DKW 1000ccm 2-stroke Car Racing – This is Eargasm!

Long time ago, there is the existence of few cars with 2-stroke engine. As we all know, the benefit of using of the 2-stroke engine is in the lightweight construction and higher output about 40% more powerful than equivalent 4-stroke engine. For example, motocross racing in USA has replaced 250cc 2-stroke bike with equivalently powerful 450cc 4-stroke bike. Engines with 2-stroke system are much easier to maintain as they are fewer parts to look out for, whereby 4-stroke engine need more love and care.

This DKW 2-stroke car is an amazing machine to be heard. It sounds very much like the high RPM racing engine car like the Audi R8 race car. You need to view the video to hear the engine in action. Check it out after the jump 

Thanks to Azizul Ab Aziz for the info!

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