Litar Antarabangsa Sepang (SIC) telah mengumumkan peningkatan besar dalam kadar sewa untuk Litar Antarabangsa Petronas Sepang, berkuat kuasa pada 1 April. Litar taraf FIA yang terkenal sebagai tuan rumah untuk acara seperti Grand Prix Petronas Malaysia akan menyaksikan peningkatan kadar sewa sehingga 45%, menekankan komitmen litar tersebut untuk mengekalkan standard tertinggi.

Seperti yang dilaporkan oleh NST, di bawah kad harga baru, sesi siang hari pada hari biasa akan mengalami peningkatan sebanyak 27%, meningkat dari RM55,000 kepada RM70,000. Kadar bagi sesi siang pada hujung minggu akan melihat kenaikan sebanyak 32%, bergerak dari RM60,500 kepada RM80,000. Sesi malam pada hari biasa akan mengalami peningkatan sebanyak 41%, dari RM55,000 kepada RM78,000, manakala sesi malam hujung minggu akan menghadapi peningkatan tertinggi sebanyak 45%, meningkat dari RM60,500 kepada RM88,000.

Kadar-kadar ini termasuk pegawai teknikal dan perubatan, perkhidmatan ambulans dan kereta bomba, pembersih, kakitangan keselamatan, dan akses kepada kemudahan yang berkaitan. CEO SIC, Azhan Shafriman Hanif, menekankan bahawa penyesuaian harga bertujuan untuk memastikan operasi berterusan litar pada standard tertinggi, menyokong penambahbaikan berterusan untuk pengalaman pelanggan yang lebih baik.

Keputusan untuk menaikkan kadar sewa ini dibuat setelah pertimbangan teliti terhadap peningkatan kos operasi dan penyelenggaraan. SIC menekankan komitmennya untuk memudahkan peralihan yang lancar bagi pelanggan dan pemegang saham, memberikan notis awal untuk kejelasan dan persediaan. Penyesuaian ini merupakan kenaikan harga sewa pertama sejak 2013, mencerminkan dedikasi litar tersebut untuk mengekalkan kemudahan dan perkhidmatan berkualiti dalam persekitaran perlumbaan yang sangat kompetitif.

With the pandemic behind us and life almost normal (still have to observe some SOPs like wearing masks in crowded places), many public activities can take place again. And with National Day coming up, a number of companies and organisations are having special activities for Malaysians to celebrate in a big way.

One of them is our Malaysian carmaker, Proton, which has partnered with Malaysia Speed Festival (MSF) to run the PROTON – MSF Merdeka Race Carnival 2022 this weekend at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC). MSF is a national-level racing series which started in 2010 and offers affordable blue-collar motor racing which has helped develop as well as the grassroots-level racing in the country.

While this weekend’s carnival will appeal to motorsports fans in particular, there are also activities for all the family at SIC. The company will also have a special promotion for current Proton models, genuine spare parts and financing packages and merchandise.

Additionally, technicians will be on hand to inspect Proton vehicles to ensure that everything is in tip-top condition. For those who are thinking of trading-in their current vehicle for a new Proton, there’s also free evaluation of used cars.

Visitors can also learn more about Proton’s technologies in its various vehicles and pick up tips for tips for car maintenance and driving safety. There will also be demonstration runs of how Proton’s Advanced Driver Assist Systems actively help the driver avoid accidents and how the Auto Park Assist feature in the X50 works.

Find out about the X50’s technologies and safety systems.

Various Proton car clubs have been invited to gather at the event, with a mix of several clubs, while tomorrow will see at least original Proton Saga club members gathering in support of the MSF Saga Cup Merdeka Enduro race in the evening.

Owners of unique and interesting modified cars will also be displaying their specially crafted pride and joy in an event supported by Retro Havoc, Motor Maniac, and Biadap. Proton’s R3 performance division will also display its successful Preve and Satria Neo racing cars that pay homage to the brand’s success at the Sepang S1k races.

For the little ones who cannot go on test-drives or participate in certain activities, there’s still lots to keep them occupied and happy. Besides an inflatable Water Park and Bouncy Castle, they can have fun Hot Wheels, Giant Jenga and be entertained by a clown.

Besides racing simulators, adults can test (and show off to their friends and family) their skills in a challenging autocross course. Using a Proton model, they need to complete the course in the shortest time without any penalties and the top 3 fastest times today and tomorrow will win MSF & R3 merchandise. Those who are fans on Proton’s Facebook and Instagram pages will get privileged access.

If you’ve never experienced driving around the SIC, which has hosted Formula 1 races, Proton offers a sight-seeing lap for those who place a booking for a new Proton vehicle during this event or purchase a minimum RM200 of R3 merchandise. If the purchase is RM300 or more, an exciting experience of a ride in a Proton R3 racing cars with one of the skilled drivers is also offered.

Incidentally, there will be special appearances by veteran racers Karamjit Singh, Farique Hairuman, James Veerapen and Leona Chin who will be happy to talk about their experiences with fans.

Malaysian rally legend Karamjit Singh will be at the event to meet fans.

Besides stunt driving shows, MSF stunt driver Faidzal Alang will attempt to set a record at the SIC by driving around the full 5.52-km circuit on 2 wheels. This attempt will take place tonight and be observed by officials from the Malaysia Book of Records.


There will, of course, be racing activities as well today and tomorrow. The MSF Merdeka Race runs a series of 1.5-hour endurance races in a special round of the Malaysia Speed Festival Racing Series that takes place annually during Merdeka weekend. Over 150 cars take part in this race which sees various racing cars from original classic Saga to World Touring Car Series cars taking part.

There will also be a club-level Superbike racing series which sees budding clubman racers duel each other around the track at speeds of up to 280 km/h. Also in the programme is a Megalap Time Attack.

Finally, in conjunction with 65th National Day, 65 units of various Proton models will travel in  convoy around the circuit.

Admission is free to the SIC Main Paddock but before going, you need to fill up a form to gain entry. To download the form, click here.

Have fun at the PROTON – MSF Merdeka Race Carnival 2022!

It was a good start for the final showdown of the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) 2021 in the first race of Round 3 as R Engineering HMRT swept 3 podiums in each category – Touring Production (T), Stock Production 1 (SP1), and Stock Production 2 (SP2).

Their drivers, Alif Hamdan and his partner, Lai Wee Sing spearheaded the T Production category while Chiow Teck Song finished the race in second place for the SP1 category and the combination of Putera Adam and Calvin Wong in third place.

“Syukur alhamdulillah, thank you to R Engineering and HMRT. The car was almost faultless halfway through the race suddenly, two sensors ‘went on holiday’ so we had to tow the car back and change it. We are lucky enough to finish the race,” said a delighted Alif Hamdan.

“I had a good start in P9. I got up in second place then I got touched and dropped down to last. I manage to crawl back to P2 but then after 30 seconds penalty, I finished in third place. I am really satisfied with Race 1,” rival Putera Adam added.

In SP1, Japanese driver from Rworks, Ken Urata driving Honda Civic FD2R won the category leaving Chiow Teck Song, R Engineering HMRT in second place and Empire M Racing in third place with their drivers, Shazull Hisham and Mohd Syahrizal Jamaluddin.

“I keep my pace and took the opportunity to overtake others. I had a heartbreaking moment going into the last corner of Turn 15 but I manage to end the race well!” Urata said.

In Malaysian Touring Car category, Mark Darwin and Foo Yung Chieh from Tedco Racing completed the 21 laps in the first place, Brendan Paul and Diivvyesh Perajun from the privateer team in second place while Danny Chin and Admi Shahrul in third place.

Moving to SP2, Lew Kar Wai and Ho William from Speed X Racing team touched down the finishing line in the first place, Imran Wafi Adnan and Najiy Ayyad from DNT Tune in second place while third place goes to Putera Adam and Calvin Wong from R Engineering HMRT.

“Actually, we have been struggling throughout the whole season. This is a comeback from us. Thanks to the team and crew members. We are looking forward to the next round,” was the common remarks from the drivers of the Speed X Racing team.

“First of all, thank you very much to the team for giving us a good car. We started and ended the race very well. The car was well balanced and had no damages,” said Najiy Ayyad and partner, Imran Wafi, from DNT Tune.

The races over the two days also be viewed live on the SIC Facebook page.

Final battles of 2021 Malaysian Championship Series to be held on December 15 & 16

The Malaysian Championship Series (MCS) 2021 heads into its final double-header with Round 3 and Round 4 to be run on December 15 and 16. It’s been a challenging year for the drivers and teams, not to mention the disruption caused by the extended suspension of activities due to the pandemic. The MCS 2021 will be the last action from 4-wheel racers to conclude the National  Championship calendar for 2021.

For Race 1 and 2 in Round 3 (Wednesday), the drivers will be competing for a total of 22 laps.  Race 1 starts at 10:30 am, while Race 2 will be from 3:30 pm. The next day will see Round 4 starting at 11:15 am with the competitors racing 54 laps around the 5.543 km Sepang International Circuit.

After Round 2, Alif Hamdan and Lai Wee Sing from R Engineering HMRT remain unbeaten as they are the only entry in the Touring (T) Production category. Leona Chin from the Tedco Racing team spearheaded the Malaysian Touring Car (MTC) Production, leaving Muhammad Roni Risman and his partner, Shaifulnizam from Dori’s Racing team in second place and the pairing, Natasha Seatter and Nurul Husna from Niza Racing team finished in third place.

In Stock Production 1 (SP1), Shazull Hisham and Mohd Syahrizan, from the Empire M Racing team  took the chequered flag, with Ken Urata from Rworks in second position. Chiow  Teck Song from R Engineering HMRT team finished in third place to join them on the podium.

As for Stock Production 2 (SP2), the perfect combination of Hayden Haikal and Adam Khalid in the Honda Fit GK5 throughout the 22 laps of the race earned them the class victory. Putera Adam from R Engineering HMRT finished in second position, while Eddie Lew Kar Wai and William Ho from the Tedco Racing team were in third place.

The MCS 2021 is organised by Sepang International Circuit (SIC), supported by the Ministry of Youth  and Sports, sanctioned by the Motorsports Association of Malaysia (MAM). The Official Tyre Distributor is Yokohama while BHPetrol is the Official Fuel Partner.

Spectators (18 years old and above) are permitted to watch the races and can gain free entrance at the SIC Main Grandstand. As per government regulations, they must be fully vaccinated and show their certificates. SIC reminds everyone that they must adhere to all Standard Operating Procedures and guidelines imposed by the National Security Council to curb the spread of COVID-19. Facemasks should be worn at all times and social  distancing (minimum 1 metre apart) must be maintained.

If you cannot go to the track, you can still watch the last battles of MCS 2021 live on SIC’s Facebook page.

Strong start for Leona Chin in Malaysia Championship Series

The Toyota Yaris which was entered in the Sepang 1000KM endurance race (S1K) recently was the first ever appearance of the model in a local race and it was a ‘baptism by fire’ on all accounts. Competing in the top MTC Production Class, the Yaris, driven by the pair of 16-year old Hayden Haikal and 24-year old Timothy Yeo, had taken the chequered flag 3 laps ahead of their nearest rival. However, a post-race penalty reclassified the duo to third position in class and fourth overall.

Toyota and Toyota GR in 2021 Sepang 1000KM

Three Toyotas occupied the top 5 front positions on the starting grid for the 9-hour/181-lap race laps around the 5.534-km Sepang International Circuit. The number #39 Yaris had been the highest-placed Toyota on the starting grid, qualifying second with a time of 2 min 38.932 seconds. They were followed by Wing Hin Motorsports team mates and the pair of Boy Wong and Dannies Ng in the number #38 Vios.

Two entries from GAZOO Racing Malaysia
Backing them up were the trio of Tengku Djan Ley, Naquib Azlan and Akio Takeyama from TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Malaysia in car number #37 (another Vios) which was fifth fastest. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Malaysia fielded a second entry, another Vios crewed by a trio comprising celebrity Zizan Razak, and young drivers Jwan Hii and Mika Hakimi in the SP2 Production Class in car number #36. Despite qualifying 30th , they went on to finish 20th in class and fifth in the inaugural running of the Vios Enduro Cup.

Toyota and Toyota GR in 2021 Sepang 1000KM

Toyota and Toyota GR in 2021 Sepang 1000KM

Toyota and Toyota GR in 2021 Sepang 1000KM

With three Toyotas in contention for overall victory, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Malaysia’s number #37 Vios, the number #39 Yaris and the number #38 Vios showed their dominance from the beginning to the final hours of the race. Four cars traded places for the lead throughout the race, but no one expected a huge turn of events that was to unfold in the closing laps.

Bad luck for #38 Vios
The number #38 Vios’ hopes of a podium finish were essentially erased due to technical issues, forcing it to rejoin 6 laps down but still managing to finish fourth overall and in Class. The number #37 Vios, meanwhile, was well poised for victory until 26 laps to the finish when the front left wheel was ripped away, dropping the team to 11th in Class.

Their misfortune left the race for the taking of car number #100 driven by Mitchell Cheah and Brendan Paul Anthony, but their hopes of a victory too came to a crushing end when mechanical problems 10 laps from the finish put them into retirement.

Toyota and Toyota GR in 2021 Sepang 1000KM

Yaris takes podium finish on debut
As all this unfolded, the charging #39 Yaris kept piling on the pressure and clocking consistent lap times right up to the chequered flag. “The Yaris performed impeccably, not putting a foot wrong! This is a huge testament to the car’s performance and reliability under extreme conditions, and to finish on the podium in the prestigious S1K race on its debut is, without a doubt, an amazing result,” said a happy Mr. Takeyama who is also GAZOO Racing Malaysia’s Chief Motorsports Officer.

“We would like to have won and seen two or all three cars on the podium but unfortunately, in racing, nothing is ever certain until you cross the finish line, and this is a disappointment we will have to graciously accept despite running very competitively until the final hours,” he said.

Toyota and Toyota GR in 2021 Sepang 1000KM

“The S1K is a challenging test of nerves not only on the reliability and durability of the car, but also the physical and mental strength of the competing teams and drivers,” he said, with his personal experience of racing in the event. ”As a team, we have proven to ourselves that we are competitive, and this setback has certainly fuelled our desire to come back and be even stronger next year.”

The Yaris’ third place finish, however, was made that much sweeter with one of the drivers (Hayden) being a competitor and the youngest ever champion in Toyota’s Vios Challenge racing series. In fact, eight of the drivers in the top 4 cars in contention for the race win had competed in the one-make series which has run for 4 seasons.

Toyota and Toyota GR in 2021 Sepang 1000KM

“The TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Festival and Vios Challenge will next year enter its fifth successive season and we hope that it has not only made a huge impact towards enhancing the profile of Malaysian motorsports by bringing it to the masses, but also in creating a strong foundation for the development of existing, new and especially young drivers. We are committed in making an impactful contribution to Malaysian motorsports and this is an initiative we intend to continue to expand on moving forward,” Mr. Takeyama promised.

Inaugural Vios Enduro Cup
In the inaugural Vios Enduro Cup, Aylezo Motorsports’ trio Mirza Syahmi Mahzan, Zen Low and Aiman Haziq completed 166 laps enroute to collect a cash prize of RM10,000. It was a 1-2 victory for Aylezo with Dato’ Danny Yip, Kenneth Teh and Chang Choon Ming placed second. In third spot was 23 Motors’ Al- Farouk and Abdull Miqail, followed by Toyotsu Racing’s Liew Jo Choon, Tan Chan Wei in fourth.

A total of 10 Toyota cars took to the track for the S1K race which attracted 38 teams, with three cars competing in the MTC Production Class and the remaining seven vying for positions in the SP2 Production Class and the inaugural running of the Vios Enduro Cup.

Toyota and Toyota GR in 2021 Sepang 1000KM

Highlights Of The Season 4 Vios Challenge Night Races (Second Night)

BHPetrol RON95 Euro4M

The fourth and final round of the Toyota GAZOO Racing Festival (TGR Festival) and the Vios Challenge one-make race will be held at the Sepang International Circuit on April 18 and 19, 2020. However, the event will not be open to the public due to the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement just release, UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) said it will be a ‘closed-door’ race. “UMW Toyota Motor undertakes accountability for the welfare of Malaysians at large, and also the well-being of our crew members, racers and race teams,” the statement explained.

Vios Challenge Season 2
The final round of the previous season was held for the first time at the Sepang International Circuit,

Minimal number of participants during races
Only essential crew members, racers and race teams will be invited for the completion of the third season which began last August. On event days, the organisers will be conducting health screenings for racers, race team members and crew prior to entering the race premises.

“We trust that our fans appreciate the current situation. All the races will still be broadcast live on Toyota’s Facebook and Youtube accounts and we invite everyone to cheer on their favourite racers and celebrities by tuning in to the live shows’, said UMWT’s Chief Motorsports Officer, Akio Takeyama, who is also one of the participants.

Information and updates about the TGR Festival are available at toyota.com.my/tgrmalaysia/ .

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Motorsport events have large crowds of spectators and at this time, health authorities are strongly urging that ‘social distancing’ be adopted, meaning that people should be at least a metre from each other, to reduce the risk of infection.

Motorsports organisers urged to postpone events
Meanwhile, the Motorsports Association of Malaysia (MAM) has also issued a statement urging all organisers to postpone their events until the situation subsides and improves. “This decision is made based on the directives from the Ministry of Health (MoH), Sports Commission, and in consultation with the MAM Medical Commission.

The statement adds that should an organizer choose to still go ahead with its event, the MAM ‘highly recommends that it be held with minimal personnel and spectators, as in a closed-event format’. It calls on the organisers to act responsibly to reduce the risk of infection and to follow the guidelines by the MoH and W.H.O. for participants at the event.

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BHPetrol RON95 Euro4M

After a 6-year absence, SUPER GT racing is back in Malaysia! To be between July 16 – 19, 2020, the event will be the world’s first-ever GT night race, besides seeing the debut of an-all Malaysian team for the very first time.

The SUPER GT Malaysia Festival 2020 is one of two races outside of Japan and will be round 5 of the 2020 Autobacs SUPER GT Series (listed as a major event in the Visit Malaysia 2020 calendar). 80,000 spectators are expected during the 4-day event. Hopefully, the current COVID-19 epidemic will have diminished, if not ended, by then.

SUPER GT events were held in Malaysia between 2000 and 2013.

The 2020 Autobacs SUPER GT Series starts in April at the Okayama International Circuit, before moving to Fuji Speedway and Suzuka Circuit in May. The Series’ two overseas legs will be held in July at the Chang International Circuit in Thailand and in Malaysia at the Sepang International Circuit. After that, the teams return to Japan for the remaining three rounds with the final one being held in November at the Twin Ring Montegi raceway.


The Autobacs SUPER GT Series runs a two-driver endurance format with race distances ranging from 300 kms to 1,000 kms, There are two classes – the GT500 main class effectively exclusive to works teams, and the GT300 class which run far less downforce than their GT500 counterparts.

The GT500 main class features a clash of titans among the big three Japanese manufacturers Toyota, Nissan and Honda spread among the 15 teams, with four participating tyre manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Yokohama, Dunlop and Michelin. The GT300 class features 30 competing teams representing a wider array of manufacturers such as Mercedes-AMG, Toyota, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Nissan, Bentley, Honda, Lotus and Subaru.


“SUPER GT racing continues to be a huge crowd-puller worldwide and especially in Malaysia. We thought long and hard about how to make it better and realized that a night race would present teams and drivers with a unique challenge, in addition to racing under extreme heat and unpredictable weather conditions,” said Haro Sports & Entertainment Managing Partner, Fahrizal Hasan.

“With the GTA fully in agreement, Malaysia now has what is essentially the world’s only GT night race. Motorsports fans and gear heads now have something to look forward to every year, and we are bringing the race back with a bang!” he added.

A Hop-On Hop-Off Bus will be used to promote the SUPER GT Malaysia Festival 202 race in Kuala Lumpur and ferry motorsports fans on a circuit safari around as the cars race around the Sepang International Circuit during the weekend.

“We have missed the heat of Malaysia. Malaysia offers a unique challenge of higher temperatures and conditions than what the competing teams are normally accustomed to in the other rounds held predominantly in Japan,” said Chairman of GTA Ltd. Masaaki Bandoh. “This is something that not only test the drivers, but the heat and, sometimes, torrential rains put the cars, their engines, the tyres and the crew involved through one of the toughest challenges available in circuit racing.”

Malaysia previously hosted the first overseas race of the All-Japan Grand Touring Championship with two exhibition races in 2000 and 2001. The following year, this country was officially included as a full-fledged championship round and Malaysia continued to play host to the Series’ overseas rounds until 2013.

The SUPER GT Race Queens are always a treat for fans and photographers!

A popular attraction associated with the event is the presence of the SUPER GT Race Queens who bring not only immense colour and character to the event, but provide a vital connection between teams and the fans, particularly during the open pit sessions, pit walk, grid walk, circuit safari and activity stage at the mall area.

SUPER GT Malaysia Festival 2020 will also feature a Kids Pit-Walk session, open to schoolchildren aged 5 to 12 years and to all ticket-holders who bring at least one kid of the age group. Certainly a treat for the young ones who are interested in motorsports at an early age!

Tickets are priced from RM100 (K1 Grandstand), RM250 (Main Grandstand) and RM2,000 (GT Club) and can be purchased online at www.supergtmalaysia.com. For now, early bird purchasers can get them at reduced prices – RM80 (K1 Grandstand) and RM200 (Main Grandstand).

Also available are three exclusive Dream, Ultimate and Experience packages. The Dream Package and Ultimate package includes GT Club paddock hospitality, a taxi ride, grid-walk, pit-walk and circuit safari. The Experience Package offers GT Club paddock hospitality, a taxi ride, pit-walk and circuit safari.

Spectators stand a chance to win this brand new Toyota GR Supra in a competition during the event.

In partnership with UMW Toyota Motor, organizer of the well-established Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival one-make street race, all SUPER GT Malaysia Festival 2020 ticket-holders will also have the chance of winning and driving home one brand-new Toyota GR Supra in a ‘Predict and Win’ competition.

Art of Speed will also be organising many displays for motorsports fans.

Art of Speed will also be at the SUPER GT Malaysia Festival 2020 and treat motorsports fans to an outdoor Auto Expo at the open Mall Area. There will be a wide range of displays by car manufacturers, automotive brands, aftermarket specialists, car clubs and companies offering lifestyle products.


Team Proton R3’s third consecutive win in the recent Sepang 1000km (S1K) race certainly grabbed headlines but also deserving praise was the was the impressive result for the team’s third car. This was a Saga with an all-ladies crew comprising Faye Kusairi, Nurul Husna and Leona Chin.

Unlike the other R3 drivers, Faye and Nurul did not have prior experience of competing in the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS). They were selected via the team’s lady drivers search initiative. Leona, however, is a professional racer who has been competing in the MCS.

2019 Sepang 100km Proton R3 (3)

From 26th to 7th
In the tough 9-hour race, the trio put in a fine effort after starting from 26th position to finish a respectable seventh. A demonstration of team spirit and skill, the 2019 S1K was in fact the first time all three shared the same car.

2019 Sepang 100km Proton R3 (4)
Ready to battle in the 2019 S1K!

2019 Sepang 100km Proton R3 (3)

Despite their unfamiliarity with each other, the inherent speed of all three was evident during practice sessions for the race. They were consistently setting times that put them in the top eight. Their qualifying session however was compromised by a small technical issue, consigning them to start from the back of the M-Production class grid. Nevertheless starting 26th did not dampen their spirit and during the race, they drove with great skill and patience, methodically working their way up through the field.

“The S1K was extremely memorable and surreal for me. I am amazed we finished seventh from 26th on the grid but it proves how quick the Proton Saga and our trio of drivers really is. To be honest, I really feel that if we were given another chance, I think we can make it up on to the podium,” said Faye.

“Our lady race drivers performed admirably and drove really well to mount a great comeback from their low grid position. To finish seventh in what is one of the toughest S1K races in recent memory is a great achievement and the best finish ever achieved at the race for an all-ladies driving crew,” said a delighted Gary Lee, Head of Team Proton R3.

2019 Sepang 100km Proton R3 (3)

Proton Saga proves racing prowess
Despite being R3’s newest car, the 2019 Proton Saga has already proven its ability to be a quick track car. The short development cycle (the model was launched in August this year) meant the team faced a tremendous challenge to get it ready on time, but the results have proven how suitable the Saga is for motorsports.

“The Proton Saga is a model synonymous with Proton and was the very first model the company used for motorsports. In more recent times, we favoured other models but last year we started using it again for the MCS and S1K in 2018. This year’s car is brand new and despite the very short timelines, the results have been very impressive. This therefore proves the Proton Saga is capable of performing in a variety of environments, from daily commuting to family outings and competing in Malaysia’s biggest race, making it truly a Malaysian favourite,” said Dr Li Chunrong, CEO Of Proton.

Proton R3 wins Sepang 1000km again – that’s 3 years in a row!



Team Proton R3 (R3) capped a successful 2019 season yesterday by winning the Sepang 1000km (S1K) race for a third consecutive time. The impressive achievement was led by Mitchell Cheah and Fariqe Hairuman in the latest Proton Iriz which dominated the proceedings in a tough 9-hour race. There was double joy for the team as the 2019 Proton Saga driven by Syafiq Ali and Admi Shahrul crossed the finish line in second place.

2019 S1k Proton R3

Most successful manufacturer in S1K
With a third consecutive and fifth overall S1K victory, Proton has stretched its lead as the most successful manufacturer in the history of the event. It not only reflects on the capabilities of the cars but also the skill, professionalism and teamwork of R3, arguably the leading racing team in Malaysia.

2019 S1k Proton R3

“Being successful in motor racing requires a combination of factors. A manufacturer, for instance, would firstly need the correct models in its range that would be suitable for the job. Even if a suitable model is available, it is difficult to achieve success as the car needs to be developed while the skills of the racing team, from the technicians to the drivers, needs to be finely honed. This requires an investment in time and money and Proton’s success in motorsports is proof our investment in R3, our in-house racing division, is a wise one,” said Dr. Li Chunrong, CEO of Proton.

2019 S1k Proton R3

Lady drivers impress too
There were three Team Proton R3 entrants for the S1K this year with the third car crewed by an all-female driving team. Nurul Husna and Faye Kusairi were selected from the MSF-R3 Lady Drivers Search that gave aspiring female racers a chance to compete in the S1K race. The lead driver for the team was Leona Chin, Malaysia’s fastest female racer.

A technical issue during qualifying meant the team’s 2019 Proton Saga started the race from 26th on the grid. Despite the early setback, the ladies showed amazing skill and fighting spirit as they carved their way up to seventh overall and first among all lady drivers by the end of the race.

“Our lady drivers performed very well and we are proud of their achievement. By finishing seventh, they have proven their capability to compete in the male dominated arena of motorsports and Proton are proud to have given Malaysian women an opportunity to showcase their talents,” said Dr. Li.

2019 S1k Proton R3

“Win on Sunday, sell on Monday”
The marketing phrase refers to an age-old ethos for car manufacturers who compete in motorsports. By being successful on the track, their products gain an image boost thus helping to improve their performance in the showroom. Additionally, owners also get to feel a sense of pride to be driving a car from the winning brand – especially if it is the same model.

“By winning the S1K for the fifth time in 11 editions, Proton has proven its mastery of the event. A 1,000-km race requires speed as well as reliability and our models have both. What we learn in the heat of competition we then engineer into our products to create better cars. The success of both the 2019 Iriz and 2019 Saga in motorsports helped boost the image of each model and as a result, Iriz sales have increased three-fold while the Saga has achieved over 35,000 bookings since its launch,” Dr. Li revealed.

Want to experience the performance of the latest Proton Iriz and Saga? Visit www.proton.com to locate a showroom near your for a test-drive.

Team Proton R3 takes Malaysian Championship Series title


Following the launch of the new Renault Megane R.S. 280 Cup EDC by TC Euro Cars (TCEC), the Renault Sport Track Day made a comeback with a twist – it was run as a night session at the Sepang International Circuit. During the session, a total of 30 Renault Sports owners tested their personal skills and car performance as they tried to complete as many laps as possible within the allocated time.

Renault Track Day 2019

With safety being a top priority for TCEC and Renault, only experienced drivers were allowed to drive on the track by themselves while first-time track drivers were accompanied by a professional instructor.

TCEC also conducted a timed run of the Megane R.S. 280 Cup EDC. The new model bettered the previously recorded lap time of the Megane R.S. 265 Cup by 3 seconds – 2:38  vs 2:41.

Renault Megane R.S. 280 cUP


About the Megane R.S. 280 Cup
Having set a benchmark in the world of high-performance hatchbacks, the Megane R.S. is officially back in Malaysia in its latest form. Available with the Cup chassis, it now comes with a 6-speed automatic Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) transmission. A 6-speed manual transmission is also available as an option.

Renault Megane R.S. 280 Cup

New features and technologies include the 4CONTROL 4-wheel steering system – a world first-in-segment technology that further improves cornering efficiency; 4 rally-inspired hydraulic compression stops to all shock absorbers; a new 4-cylinder 1.8-litre turbocharged engine that delivers maximum power of 280 ps/390 Nm; and a new Torsen mechanical and limited-slip differential.

Another new feature is the 5-door variant in place of the previous 3-door one. The new signature colour is Orange Tonic but if you don’t like it, you can still ask for the classic Liquid Yellow finish.

Renault Megane R.S. 280 cUP

The new Megane R.S. 280 with a manual gearbox retails at RM279,888 while the EDC-equipped variant will require RM299,888 (both prices without insurance included). Each new unit from TCEC comes with a 3-year/100,000-km warranty (whichever comes first).

For more information about the new Megane R.S. 280 Cup and other Renault models available in Malaysia, visit www.renault.com.my.



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