Proton launches new range of Genuine Oils

There are many brands of engine oil in the market and all the reputable ones can do a good job of lubricating and protecting the engine. With Genuine Oils, however, the specifications and formulation of the oils are specially tailored for the carmaker’s vehicles and therefore should provide optimum performance. Each manufacturer can claim that […]

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BHPetrol Syngard 8000 Eco meets latest API SP service standard

Engine technology is constantly advancing and improving, not just as an ‘evolutionary’ process but also to meet consumer demands and also increasingly strict regulations. Consumers want to have better economy and better performance, while regulators want to reduce pollution and set tougher exhaust emission standards. As engines become more advanced, the oil for lubrication also […]

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Mobil Super engine oil range gets third product – 3000 All-in-One Protection series

Ever since Petron took over ExxonMobil’s retail business in Malaysia, Mobil engine lubricants have dropped out of the public eye. They are still available but not at stations. Besides being sold at supermarkets and by online retailers, there are also official distributors for the lubricants which supply them to workshops as well, so you still […]

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Engine oil specially tailored to meet the demanding requirements

Most motorists will leave it to the authorised service centres maintain their vehicles to provide the right engine oil specified and approved by the manufacturer. Some of these engine oils have specific formulations with high quality components and additives that enable the engines to run at their best. For those who are no longer bound […]

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BMW Malaysia introduces new car-care programmes using Shell oil

BMW Malaysia today, in collaboration with Shell Malaysia, has introduced new engine oil service and maintenance parts programme for its long-term owners. The new programme offers two packages – the BMW Oil Service Package and the BMW Service Value Package. The BMW Oil Service package, priced at RM500, available at authorised BMW service centres will […]

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Shell Helix ECO 0W20

Shell launches new fully synthetic oil for compact car engines

Compact cars have always been popular in Malaysia and with the increasing volume of traffic on the roads and congestion in cities, they are certainly even more in demand. Furthermore, small cars are usually more affordable and economical to run. However, the small engines in compact cars have to work quite hard too. Thankfully, with […]

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Petron Blaze Racing oil

Petron launches engine oils and specialty lubricants with High Temperature Protection

Petron believes it offers Malaysian motorists the best fuels and now, to complement that, it also wants to offer the best engine oils and specialty lubricant products. The highlight of this new product range is High Temperature Protection (HTP) that can be provided by the engine oils, automotive transmission fluids, brake fluids, gear oils and […]

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