in the second Laser Motor Racing car in close pursuit, followed by Toyotsu Racing’s William Ho and Axle Sports’ Hayden Haikal in third and fourth places, respectively.

2022 Toyota Vios Sprint Cup

2022 Toyota Vios Sprint Cup

Darwin led for 6 laps, but in spite of trying hard, his lead never grew beyond 2 seconds and eventually, he was passed by Hayden in the seventh lap. The position would remain unchanged even after Naquib Azlan took over from Hayden in car #17. With a gap of more than 5 seconds, it appeared that the two young drivers were en route to another textbook finish.

How the outcome changed
But as seasoned racers will tell you, the outcome is never for certain till the chequered flag is waved and 3 laps before the finish, Naquib made a rare mistake when he came into contact with car #68’s Vincent Ng from Team Fokus. The collision sent Ng spinning off the track while a puncture resulted in Naquib having to make an unscheduled pits top that essentially lost the team the race. This promoted Putera Adam, who had taken over from Liew as the second driver, into the race lead.

2022 Toyota Vios Sprint Cup

2022 Toyota Vios Sprint Cup

“I was just trying to run my own race and do my best in the difficult wet conditions,” said Putera who set a blistering pace around the 5.543-km circuit. Naquib’s misfortunes also enabled Tengku Djan Ley to move into podium contention after a sterling drive in the wet. He had clawed up the leaderboard from as far back as 12th place when he took over driving duties from Mika in the 10th lap of the race.

“We had a gearbox issue during the qualifying stint and maybe that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Mika started the race and he did a great job of holding the pace in his stint. I basically had to put it together, keep my calm and take it to the finish line. It was a great team effort,” said Tengku Djan.

2022 Toyota Vios Sprint Cup

“We had a better car for the conditions today and it was a question of trying to find the fastest line around the track to post the fastest time. The weather was a bit erratic. It was raining heavily in certain sections and it didn’t even rain in some sections. I was trying to keep my cool. I saw Putera gradually pulling away and I was trying to find a quicker line just to keep up with him. It was a good race overall,” he added.

2022 Toyota Vios Sprint Cup

2022 Toyota Vios Sprint Cup

For the pair of Freddie Ang and James Liam Russell, the result was outstanding having started from sixth on the grid. “It was my first time back racing and also my first time racing in the wet. I didn’t bother trying to fight the top two cars. In the first few laps, I was well off the pace and I did my best to just try to follow them and learn my way around the track,” said Russell.

RM60,000 prize money
Held in conjunction with the Malaysia Championship Series, the GAZOO Racing Vios Sprint Cup is a one-make race with 2-driver teams competing in a 1-hour race and vying for total prize monies amounting to RM60,000.

2022 Toyota Vios Sprint Cup

The GAZOO Racing Vios Sprint Cup is run independently of the Vios Challenge but it retains the format of a one-make series whereby competitors drive identical race-prepared Toyota Vios cars with stock standard engine and transmission, as well as suspension, tyres and fuel – to ensure that the emphasis is on racecraft, driving skills and experience.

2022 Toyota Vios Sprint Cup

The second race will be run today (Sunday) and the starting order will be reversed to make things more interesting. Entrance is free to the Grandstand for those who want to see the action at the circuit. But for those who can’t go, you can still watch the race live as it will be broadcast on the Toyota Malaysia Facebook page.

The Father and Daughter racers in the Vios Challenge

The second day of the Toyota GAZOO Racing Festival (TGR Racing Festival) saw an even larger crowd turning up to watch the second half of Round 2 of the Vios Challenge one-make series. After not having had a chance to be at the trackside for the past two years (due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions), thousands of fans and spectators turned up at the Sepang Circuit today to enjoy the sights and sounds of what has come to be called the ‘People’s Race’.

To start off the day, the early arrivals – including families with children – had a chance to get onto the circuit for an ‘All Wheel Fest’. In some of the past TGR Racing Festival events, there have been runs around the track on Sunday mornings but this time, it was on wheels…. any kind of wheels. There were bicycles, push scooters, roller blades, skateboards and some still chose to use their own two legs. This was followed by a Zumba session to heighten the energy.

Following the official ceremony to mark the TGR Racing Festival, with all the racing cars and participants on the starting grid, spectators were able to do a grid walkabout to see the various teams preparing their cars and to meet the drivers.

Super Sporting Class
After a procession around the course, which uses half the Sepang International Circuit, it was time for the serious activities to start – the racing, with the Super Sporting Class for veteran and professional drivers. As the cars started to line up, rain came down and as it was quite heavy, the Race Director decided to delay the start of the 20-lap race for 25 minutes.

It then got underway but with the Safety Car (a Toyota Camry) at the front. Under racing regulations, when the Safety Car is ahead, racing is suspended and the cars must maintain their positions in a convoy behind. They followed the Safety Car around for 2 laps and then, with the rain having ended, the Safety Car pulled in and off shot the racers on the wet track.

M7 Japan Project Team’s Mohammed Fariqe Hairuman, an experienced international racer, made the best of his pole position to lead the fiercely-contested front pack. No less than 6 drivers were on his tail and after 2 laps, Mohammed Fariqe lost his lead to Axle Motorsport’s Hayden Haikal with Laser Motor Racing’s Mark Darwin in tow.

With the lead exchanging hands between the two drivers several times over the next 10 laps, there was lots of excitement to keep spectators on their feet as they waited to see which car would come round the turn in the lead. But they did not know that Prima Pearl TD Racing’s Tengku Djan was the fastest driver going round on almost every lap. Gradually, he moved up from the 12th position he had started from to shoot past both Darwin and Hayden, winning the race by 1.5 seconds.

“It was a very difficult race for sure, especially with so many of us fighting to get ahead of the pack. For wet driving, what is important is the finesse and to have a good understanding of the track conditions. Sepang is a very challenging track… the conditions can vary so much and the racing lines that we normally take can be extremely slippery therefore forcing a driver to explore new racing lines to get around the corner,” said Tengku Djan.

Having missed the first 2 races of the season due to COVID-19 and then bad luck with an incident in the early stages of the race yesterday, Tengku Djan will only have 3 more races remaining in Season 5 to keep his overall Super Sporting Class title which he has won 3 times.

“I have to be optimistic. When I missed Round 1, I knew it will be difficult to contend for the championship. But I have team mate Mitchell Cheah and therefore I’m definitely going to be working with him to make sure he has a fair chance at the championship,” he said.

The two important vehicles in motorsport – the Safety Car (above) which was the latest Toyota Camry, and the Medical Car (below), which was a Toyota Fortuner.

Rookie Class
In the Rookie Class, Muhammad Hamdany took his first ever race victory to retain his sterling record of 4 podium finishes in 4 races so far. The 19-year-old karter from Kuching finished ahead of simulator racer Nabil Azlan, and the only female driver in the Vios Challenge series, Adele Lew who came in third.

“I was so worried before the start and I changed the set-up of the car which included readjusting tyre pressures (due to the rain). I’m extremely happy everything worked out well and I was able to finish in P1,” said Muhammad Hamdany.

For Adele, the third-place finish marked her first ever podium finish. The 20-year old would have received much coaching and encouragement from her father, Eddie Lew, who is one of the veteran drivers in the Super Sporting Class.

“I’m extremely happy with my first podium. It was a wet race and this was also my first ever experience racing in these conditions. I had to do some defending at the start of the race but I managed to steer clear of any incidents and maintained my position for 14 laps,” said Adele, who is in the GAZOO Racing Young Talent Development Program.

Sporting Class
The Sporting Class for amateur drivers also provided the spectators with a lot of excitement, Axle Motorsport’s Naquib Azlan ( a graduate of the GAZOO Racing Young Talent Development Program) concluded a perfect race weekend with 2 race wins. Finishing second and perhaps the biggest surprise of the weekend was 23 Motors’ Abdul Miqail, followed by M7 Japan Project Team’s Ahmad Tarmimi Tahang.

Starting from sixth position on the grid following a reverse grid format after yesterday’s victory, Naquib was on a very determined charge from the startline, taking control of the race lead and building a 5-second gap from as early as the third lap of the 20-lap race.

“I’m very happy with how this weekend went. I came in with very high expectations this weekend, wanting to rectify the mistakes of Round 1 and thankfully I was able to rectify that with two wins,” said Naquib, who gained part of his racing skill on simulators. “It was however, never going to be straight forward, because carrying a weight penalty of 35-kg meant it would be difficult especially starting sixth. It then became a matter of how to get pass everyone else and fortunately, Abdul Miqail and I were able to do this quite quickly in the first lap. Overall, I am really happy and the competition was super tough,” he added.

Ahmad Tarmimi was also the biggest gainer, climbing from ninth to third place, but the highlight of the race was certainly the performance by 16-year-old Abdul Miqail who also finished on the podium twice in two races this weekend. “I am very grateful to have been able to do my best for the team and in the process improved on my own driving. It was a good weekend,” he said.

Standing in the sun and rain, the Marshalls are also an important part of every race. They ensure that the drivers are warned of any dangers and signal important messages with their flags.

Promotional Class
The Promotional Class, which is only for the celebrities, has always been a favourite of spectators, many of whom are fans of the celebrities. Though a few of them have racing experience, all received special training to prepare them for the events.

They are proficient drivers and have learnt the fundamentals of racing but still provide lots of drama on the track. Today’s race had predictions of actors Zizan Razak and Shukri Yahaya easily winning the 18-lap race as they had done yesterday. Being the race favourite, Zizan was eyeing a second race win and had held on to the lead for much of the race until a technical issue with his transmission forced him to concede 5 places with 3 laps left to go.

Shukri was the first to take full advantage of his misfortune, but would later suffer a similar fate which promoted television host Nabil Ahmad to race leader. And with 2 laps to go, singer Wany Hasrita and actress Janna Nick pushed past Zizan and Shukri to move into second and third positions, respectively.

Finishing fourth was singer Nabila Razali, while Shukri and Zizan crossed the line in fifth and sixth positions, respectively. TV personality Ahirine Ahirudin actually posted quick laps times but could only manage seventh place ahead of TV host Ain Edruce. Singer Khai Bahar had a disappointing race weekend as he never made it to the finish line.

“This is my first podium finish in two seasons. I started from pole position and sitting there waiting for the green starting lights to come on, I prayed for good race. It was indeed a very good race and I am extremely thankful, despite facing numerous challenges on the track from going off the track, accidentally hitting and being hit by others,” said an elated Janna.

Nevertheless when the racing was over, it was time for a different type of high-energy performance – a live concert. Popular Indonesian singer Judika was on stage as a special treat for fans, along with local rock group Bunkface (on Saturday). Throughout the weekend, there were many different activities to keep everyone occupied and having a good time.

“We would like to thank all the spectators and fans who came to the TGR Racing Festival. The enthusiasm and the level of excitement we witnessed has certainly motivated us to now begin planning for a more exciting Round 3 and Season 5 finale for them in September,” said UMW Toyota Motor President Ravindran K.

GAZOO Racing parts now available in Malaysia for sporty personalisation

After 2 years of having the event restricted only to participants due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Toyota GAZOO Racing Festival (TGR Racing Festival) returns this weekend with all the excitement and fun that visitors have enjoyed since starting in 2017. For now, UMW Toyota Motor and GAZOO Racing Malaysia seem to be using only the Sepang International Circuit whereas, in the past, purpose-built ‘street circuits’ were created in Penang and Kuala Terengganu. Perhaps rounds outside the Klang Valley will resume in the next season when, hopefully, the situation allows for less restrictions.

The TGR Racing Festival this weekend incorporates Round 2 of the Vios Challenge one-make series and as with other rounds, there are two races – on Saturday and Sunday. Over 5 years, the number of participants has greatly expanded, achieving one aim of having the series which is to draw new blood into motorsport. By making it more accessible and also with the support of Toyota dealers who have formed teams, many young racers now have an opportunity to develop their skills and go further.

TGR Racing Festival Round 2 2022

Mohammed Fariqe Hairuman of the M7 Japan Project Team, joining the Vios Challenge for the first time, likes the format of the TGR Racing Festival. The international touring car driver sees the one-make format and presence of the Rookie and Sporting Classes for young and new drivers as being a game-changer.

““This is the best thing about the Vios Challenge. It is a series that requires minimal cost to participate in compared to other racing series in Malaysia whereby a sizeable investment goes into building a competitive car. With a one-make format, this cost is significantly reduced making it accessible to more enthusiasts,” he said.

“For newcomers – like someone who is transitioning from karting – the Vios Challenge is an ideal platform to start. For the same individual to compete in another series, it will definitely come down to a money game because it is expensive,” he added.

TGR Racing Festival Round 2 2022

Laser Motor Racing and Super Sporting Class driver Mark Darwin also commended the TGR Festival’s concept of bringing racing to the people and in growing motorsports awareness in Malaysia. “The biggest difference with the Toyota GAZOO Racing Festival/Vios Challenge series is that, in the past, it was we (as racers) who have to go to the crowd instead of having the crowd come to see the races. It has never been as easy task to bring spectators to a racing track, but the concept of a festival has certainly been able to attract them,” said Darwin.

The Vios Challenge has 4 classes – the Super Sporting Class for the veteran and professional drivers; the Sporting Class for amateur racers; the Promotional Class for the celebrities to race against each other; and the Rookie Class which, this year, has the second batch of graduates from GAZOO Racing Young Talent Development Program.

TGR Racing Festival Round 2 2022

The program offers training to develop promising young Malaysians and they also get Vios racing cars to use. The talent that GAZOO Racing Malaysia looks out for are those keen to transition from karting and sim-racing to saloon car racing. The students are aged between 14 and 20, and they  undergo intensive training both on and off the track under the close guidance of instructors at the GAZOO Racing School.

In today’s first race of Round 2, the 20-lap Super Sporting Class was dominated by Prima Pearl TD Racing Team’s Mitchell Cheah. He was in control from pole position to taking the chequered flag , just 2.1 seconds ahead of Laser Motor Racing’s Mark Darwin. Freddie Ang from Telagamas Toyota followed in third position.

TGR Racing Festival Round 2 2022

TGR Racing Festival Round 2 2022

The first lap of the race unfolded in dramatic fashion when a racing incident quickly eliminated Laser Motor Racing’s Eddie Lew and Prima Pearl TD Racing Team’s Tengku Djan Ley – both strong contenders for the top three positions. The incident behind gave Cheah and Darwin a clear path ahead, opening a gap of more than 10 seconds, while Ang had to fight his way pass Axle Motorsports’ Hayden Haikal from sixth position for a well-deserved third place.

“Conditions were extremely difficult today with the heat. I was just focused on the task in hand and to do my best to avoid making any mistakes. To be honest, that was quite difficult to do with Darwin putting me under tremendous pressure,” said Cheah, whose race win marks his second visit to the podium in 3 races so far this season.

In the Sporting Class, also 20 laps long in hot and sunny conditions, the race was red-flagged after the very first lap due to an incident involving 3 cars. The race was then suspended for 15 minutes before being restarted. But the outcome of the race remained unchanged for the top three, with Axle Motorsports’ Naquib Azlan claiming victory, 2.3 seconds ahead of S&D Tama Motorsports’ Tom Goh, while 23 Motor’s Abdul Miqail claimed a commendable third place after passing Crestmax Motorsport’s Bradley Benedict Anthony in the very last lap.

TGR Racing Festival Round 2 2022

TGR Racing Festival Round 2 2022

TGR Racing Festival Round 2 2022

“First of all, I’m glad that all the drivers were safe and uninjured in the incident. For me, it was a case of being thankful at the restart as the race was cut shorter than expected and I didn’t have to defend as much,” said Naquib, a graduate of the Young Talent Development Program.

The battle of the young drivers in the Rookie Class saw Nabil Azlan (Naquib’s brother) charging to his second race win of the season. His closest rival was Muizz Musyaffa who stuck with him all the way to the finish line, taking second position, and Muhammad Hamdany rounding up the top three. It was also Muizz and Hamdany’s second and third visit to the podium, respectively.

TGR Racing Festival Round 2 2022

“It wasn’t the easiest race for me with Muizz on my tail. It was very tough, and I just had to maintain a good pace. The heat was also very hard on the tyres this afternoon and that required me to constantly change my braking point into the corners,” said Nabil.

The Promotional Class for celebrities, always popular with spectators (many of whom are fans of the celebrities), saw actor Zizan Razak easily take the win after 18 laps. His steady pace kept him 12 seconds ahead of host and television presenter Nabil Ahmad, while host Ahirine Ahirudin finished third.

TGR Racing Festival Round 2 2022

TGR Racing Festival Round 2 2022

The race also began in dramatic fashion when pole position man and actor Shukri Yahaya jumped the start and was later disqualified. Unsure of what to do next, Shukri slowed down and allowed the rest of the grid to pass him before clawing his way back up to finish the race in second position.

“I felt a bit disoriented to be honest. After jumpstarting the race, I became unsure of what to do next and I began slowing down to let everyone else pass and restart my race from the back of the field. I felt that that was the most honourable thing to do, and I later began to chase the drivers in front of me one car at a time. I did not realize that I had already been disqualified. It was purely my mistake and I hope to make amends in Race 2,” admitted Shukri.

TGR Racing Festival Round 2 2022
Stage performances by the celebrities are an added attraction.
TGR Racing Festival Round 2 2022
He may be too young to drive but he’s certainly good on the skateboard!
TGR Racing Festival Round 2 2022
Fans of celebrities always look forward to the ‘meet and greet’ sessions which are part of every TGR Racing Festival.

The second  day of the TGR Racing Festival will see an All-Wheel Fest for non-motorized vehicles being held in the morning for bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, long boards, push bikes, and push scooters, to explore the Sepang International Circuit. There will also be a zumba session, a pump ramp and a skateboard competition as well as a skateboarding lesson for enthusiasts, and a concert by Indonesian singer Judika in the evening. So it’ll be worth an outing for all the family.

TGR Racing Festival Round 2 2022
Car club owners had an opportunity to push their cars to the limits on the track during periods when there were no races running.

TGR Racing Festival Round 2 2022

For those who can’t make it to the track, you can still catch Race 2 action and stage performances streamed live on the UMW Toyota Motor  website at www.toyota.com.my and on the Face pages of Toyota Malaysia and Toyota GAZOO Racing Malaysia.

TGR Racing Festival Round 2 2022

GAZOO Racing to have 11 races in 2022 with addition of Vios Sprint Cup and Vios Enduro Cup

Now a firmly established event on the country’s motorsports calendar, the Vios Challenge, which originated as part of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Festival (TGR Festival), is the most lucrative motorsports event in the country. In total, more than a half a million ringgit in prize money is offered by organisers UMW Toyota Motor and GAZOO Racing Malaysia.

After 5 seasons of the one-make series, there now exists a large base of Toyota Vios cars in Malaysia which have been specially prepared to meet the regulations of the series. These regulations strictly require all the cars to be identical in specifications with stock standard drivetrains as  well as suspension and tyres. The aim is to equalise the performance aspect of the machine and make the races about driving skills and experience.

The large base of race-ready cars had encouraged UMW Toyota Motor and GAZOO racing Malaysia to broaden the activities so that the owners have more races to participate in. One of the additional races on this year’s calendar is the GAZOO Racing Vios Sprint Cup in the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) this weekend (May 21/22) at the Sepang International Circuit.

A total of 38 drivers will start the first ever running of the GR Vios Sprint Cup, which will have two 1-hour races on Saturday and Sunday, with two-driver teams competing in 3 generations of Vios vying for total prize monies amounting to RM60,000.

The GR Vios Sprint Cup is run independently of the Vios Challenge, and there will be 2 rounds within the MCS, with each round offering two races. However, the regulations for the GR Vios Sprint Cup are similar to those of the Vios Challenge with regard to all the cars being identical in specification and preparation, with the only differences being the driver behind the wheel and the paint scheme on the bodywork.

All the cars are standard Vios models and prepared identically for racing so that they have similar performance levels. Winning a race is therefore dependent on driver experience and skills, rather than the power of the car.

Not surprisingly, the event has attracted many top local racers with varying levels of experience, virtually all of whom have taken part in the Vios Challenge. These include experienced contenders like Tengku Djan Ley, Mark Darwin, Mohd Fariqe Hairuman, Eddie Lew,  Boy Wong and William Ho, as well as what can be regarded as the next generation of racers. These are drivers like Naquib Azlan, Hayden Haikal, Mika  Hakimi, Nabil Azlan, Bradley Benedict Anthony, Timothy Yeo and Alister Yoong.

The GR Vios Sprint Cup will see drivers with varying experience – from veterans like Tengku Djan Ley (left) to rookies like Nabil Azlan (right).

To level the playing field further, the race prohibits 2 experienced drivers from racing together in the same car. Driving for Prima Pearl TD Racing, Tengku Djan will thus partner teenager Mika Hakimi this weekend, while Mark Darwin, another strong contender, will team up with another teenager, Bradley Benedict Anthony for Laser Motor Racing.

Axle Motorsports meanwhile, will field 2 all-teenage teams with the first pair of drivers consisting of Hayden Haikal and Naquib Azlan, and the second car driven by Alister Yoong and Muizz Musyaffa.

Race 1 of the GR Vios Sprint Cup on Saturday will see both drivers driving in two separate qualifying sessions, with the faster driver required to start the 1-hour race before making a mandatory pit-stop for a driver change. In Race 2 on Sunday, which will start as a reverse grid order based on the results  of Race 1, the slower driver of the pair will start the 1-hour race and again required to make a mandatory pit stop. Both races will be a rolling-start format.

“Unlike the Vios Challenge which is usually confined to approximately 30 minutes of racing, the GR Vios Sprint Cup is designed to up the ante and to double the excitement on the track. In a full-blown endurance race, racers will pace themselves, but this is a 1-hour sprint to the finish which means the drivers will be going all out for 60 minutes from the very first corner in order to maintain an edge,” said UMW Toyota Motor’s President, Ravindran K.

“Since UMW Toyota Motor began committing itself to motor racing in 2017, the objective has always been to see how we can contribute to not only the growth but to make Malaysian motorsports even more vibrant. The format of a one-make race has proven to be an incredibly successful formula, attracting  not only professionals and experienced racers, but also newcomers and young talent. The GR Vios Sprint Cup continues this tradition but by changing the dynamics of the race, continues to generate  enormous interest and participation which we hope will help to create more excitement in Malaysian  motorsports,” he said, adding that there will also be the GR Vios Enduro Cup in conjunction with year end’s Sepang 1000Km Endurance Race.

Like the Vios Challenge which is the most lucrative motorsports event in Malaysia, the GR Vios Sprint Cup offers a large sum of prize money.

The overall champion in each of the 2 races at the GR Vios Sprint Cup stands to win RM10,000 cash, followed by RM8,000 for the first runner-up, RM6,000 to the third-place winner, and RM4,000 and RM2,000 for the fourth and fifth placed winners, respectively. In total, the Vios Sprint Cup offers prize monies amounting to RM60,000 per round.

UMW Toyota Motor is also putting up an additional RM30,000 in prize monies for its Toyota dealer teams making the GR Vios Sprint Cup the second most lucrative racing event in Malaysia next to the Vios Challenge.

With pandemic-related restrictions now eased, spectators are allowed to be at the racetrack to watch the races this weekend. Or you can also watch the live broadcasts UMW Toyota Motor’s Facebook page from the comfort of home. Click here for more information on GAZOO Racing Malaysia’s activities.

GAZOO Racing to have 11 races in 2022 with addition of Vios Sprint Cup and Vios Enduro Cup


As ‘normalcy’ returns to our lives, motorsports activities are picking up and organisers are working hard on plans for events in coming months. UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has already prepared for this, having made the plans last year to have a broader range of events instead of just the Vios Challenge One-Make series that has been run since 2007.

Two additional races
In 2022, in addition to the Vios Challenge (which has completed two rounds), GAZOO Racing and UMWT will run the Vios Sprint Cup and Vios Enduro Cup. These will offer another 5 races this year to make it 11 races in total.

The Vios Sprint Cup is run independently of the Vios Challenge, and will feature 2 rounds within the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS), with each round having 2 races. The event will also retain the format of a one-make series as in the Vios Challenge, to ensure a level playing field where the emphasis will be on racecraft, driving skills and experience, not engine power.

Round 1 of the Vios Sprint Cup will be held on May 20 – 22 at the Sepang International Circuit, followed by Round 2 in July at the same venue. The season finale Vios Enduro Cup will coincide with prestigious Sepang 1000KM Endurance Race (S1K) in November.

2 drivers per car
A total of 26 cars will line up on the grid for the Vios Sprint Cup with each car consisting of two drivers. To make things interesting and to level the playing field even more, the pairing of drivers must be made up of the combination of professionals, amateurs, celebrities and rookies as per the Vios Challenge classes for Super Sporting (professionals), Sporting (amateurs), Promotional (celebrities) and Rookies (young and new drivers).

The race weekend will consist of two 1-hour races. Race 1 of the Vios Sprint Cup on Saturday will see both drivers driving in two separate qualifying sessions, and the faster driver required to start the 1-hour race before making a mandatory pitstop for a driver change.

In Race 2 on Sunday, the slower driver of the pair will start the 1-hour race and again required to make a mandatory pit stop for a driver change. Race 2 will also be started as a reverse grid order based on the results of Race 1.

RM10,000 for the champs
The overall champion in each of the two races stand to win RM10,000 cash, followed by RM8,000 for the first runner up, RM6,000 to the third place winner, and RM4,000 and RM2,000 for the fourth and fifth place winners respectively. In total, the Vios Sprint Cup offers prize monies amounting to RM60,000 per round.

The Vios Enduro Cup in November will see Toyota drivers competing over 1000 km in the race that is expected to take 9 hours covering 181 laps of the Sepang International Circuit.

“The objective is to expand on our existing racing activities in the Vios Challenge. With the Vios Sprint Cup and the Vios Enduro Cup, it will mean an additional 5 races on top of the 6 races already lined up for the Vios Challenge. This will provide even more racing and rewards for participating drivers, teams and dealers and at the same time underline UMW Toyota Motor’s commitment to contribute to a more vibrant motorsports eco-system in Malaysia,” said UMW Toyota Motor President, Ravindran K.

Those who wish to register their participation or know more about the Vios Sprint Cup and Vios Enduro Cup can contact Janet, the Race Management representative from Wing Hin Motorsports at 016-367 3300. Other information on

For more information on GAZOO Racing activities and GR products in Malaysia, visit www.toyota.com.my/tgrmalaysia.

The Father and Daughter racers in the Vios Challenge

It was another hot and sunny day as Day 2 of the first round of the Vios Challenge one-make series started today. Throughout the afternoon, there were close and hard-fought battles around the Sepang International Circuit, an element that has traditionally defined the racing action in the series. Clearly, the drivers in all 4 classes have warmed up with the start of Season 5 of the popular series that is part of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Festival (TGR Festival). As in every round in the past, the battles were intense from start to finish, with incidents and body contact that showed the determination of the participants, young and old, experienced and rookie.

“The one-make format of the Vios Challenge, the increasing number of younger drivers, and the emphasis we have placed on the GAZOO Racing Young Driver Development Program has certainly been able to make a significant impact on the track. It levels the competition between the younger and more experienced drivers, rewards skill and racecraft, and promotes an even higher quality of racing on the track,” said UMW Toyota Motor President, Ravindran K.

Super Sporting Class
In the Super Sporting Class for veteran and professional drivers, Eddie Lew got off to an incredible start from 4th position on the grid and kept his lead in the 20-lap race from start to finish. The battle for second and third was super intense with no less than 5 drivers in contention. The duels between the drivers allowed Lew to speed ahead to extend his lead from 3 to as much as much as 10 seconds at one stage in the race.

The Laser Motor Racing driver, who has been racing since the 1990s, eventually took the chequered flag with a comfortable 5.58-second gap ahead of his nearest rival. The battle for second and third positions saw Race 1’s winner and Axle Motorsports driver Hayden Haikal, team mate Boy Wong, M7 Japan Project Team’s Fariqe Hairuman and Amer Harris, as well as 23 Motors’ Ady Rahimy and Distinctive Model’s Clement Yeo trading places lap after lap before contact on the track put all of them out of contention for a podium finish.

Their misfortunes promoted Prima Pearl TD Racing Team’s Mitchell Cheah to second and Telagamas Toyota’s Freddie Ang to third until the finish. It was also Ang’s second podium finish after completing yesterday’s Race 1 in second place.

“I got a very good start and pulled away. I just maintained a good pace at the front but I took notice of Cheah catching up,” said Lew, 48, who rounded off the weekend with a race win in Race 2 and a third place finish in Race 1. “Luck was certainly on my side today. Both Cheah and Ang are, in fact,  very fast drivers.”

Rookie Class
In the Rookie Class for the second batch of drivers who have undergone the GR Young Talent Development Program, 18-year-old Sharique Zulqarinain rounded up his racing weekend with a double podium finish, with victory in Race 2 and a second place in Saturday’s Race 1. Finishing second was 20-year-old Muizz Musyaffa. Securing third in both Race 2 and 1 was Muhammad Hamdany Abdul Hamid.

“I had a really bad start in Race 2 and I was honestly not filled with hope but throughout the race, I remembered what my mechanics and Dad had told me which was to just keep a cool head and have fun. I was just trying to set a consistent time on every lap and in the process, I began overtaking the other competitors. From then on, it was just a job of maintaining my pace,” said Sharique.

Sporting Class
The Sporting Class, which also has experienced and skilled drivers, also produced a fair share of drama on the track but at the end of the 20-lap race, it was Crestmax Motorsports Bradley Benedict Anthony who was declared the official winner, with Panglima City Racing Team’s Kenneth Koh and 23 Motors’ Abdul Miqail in second and third places, respectively.

Actually, Race 1’s winner, Naquib Azlan of Axle Motorsports, had been first to cross the finish line but his hopes of a double race victory weekend were shattered when he was later handed a 30-second penalty, effectively dropping him to seventh position overall.

“I started from fourth position and paced myself with the incidents that occurred in front allowing me to take advantage of the situation. My main goal in every race has been to collect as much valuable points as I can with the overall championship in my sights,” said Bradley who had a third place finish in Race 1.

Promotional Class
The battle of the celebrities in the Promotional Class, always a popular race, saw actor Shukri Yahaya clinching victory, which was also his second visit to the podium following Race 1’s second placing. Fellow actor Zizan Razak however, was determined to pass him after having fought his way up from last place to finish second in the 18-lap race. Presenter Nabil Ahmad rounded up the top three podium finishers.

Starting from sixth on the grid, Zizan endured the misfortune of being spun around on the opening lap which dropped him to last place. His pace on the track, however, was visibly quicker as he made quick passes to move forward.

“I take racing very seriously. It’s something that has interested me since I was very young. As my entertainment career progressed, it slowly allowed me to begin venturing into tracks days, taking up karting and even to the extent of competitively racing karts. It came to a point that I realized that one of my weaknesses was the limited time I had driving on the track and that was when I eventually invested in a simulator to practice,” said Zizan.

“This enabled me to improve on my braking and racing lines, and I have been able to effectively apply all that I have learnt in the Vios Challenge. And when we have practice sessions conducted by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Malaysia to prepare for the series, I do my best to spend an entire day of driving to make sure I can achieve the lap times I am targeting for,” he added.

The next round of the Vios Challenge is scheduled for June and UMW Toyota Motor hopes that, by then, the pandemic will have diminished so that it will once again be possible to safely invite the public to watch from the stands. For the past two seasons, the event has been held without spectators being invited and has been streamed live during the race weekends.

GAZOO Racing parts now available in Malaysia for sporty personalisation

Season 5 of the Vios Challenge, the one-make series that is part of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Festival (TGR Festival), got off to a hot and exciting start with the younger drivers firing an early warning salvo by dominating the top two classes – the Super Sporting Class and Sporting Class.

In the Super Sporting Class for veteran and professional drivers, 17-year old Hayden Haikal catapulted  himself from being fastest in qualifying to winning the race while, in the Sporting Class for amateurs, 22-year old Naquib Azlan shot to victory in only his second year of competitive racing  after making a transition from simulator racing.

Incidentally, Naquib’s younger brother, 20-year old Nabil, who is  also making his debut in the Rookie Class (competing in a real saloon car race for the very first time) also won his class for new drivers under GAZOO Racing’s Young Driver Development Program.

Super Sporting Class
In the Super Sporting Class, Hayden won a closely-fought race, finishing just half a second ahead of  Telagamas Toyota’s Freddie Ang with Laser Motor Racing’s Eddie Liew coming in third. The teenager had led an Axle Motorsports 1-2 in the opening lap of the race with team mate and  senior driver Boy Wong in tow before being passed in the second lap by both Wong and Prima Pearl Auto’s Mitchell Cheah to drop into third place.

Toyota Vios Challenge Season 5 2022

Toyota Vios Challenge Season 5 2022

The battle that ensued at the front between Wong and Cheah, however, got the better of the two  drivers who took one another out of contention in Lap 6 after a miscalculated overtaking manoeuvre. That allowed Hayden to regain the lead, with Ang and Liew also becoming the beneficiaries of the misfortunes up front. The race was tight between Hayden and Ang right to the chequered flag, with both drivers trying their best to get to it first.

Sporting Class
In the Sporting Class, Naquib won his class with a comfortable 15-second margin ahead of S&D  Tama Motorsports’ Tom Goh, while another youngster 19–year old Bradley Benedict Anthony of  Crestmax Motorsport followed them home in third place. Moving up to the Sporting Class after winning last year’s Rookie Class, Naquib had clocked the fastest time in qualifying but both he and Bradley were penalized for a technical infringement which dropped them to fifth and sixth on the starting grid. That however, proved not to  be a big enough setback as they were able to make their way up the leaderboard.

Toyota Vios Challenge Season 5 2022

“I was certainly looking forward to come back to race this season. I really enjoyed racing last year in the Rookie Class  and I am now looking forward to competing against much more experienced drivers. Thankfully, Axle Motorsports decided to field a team this season and to move from virtual racing into the real world. Therefore I am very thankful to them for this opportunity and I want to make  the most of it,” said Naquib.

On why he feels younger drivers in the series are beginning to propel themselves to the front of  the field, he said: “We, the younger generation of drivers, are very lucky and fortunate that we have  facilities that the senior or veteran drivers did not have back in their days. In my view, they had to  work much harder to get to where they are now. We have the benefit of things like simulator racing because it helps us to prepare better and to accelerate our learning curve. We also have the benefit of having guidance from these more experienced drivers in the sport because they have spent many more years on track.

“To be honest, I never expected anything making the transition from simulator to real world racing.  I do have a lot of self-belief and self-confidence, but I never knew I could do it until I got onto the  track last season,”  he added.

Toyota Vios Challenge Season 5 2022

That sentiment is shared by Bradley adding that investing in training has been one of the  important elements of his growth. “Being young, I am very passionate about racing and I would like to believe that we young drivers put in the extra time and effort into practice and training. For instance, my preparation for Season 5 involved a lot of training to prepare myself physically and mentally before coming to the track’” he said.

“My goal when I first joined the series was to finish the race or to get into the top 10. I did not set  high expectations because it was my first time racing a saloon car, but the learning curve has just  been phenomenal and really valuable,” added Bradley.Rookie Class

Rookie Class
In the Rookie Class, Nabil drove to his first ever saloon car race victory after making a transition  from simulator racing. Finishing second and third were karters Sharique Zulqarinain and  Muhammad Hamdany Abdul Hamid, respectively. Finishing fourth was 20-year old and the only  female in the group, Adele Liew, while in fifth was another karter Muizz Musyaffa.

“I’m surprised how a lot of the things I’ve done in simulator racing can be applied to real world  racing and I was very happy with my racecraft in this first race. I wanted to pace myself and try to  get as close as I could to the other drivers in the Super Sporting Class (both the Super Sporting and  Rookie Classes start together) but just enough to steer clear of any incidents,” said Nabil. “The most difficult part with real racing is dealing with the high temperature in car and this is something I will need to focus more on moving forward.”

Promotional Class
In the popular Promotional Class for celebrities, actor Zizan Razak did not leave anything to chance this year as he shot off from pole position to finish more than 15 seconds clear of defending Promotional Class champion and fellow actor, Shukri Yahaya. In third place was presenter Ahirine Ahirudin who is also an accomplished motorcycle rider.

Toyota Vios Challenge Season 5 2022

Toyota Vios Challenge Season 5 2022

Toyota Vios Challenge Season 5 2022

Singer Nabila Razali had been in contention for fourth place until a mistake sent her into the gravel  at the very last lap. That promoted presenter/comedian Nabil Ahmad into fourth, with singer Wany  Hasrita, actress Janna Nick, presenter Ain Edruce in fifth, sixth and seventh positions, respectively.

Today’s racing is just half of the first round of Season 5 and the second series of races will run tomorrow (Sunday, March 20) at the Sepang International  Circuit. Racing fans and enthusiasts can catch all the action and stage performances by local celebrities streamed live on the UMW Toyota Motor website at www.toyota.com.my and on the Toyota Malaysia and TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Malaysia Facebook pages..

The Father and Daughter racers in the Vios Challenge

This weekend, besides the start of the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship, there will also be the start of the Vios Challenge one-make series in Malaysia, going into Season 5 in 2022. Now a firmly established event on the country’s motorsports calendar, the event, which originated as part of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Festival (TGR Festival), is the most lucrative motorsports event in the country. In total, more than a half a million ringgit in prize money is offered by organisers UMW Toyota Motor and GAZOO Racing Malaysia, with RM70,000 and RM50,000 to the overall champions of the Super Sporting and Sporting Classes, respectively.

“The Vios Challenge and TGR Festival continue to evolve in line with our aspirations to contribute to the development of Malaysian motorsports. From a series that attracts professionals, gentlemen drivers and local celebrities, it has today grown into one of the most ideal, accessible and affordable platforms to hone the skills and experience of young drivers coming up the ranks in motorsports. And this year, we want enthusiasts and fans to become even more invested in the series by introducing a fantasy game that will enable them to better relate to their favourite drivers on the track,” said UMW Toyota Motor President, Ravindran K.

The first round will be held at the Sepang International Circuit using the North Track which is 2.706 kms per laps and has  5 straights with 9 turns.

“The Vios Challenge, in more ways than one, is growing into what we would like to call ‘the people’s race’ and, in 4 seasons, we have kept to this objective by not only promoting motorsports to the masses both on ground and online, but maintaining a one-make race format that makes the event attractive to all levels of racers,” he added.

3 rounds, 6 races up till September
Season 5 will have 3 rounds with a total of 6 races. After the first round at the Sepang International Circuit this weekend, Rounds 2 and 3 will be held in June and September, respectively. Over the past 4 seasons, the event has attracted more than 8 million spectators and online viewers, garnering a social media reach exceeding 19 million, making it one of the most viewed domestic motor-racing events.

Due to the ongoing pandemic and the need for safety of everyone, spectators will not be able to watch from the stands. As in previous years, the races will be streamed live throughout the two days so wherever you are, you will still be able to catch the action.

There are 4 classes as before: the popular Promotional Class; the Super Sporting Class; the Sporting Class; and the Rookie Class. For the Promotional Class, there will be 9 personalities competing against each other. Returning to defend his title is Season 4 champion and actor Shukri Yahaya; last year’s runner-up and actor Zizan Razak; television host Nabil Ahmad; actress Janna Nick; singers Wany Hasrita, Nabila Razali and Khai Bahar; TV personality Ahirine Ahiruddin; and actress and presenter Ain Edruce who is making her return to the Vios Challenge from a break last year after welcoming her first child.

Ain Edruce took part in the Promotional Races during Season 3 in 2019/2020 but was absent after that. The 28-year old actress and presenter returns after having given birth to her first child and is ready for the challenge in Season 5.
Reigning and triple-crowned Super Sporting Class champion Tengku Djan Ley will be looking to add another crown to his Vios Challenge collection.

Veterans to duel again
The Super Sporting Class will see an epic battle with a field of former champions, veteran drivers, talented young drivers and several former internationals. Reigning and triple-crowned Super Sporting Class champion Tengku Djan Ley returns with the Prima Pearl Auto team this season but instead of a solo entry, he will be partnering international touring car Mitchell Cheah in a 2-car assault for the team.

Also fielding two-car teams are Laser Motor Racing’s Mark Darwin who will be alongside veteran racer Eddie Liew; and M7 Japan Project Team who will take to the grid with international touring and GT car driver Mohamed Fariqe Hairuman and young gun Amer Harris who moves up the ladder after graduating from the very first Vios Challenge Rookie Class last season.

Amer joins two other young drivers who are under the age of 20 competing in the Super Sporting Class. They are teenage prodigy and former Sporting Class champion Hayden Haikal and international single-seater driver Alister Yoong who is also the son of ex-F1 driver Alex Yoong. Both will drive for the Axle Motorsports team which was established by Alex. Driving a third entry for Axle Motorsports will be former Super Sporting Class champion Boy Wong.

“The TGR Festival and the Vios Challenge is by far the best platform for racing in Malaysia at the moment. It is professionally run, the cars are great and why wouldn’t we want to seize the opportunity to be part of it,” said Alex. “Boy is one of the most underrated senior drivers in the country. He is, and has been very quick throughout his racing career. In the academy that I run, we have brought in close to 1,500 new young drivers into the sports via our simulator competition and races but only tens have successfully made the transition to driving real race cars. This,  however, doesn’t mean we are going to ignore senior drivers. I hope to see Boy Wong, Naquib, Hayden and Alister being very competitive this season.”

Although she is not the first female to race in the Vios Challenge, Shasha Shafie will be the first woman to compete in a category outside of the Promotional Class. As with every participant, her Vios will have to meet strict regulations for the one-make race where the performance of every car is virtually identical and it will be driver skill that makes the difference.

In the Sporting Class – one of the most fiercely contested with a field of 20 drivers – there will also be a female among the drivers on the starting grid. She is R&R Sport Speed Garage’s Shasha Shafie, one of three new drivers to the class who also include Super Evergreen Motorsports’ Muhamad Roni Risman and 23 Motors’ Abdul Miqail.

Two racing families
The Rookie Class will see a fresh group of newcomers who have received training to develop their skills. The 6 new faces are Adele Liew, Ashen Shanmuganathan, Muhammad Hamdany Abdul Hamid; Nabil Azlan, Sharique Zulqarnain; and Muizz Musyaffa. The parents of Adele and Ashen, Eddie Liew and Shanmuganathan Arumugan, are also taking part in the Super Sporting and Sporting Classes, respectively, while Nabil is the brother of last year’s Rookie Class champion, Naquib Azlan. Like his brother, he has developed skills through sim racing and now get to use them in real-world racing.

Adele Lew and Ashen Shanmuganathan, both newcomers to the Vios Challenge, have been inspired by their fathers who will also be racing in other categories.

“This is a very special moment for the both of us,” said Adele, 20, who has had limited experience in fun karts. “In order for me to be able to race with my father means that he has been in motorsports for a very long time. And to my knowledge, there has never been a father-daughter racing in the same event and on the same weekend in Malaysia! This is going to be a whole new experience for the both of us and my father is equally very excited. He is definitely the best mentor I could have ever hoped for to prepare me for my first race weekend.

GAZOO Racing Dream Team TGR Fantasy
While the event remains closed to the public as a safeguard against the pandemic, the action will be live streamed during each day. This year, a new feature that gives the public a chance to be more involved is the GAZOO Racing Dream Team TGR Fantasy. This is a racing platform where players sign up and compete against each other by creating their very own TGR Dream Team of racers they think will perform best throughout the season. Participants will have to select 3 drivers from each of the 4 classes of racing, and their team will accumulate or lose points based on the real racing results throughout the 3 rounds in Season 5. The player with the most number of points will be declared the winner at the end of each round and prizes will be given out at the end of the season.

Racing fans and enthusiasts can catch the weekend’s action and stage performances by local celebrities streamed live on the UMW Toyota Motor website at www.toyota.com.my and on the Toyota Malaysia and TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Malaysia Facebook pages.

The story behind TOYOTA GAZOO Racing and why it was created

There have been women in motorsport for a long time and the FIA (the world body governing motorsport) even has a Women & Motor Sport Commission which aims to create a sports culture that facilitates and values the full participation of women in all aspects of the sport.

In Malaysia too, we have a number of women who participate in motorsport and one who has stood above the rest this year is 35-year old Leona Chin. After an impressive season-opener which saw Leona grabbing 2 wins in the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS), she was back at the Sepang International Circuit to tackle the remaining 2 rounds of the championship.

While Round 3 ran in a similar format as the first 2 rounds, the final round came with a different challenge where it was a 300-km endurance race, with double points to the finishers. It was on this final showdown that Leona and her team pulled together to not only win the race, but also collected enough points to be crowned as the Overall Champions in the Malaysia Touring Car (MTC) category. However, the journey to the top was not an easy one as the journey was littered with challenges that could easily alter the course of the race.

A satisfying finish
The start of Round 3 was not what the team was hoping for as troubles had appeared on the car which had hampered the driver’s pace during practice session. Unfortunately, due to a tight schedule, there was not enough time to rectify the issue before qualifying, and the pouring rain just made things a bit more challenging. Despite these setbacks, the 2:43.236 clocked during qualifying was good enough to earn them a P3 in class to start the race in.

But the streak of bad luck did not end on the first day as in Race 1, Leona encountered some misfiring issues which had forced them to spend extra time in the pits for repairs. While the team did their best to fix the problem, the same issue lingered after they rejoined the race. The extra time spent in the pits meant they were two laps behind the race leader, forcing them to settle with a P7.

However, their luck was about to turn the other way around as the few hours before Race 2 were put into good use by the crew to return the car into optimal condition. This time, Akina Teo started the race and he played it safe during the start as the mixed conditions of the track resulted in some nasty crashes in the early stages.

Once the cars were scattered, Akina got to work and started to make up positions along the way. Backed up with vital information provided by the team manager, he was soon pursuing the MTC front runner for the race lead. Making the move at the final few laps, Akina performed a clean overtake on his opponent and brought home another win for the team.

Crowning of the champion
With 2 races down, the focus was shifted to the final 300-km race as the double points finish could play a big role in the championship decider. Akina drove the first stint and he put in a good pace before passing the wheel to Leona. While the team did encounter a few issues along the way, the problems were ironed out quickly and Leona was able to resume the strong pace that the team carried.

This race however came with a bittersweet moment as with 10 laps to go, MTC race leader car #15, which was also under the same outfit as Leona, was involved in a crash at Turn 4. This was no doubt a disappointing news to the team, but it had also reignited the possibility for Leona to win the championship title. Before the crash, they had done an early points calculation which had put Leona as the 1st runner-up for MTC.

At this stage, all they had to do was to bring the car home as the nearest rival was one lap behind. Finally, after 52 laps and over 2 hours of racing, the #7 Suzuki Swift crossed the line not only as the 300KM MTC race winner, but also as the Overall Champions for the category. It was a big moment of joy and relief for Leona who had been chasing the title for years.

“We were all very happy when the results came out. We have been in the industry for many years and were always looked down upon. Today is redemption!” she said.

It has been a fruitful year for Leona as she not only clinched the 2021 MCS MTC Overall Champion title but also won the prestigious 2021 Sepang 1000KM Endurance Race which was held earlier in November. “The achievement for today and this season is not just about the driver, but also about teamwork. Everyone in the team really helped a lot in the strategy, and also in preparing a really good car,” she added.

Final battles of 2021 Malaysian Championship Series to be held on December 15 & 16

It was a good start for the final showdown of the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) 2021 in the first race of Round 3 as R Engineering HMRT swept 3 podiums in each category – Touring Production (T), Stock Production 1 (SP1), and Stock Production 2 (SP2).

Their drivers, Alif Hamdan and his partner, Lai Wee Sing spearheaded the T Production category while Chiow Teck Song finished the race in second place for the SP1 category and the combination of Putera Adam and Calvin Wong in third place.

“Syukur alhamdulillah, thank you to R Engineering and HMRT. The car was almost faultless halfway through the race suddenly, two sensors ‘went on holiday’ so we had to tow the car back and change it. We are lucky enough to finish the race,” said a delighted Alif Hamdan.

“I had a good start in P9. I got up in second place then I got touched and dropped down to last. I manage to crawl back to P2 but then after 30 seconds penalty, I finished in third place. I am really satisfied with Race 1,” rival Putera Adam added.

In SP1, Japanese driver from Rworks, Ken Urata driving Honda Civic FD2R won the category leaving Chiow Teck Song, R Engineering HMRT in second place and Empire M Racing in third place with their drivers, Shazull Hisham and Mohd Syahrizal Jamaluddin.

“I keep my pace and took the opportunity to overtake others. I had a heartbreaking moment going into the last corner of Turn 15 but I manage to end the race well!” Urata said.

In Malaysian Touring Car category, Mark Darwin and Foo Yung Chieh from Tedco Racing completed the 21 laps in the first place, Brendan Paul and Diivvyesh Perajun from the privateer team in second place while Danny Chin and Admi Shahrul in third place.

Moving to SP2, Lew Kar Wai and Ho William from Speed X Racing team touched down the finishing line in the first place, Imran Wafi Adnan and Najiy Ayyad from DNT Tune in second place while third place goes to Putera Adam and Calvin Wong from R Engineering HMRT.

“Actually, we have been struggling throughout the whole season. This is a comeback from us. Thanks to the team and crew members. We are looking forward to the next round,” was the common remarks from the drivers of the Speed X Racing team.

“First of all, thank you very much to the team for giving us a good car. We started and ended the race very well. The car was well balanced and had no damages,” said Najiy Ayyad and partner, Imran Wafi, from DNT Tune.

The races over the two days also be viewed live on the SIC Facebook page.

Final battles of 2021 Malaysian Championship Series to be held on December 15 & 16


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