Porsche Mission R is ‘just a vision’ – but it is ready to race too

The Mission R concept racing car shown at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Munich last month drew a lot of attention. It was conceived to give an idea of how the all-electric Porsche racing car of the future could be like. Though the car displayed looked completely ready to be produced, Porsche has stressed […]

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Continental AMBIENC3 concept VW T2 microvan

Continental AMBIENC3 concept vehicle shows interior of the future

As the actual job of driving a car gets taken over by a computer in future, the interior space will become more than just a place to sit while travelling, it will be a space where the occupants, besides driving when necessary, can relax or work. These three activities are set to merge in the […]

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Using brainwaves to control a vehicle? A future Mercedes-Benz might have it

In the near future, people will be able to travel in cars without humans having to be in control. Perhaps it can no longer be called ‘driving’ if there is no human involved and it is just ‘mobility’. Such autonomous vehicles are already in existence and will grow in numbers. In looking ahead, Mercedes-Benz also […]

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Porsche Mission R concept sportscar cockpit can also be a standalone simulator

Even before e-sports or digital motorsports, as the FIA has termed the activity, started to increase to the popular levels of today, carmakers were already using simulators for drivers to train in as well as being a tool for engineers. Time spent in the simulator helps a driver prepare virtually for the next race and […]

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Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS

Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS for the new generation of customers

There was a time when SUVs – vehicles for driving off the highway in rough terrain – would not have been seen as being relevant in the luxury class. Those who bought luxury cars wanted comfort and generally cruised around cities and travelling on highways to their mansions in the countryside. But times have changed […]

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2021 Volkswagen ID.LIFE concept

Lower-priced Volkswagen ID.LIFE to help increase adoption of EVs

Electric vehicles (EVs) have had the added cost of new technology making them a bit more expensive today. In times, prices will certainly fall as volumes rise and better economies of scale enable manufacturers to offer them at lower prices. European carmakers, in particular, are accelerating towards electrification so being able to offer more attractively […]

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2021 Mercedes-EQ, EQE 350

Mercedes-EQ range gets second all-electric model – the EQE

Mercedes-Benz is steadily building up its Mercedes-EQ range of all-electric models and just a few months after the launch of the EQS flagship comes a smaller version – the EQE. As the last alphabet suggests, this would be positioned in the same way as the successful E-Class as a business sedan. It will be produced […]

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2021 Audi grandsphere concept

Audi grandsphere concept shows Audi’s future electric flagship and technology

Audi calls it ‘the private jet for the road’, offering the sort of suite you would find in First Class in an Airbus A380. Called the grandsphere, it’s the second of three ‘sphere’ concept cars from the brand, following the skysphere concept unveiled last month in California. The shared root word ‘sphere’ in their names […]

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2022 Renault Mobilize Limo

Renault’s Mobilize brand offers an all-electric sedan designed for ride-hailing industry

Mobilize, the young brand within Renault Group, was conceived with the aim of going ‘beyond automotive’ to offer services related to mobility, energy and data. Its business will be based on sustainable open ecosystems, in line with the group’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2040 and its ambition to develop the value […]

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