Top performers in Euro NCAP’s evaluation of assisted driving technology

When Euro NCAP was established in 1997 as an independent organisation to conduct safety performance assessments on vehicles sold in Europe, the testing was largely on passive safety. Crash tests were highlighted as they showed how good (or bad) a car was when it collided with an obstacle or was rammed from the side. The […]

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2022 Isuzu D-MAX X-Terrain

Switching to the trucking lifestyle with the Isuzu D-MAX X-Terrain

ADVERTORIAL In the late 1990s, licensing regulations for the use of pick-up trucks changed allowing them to be registered for private use like passenger cars. The development was very significant and gave Malaysians an alternative to the passenger car for personal transport. Furthermore, they were also not subject to excise duty due to the provisions […]

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Mercedes-Benz is first carmaker approved to offer Level 3 autonomy in vehicles

Some day, people will travel in cars that can operate without human control. All that will be needed is to get in, state the destination, sit back and the car will drive itself there. Whether we can then use the term ‘driving’ is debatable if a human is not involved, but it will be a […]

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Land Rover New Defender

New Land Rover Defender gets advanced connectivity with world-first dual e-SIM hardware

Unlike its predecessor which was developed long before the electronic age, the new Land Rover Defender is filled with advanced technologies, particularly in the area of connectivity. At CES 2020 in Las Vegas, the world’s largest consumer electronics show which is on this week, Land Rover is displaying the 4×4 model as the first vehicle […]

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Daimler PPC

Tom Tom, Bosch and Daimler’s Predictive Powertrain Control help trucks run more efficiently

TomTom, Bosch and Daimler have announced their joint work on Daimler’s Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC), an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), or smart cruise control, for commercial vehicles. Trucks can use TomTom’s highly-accurate ADAS Map and Bosch’s electronic horizon to automate driving functions on highways and, in Europe, on inter-urban roads too. The system is […]

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