• Peugeot owners in the Klang Valley will be happy to note that Bermaz Auto Alliance Sdn. Bhd. (BAASB), the new representatives of the French brand, has officially opened its first Peugeot flagship 3S Centre in Glenmarie, Selangor. Located on the same site as the Peugeot 3S centre before, the new facility has the new Peugeot brand identity. After-sales support at this facility will also be available to owners of Citroen and DS vehicles.

The service facilities available include 21 service bays with the latest manufacturer’s diagnostic system equipment and maintenance tools. Fully trained technicians will ensure the vehicles are maintained and serviced for optimum performance.



Owners who wish to wait for their vehicles that are being serviced can make use of a comfortable waiting lounge with free refreshments and for those who want to also do some work, there are wifi connections available.

As part of the Bermaz Automotive group (which also handles the Mazda brand), Bermaz Auto Alliance aims to provide best ownership experience and will ensure full and comprehensive after-sales support, especially with warranty-related issues.

Appointments can be made online

The service centre operates from Mondays to Saturdays and offers online service appointments (available at customer.peugeot.com.my) for the convenience of owners. Roadside assistance is also available by calling1-800-22-3399 (24 hours availability).

BAASB currently offers the 2008 (above), 3008 and 5008 (below), all assembled at the Stellantis factory in Kedah.

Peugeot owners are urged to update their information with BAASB so that they can be properly supported and receive important communications relating to their vehicle. They can provide the information at baasb.com.my/Peugeot/ and are assured that all information will be kept and protected in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act of Malaysia.

New Peugeot brand identity and Lion logo launched

Skateboarding, which appeared in the 1950s, is a popular sport today. They are like surfboards except that instead of skimming over water, they have wheels to do the same on land. However, to the auto industry, skateboard means a different thing and is a new idea being used for electric vehicle (EV) platforms to streamline development. An EV skateboard serves as a common modular chassis which can be applicable to different types of vehicles.

A number of carmakers have already developed EVs on skateboards and they have been able to speed up development since the skateboard is an integrated package. It can be developed by the carmaker or supplied by a specialist in such technology.

Open-source mobility model
Citroen’s Skate concept explores a greater spectrum of uses for the platform, referring to it as ‘open source’ so it can be configured to be more than just a passenger car or light commercial vehicle. This is a revolutionary open-source mobility model that is collective and shared, offering autonomous mobility which adapts to demand. The model relies on a fleet of Citroen Skate transport robots which move around cities non-stop, paired with Pods that can offer unique experiences. The Citroen Skate is the medium and the conveyor of mobility; the Pod, attached to it, allows its users to enjoy their preferred service, whenever and wherever they wish.

This technological solution offers a multitude of possible uses and is claimed to be able to improve traffic fluidity by at least 35%. To achieve this, The Citroen Skates are designed to travel in dedicated lanes, and are fitted to integrate into the urban environment in the most efficient and economical way.

2021 Citroen Skate autonomous EV concept

Proposing an autonomous vehicle on public roads for private customers, beyond the technological challenge, would be extremely expensive. The Citroen Autonomous Mobility Vision is based on the perfect adequacy between the Pods, The Citroën Skate and the infrastructure. Therefore, with the use of dedicated lanes, the overall solution cost is optimized. Moreover, its use is maximized through an on demand smart fleet management.

The Urban Collectif demonstrates the concept
To demonstrate the concept, Citroen has partnered Accor and JCDecaux, the former a hotel and hospitality group and the latter an advertising firm. Accor has designed two Pods that can complement its hospitality services – one serves as luxury transportation and the other is a gym on wheels. JCDecaux’s proposal is a form of mobile urban transport, possibly for use by tourists as it can be parked anywhere when they wish to admire a landmark or surroundings. The three Pods form what is known as The Urban Collectif.

“Each Pod is a bold and modern interpretation of interior and automotive design. They are designed beyond the conventions and standards that the industry is using today, with precision engineering, high-end materials, refined aesthetics and revamped functions and applications. Thanks to this unprecedented partnership, which is highly innovative both in form and substance, we are creating endless opportunities for the future,” said Damien Perrot, Global Senior Vice-President Design at Accor.

Accor’s first Pod is known as the ‘Sofitel En Voyage’, an architectural enclosure with glass and marquetry, creating an intimate atmosphere while being fully open to the outside. Featuring automatic glazed sliding doors, the Pod would allow 2 to 3 passengers to sit comfortably on board together, with their luggage in a dedicated compartment. An interior scrolling LED strip would display information in real-time, such as personal messages, news, weather, arrival and travel times.

2021 Citroen Skate autonomous EV concept

2021 Citroen Skate autonomous EV concept

Everything is designed to deliver the personalized Sofitel service, with a bar that opens like a flower to the touch to offer drinks and snacks, a sound system, induction chargers and a configurable mood lighting. The occupants could even use a touchscreen tablet to make a video call to a Sofitel concierge to arrange a restaurant or theatre reservation.

Exercising while travelling
The Pullman Power Fitness Pod is the second Pod which illustrates a modern vision of transportation that makes commuting times more useful to optimize peak fitness performance. The occupant could exercise independently and immersively, with the rower on one side and the bike on the other, while travelling through the city.

2021 Citroen Skate autonomous EV concept

This Pod is characterized by an unusual glass bubble incorporating dichroic patterns in the form of blinds, echoing Pullman’s graphic and colour conventions, along with iridescent shades of blue, purple, pink and green. The occupant’s privacy is therefore protected, while maintaining a view of the outside.

2021 Citroen Skate autonomous EV concept

True to Pullman’s hyperconnected spirit, a digital coach, appearing on a holographic screen, would encourage the user, as well as provide route information and entertainment during a next-level cardio session. Exercising within the Pod will would also be useful for charging the Citroen Skate’s batteries.

Tourist transporter with a difference
The third pod designed in partnership with JCDecaux is called City Provider. Easy to board by passengers with luggage, a pushchair, using a wheelchair, alone or with other people, this Pod offers mobility in the city with more freedom and choice. The Pod uses smart autonomous technology which optimizes time and distance while ensuring a pleasant and peaceful experience in the heart of the city.

2021 Citroen Skate autonomous EV concept

2021 Citroen Skate autonomous EV concept

Citroen has designed and engineered its Skate to be autonomous, electric and chargeable via induction. It can operate almost continuously, every day, charging itself automatically when necessary at dedicated charging bases. Used in conjunction with the Pods, it can be positioned below specific units on request when the service is activated.

2021 Citroen Skate autonomous EV concept

The wheels, which are revolutionary in their concept and design, were devised and developed by Goodyear. They are specially developed omnidirectional Eagle 360 wheels, fitted with spherical tyres. Incorporating small electric motors, they give the robot complete 360° freedom of movement so that it can travel in any direction, just like a computer mouse, turn on the spot and slot into the smallest spaces.

“At Citroen, we examine medium and long-term trends to anticipate consumer expectations and needs. We believe that this new concept can redefine the framework of urban mobility: shared, electric and autonomous. With the solution we are presenting in partnership with Accor and JCDecaux, we are inventing autonomous mobility for all,” said Vincent Cobee, Citroen General Manager.

Rinspeed MetroSnap concept – different bodies for different needs

While SUVs are still very popular around the world, the designs have settled on a few common forms, depending on the segment. For Citroen, which has long designed its cars with a degree of uniqueness, looking for a new styling concept was the challenge given to the designers. The new model would have to combine the modernity and appeal of an SUV, the elegance and status of a saloon, and the versatility and practicality of a station wagon.

SUV with alternative design concept
Their proposal is the new C5 X which meets the expectations of customers wanting large tourers and those who are also looking for a more modern and stylish alternative to more traditional SUV’s, saloon and stationwagon models. “With the all-new C5 X, Citroen is revisiting the spirit of touring – the ability to travel in an elegant, refined car and set off to discover the world with complete peace of mind,” said Vincent Cobee, CEO of Citroen.

2022 Citroen C5 X

The bodystyle of the C5 X is muscular with optimised aerodynamics to reduce fuel consumption, with a streamlined profile drawing inspiration from aeronautics. The fluidity of the bodystyle is emphasised by the car’s tight, muscular volume. The extended bonnet, the high beltline and the rear wheel flare give it distinction, dynamism and sturdiness, common among Citroen’s larger vehicles.

The streamlined profile combines with a raised ride height and large diameter alloy wheels to give a more commanding view than would be available in a saloon or stationwagon. Around the wheel arches, vertical surfacing detail enhances the vehicle’s character. They highlight the large-diameter wheels while ensuring that air flows along the length of the body.

2022 Citroen C5 X

Coupe-inspired roofline
The elongated coupe-inspired sloping roofline ends with a ‘floating’ aerodynamic spoiler to further enhance the dynamic silhouette. The impression of a ‘floating roof’ is further enhanced through gloss black a-pillars, door pillar trims and dark tinted rear. As an option, customers choose a bi-tone Perla Nera Black roof for a more stylish appearance.

The LED V-shaped lighting signature representing Citroen’s new identity echoes the 3D rear light signature for greater consistency. The upper chevrons highlight the end of the bonnet and stretch right up to the LED daytime running lights, highlighting the width of the front end. The lower chevrons stretch up to the LED headlights and daytime running lights for a high-tech look.

2022 Citroen C5 X

A close look at the lighting signature will reveal real attention to detail. Small light veins create a graphic chevron design in the headlights that highlight the car’s look and reinforce the signature, particularly from the front three-quarter view.

The bonnet is long and horizontal, and positioned fairly low with pair of large scalloped design details, reminiscent of the latest C4 and C5 Aircross SUV. The lower air intake, highlighted by a chrome strip, has a highly geometric design – one that draws inspiration from chevrons – and houses the main radar used for the car’s driving aids.

2022 Citroen C5 X

Stationwagon practicality at the rear
To the rear of C5 X, dual spoilers combine to give a very dynamic look. This, combined with the steeply raked tailgate window design, helps to continue the flowing silhouette. Further details – such as the crisp lines around the lower part of the tailgate and bumper coupled with the lower chevron pattern and the chrome decoration around the reflectors – emphasise the vehicle’s width.

2022 Citroen C5 X

The rear of the car is also designed to be practical and provide more volume for the driver, offering stationwagon levels of modularity. The tailgate provides a wide and functional opening with a low loading sill.

Plug-in hybrid powertrain
The powerful 225 ps plug-in hybrid powertrain is claimed to give a range of up to 55 kms. Combustion engines will still be available but Citroen is not providing information on them yet.

2022 Citroen C5 X

Other technical details available at this time include Citroen’s Advanced Comfort Active Suspension system, with the cabin having a lounge-like interior space and Advanced Comfort seats

Production of the C5 X will start towards the end of this year with first deliveries starting during the first quarter of 2022.

2022 Citroen C5 X

Electrogenic gives the iconic Citroen DS a new 21st century ‘heart’

Vaccination does not make you immune to COVID-19 infection. You can still get infected and you may not show symptoms but spread the coronavirus. Do not stop taking protective measures such as wearing a facemask, washing hands frequently and social distancing.

The Citroen DS is one of the legendary design icons of 20th century automobiles. Its sharp futuristic design was unlike other cars that were on sale in 1955, the year it was launched at the Paris Motor Show. Besides the design – which had children referring to its as the ‘spaceship car’ – it was also technologically innovative with its novel hydro-pneumatic suspension system. The system not only had self-levellng capability but the driver could also vary the ground clearance. It was also the first production car with modern disc brakes.

Between 1955 and 1975, some 1.5 million units were produced by Citroen and many naturally remain as collectors’ items today. Now, for those owners of this classic model who wish to transform it into a zero emissions car, Electrogenic is offering to convert the powertrain to a fully electric type.

Electrogenic 1971-2021 Citroen DS EV

Electrogenic 1971-2021 Citroen DS EV (9)

First conversion of a DS
The UK-based company is believed to be the first one to professionally convert a DS in this manner. Electrogenic removed the car’s original 2-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine and replaced it with a ‘Hyper9’ brushless electric motor. This produces 120 bhp and 235 Nm of instant torque, certainly more than the original combustion engine. Power is delivered to the front wheels through the car’s existing manual gearbox.

Housed within the still beautiful sedan body is a 48.5 kWh battery, offering a real-world range of approximately 225 kms when fully charged. Using a 29 kW charger, recharging time is said to take around two hours. Both the battery size and charger type can be tailored to suit the type of driving an owner will use it for. An optional ‘range extender’ battery provides customers the choice to extend the range of the car to over 320 kms.

Electrogenic 1971-2021 Citroen DS EV

Electrogenic 1971-2021 Citroen DS EV

Hydro-pneumatic suspension retained
One of the defining features of the DS was its hydro-pneumatic suspension system, which provided the car’s famously plush ride quality. Rather than using the original noisy mechanical pump, Electrogenic has created a silent electric pump which delivers a more sophisticated ride than the original.

The bodywork (a 1971 model) has not been touched, a principle followed by Electrogenic to maintain the beauty of the original car when converting classics to electric power. Only the absence of exhaust pipes and a subtle new ‘DS EV electronique’ decal on the boot provide visual clues to the car’s 21st century powertrain.

Electrogenic 1971-2021 Citroen DS EV

Electrogenic 1971-2021 Citroen DS EV

“Repowering classic cars with all-electric drive brings a number of benefits, from ease of use to reliability and performance gains. But with our conversions, the aim is always to enhance the original characteristics of the car. In this respect, the Citroen DS was ideally suited to an electric conversion – the silent powertrain adds to the serene driving experience and fits perfectly with the character of the car,”  said Steve Drummond, Director and co-founder of Electrogenic, which has been in business for four years.

More experience in conversion gained
“As with all first-time conversions, the DS presented us with unique challenges. In this case adapting the hydro-pneumatic suspension to run without the combustion engine. The old pump was so noisy that it detracted from the silent drive of the car, but our new electric pump solved the issue completely. As with every conversion, the DS has added further to our knowledge of converting beautiful classics,” added Ian Newstead, another Director and co-founder of the company.Electrogenic 1971-2021 Citroen DS EV

You don’t have to wait 20 years for a fully-electric Rolls-Royce



Following the announcement of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) recently, several automotive brands under the Naza Group have resumed operations. The companies representing the various brands are Naza Italia Sdn Bhd (Ferrari), NZ Wheels Sdn Bhd (Mercedes-Benz/Mercedes-AMG), Naza Kia Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Kia), Nasim Sdn Bhd (Peugeot), and Naza Euro Motors Sdn Bhd (Citroen and DS). Naza Motor Trading Sdn Bhd, which deals in multiple brands, has also resumed its operations.

The Naza Group is mindful of providing the highest priority on the health and safety of its employees and customers during this critical period. Strict safety measures and operating procedures enforced by the local authorities will be adhered to at the premises of each company. This would include the necessary hygiene and social distancing practices for customers’ peace of mind.

NZ Wheels is operating strictly on appointments only at its Klang Autohaus, KL North-East Service Centre and Johor Bahru Autohaus outlets. Customers who wish to visit the service centres are required to contact the respective outlets to make book an appointment.

NZ Wheels
NZ Wheels Mercedes-Benz Autohaus in Klang, Selangor

Naza Kia Malaysia is resuming full operations at its authorised outlets in stages. It has initiated the ‘Kia Promise’ programme which ends in June 2020 as an added assurance to customers that the MCO will not affect aftersales aspects.

This means that all existing warranties will remain valid even if scheduled maintenance service could not be performed during the MCO. The programme also covers vehicle warranties that end during the MCO as well as those unable to get warranty repairs performed on their vehicle during that period. Customers are also given an additional grace period of 2 months or 2,000 kms (in moderation) beyond the standard 6 months or 10,000 km service interval to service their vehicle following the end of MCO.

Owners should call the service centres in advance to book an appointment.

Owners of cars purchased from Nasim and Naza Euro Motors are also required to call in in advance to book an appointment for servicing. All warranties for the brands they handle will still be honoured if service appointments or due dates fall within the MCO period.

Naza Motor Trading has resumed regular business hours at the Naza Automall PJ in Selangor from 9 am to 6 pm. It has a variety of models from various brands available.

Covid-19 hotline



The French are known for coming out with quirky looking cars, describing their looks as avant garde styling. They’re also known for making clever little cars that are ideal for urban transport. Now, at the dawn of the company’s 101st year, it is introducing a compact new model that it calls a ‘non-conformist mobility object’.

Citroen Ami

The new Ami is said to be a breakthrough response to challenges of urban travel and environmental awareness. And in certain countries, a driving licence is not required to use one on public roads. This is because it is a voiture sans permis (car without license) which is a category of small low-speed vehicles in France.

Citroen has designed the Ami just as much for the young teenager without a driving licence, who wants to visit a friend’s house or go to sports or music lessons completely independently, as it is for an older couple who already have a main vehicle but who prefer to favour Ami’s compactness for their short errands.

It can be used for car-sharing or long-term rental from €19.99 (about RM93) per month. If a customer wants to own one, the price starts from €6,000 (about RM28,000).

2020 Citroen Ami

Car-like in external appearance and minimalist in concept, the Ami 2.41 metres long, 1.39 metres wide and 1.52 metres high) is essentially a more enclosed quadricycle with two seats next to each other.

To keep production costs low, as few unique parts as possible have been used. In fact, the front half uses the same body parts as the back. Front and rear bumpers, bumper undersides and underbody panels are mirrored at the front and rear.

2020 Citroen Ami

The wide doors that are completely identical on the right and left and open in the opposite direction, rear-hinged on the driver’s side to benefit from better on-board accessibility and traditionally front-hinged on the passenger side. The side windows also follow this principle and like the 2CV, they open by manually tilting upwards. Besides the large amounts of glass all round (including a panoramic roof), the cabin also has a bright-coloured interior theme which gives the feeling of spaciousness.

A small 6 kW (8 hp) electric motor drives the Ami which can reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h. This means it can’t be driven on motorways as there is a minimum vehicle speed requirement of 80 km/h. The 5.5-kWh lithium-ion battery provides a driving range of up to 70 kms, after which 3 hours will be needed to restore a full charge from a conventional 220V power socket.

With the cabin having limited space, the items in the traditional dashboard are kept to a minimum. The instrument panel is basic and compact and information can be supplemented by using a smartphone placed in the middle of the dashboard. It links to the car’s systems via Citroen’s DAT@mi app and can show information such as range, charge status and time remaining for a 100% charge, mileage, maintenance alerts and after-sales appointment scheduling.

2020 Citroen Ami

Every corner is exploited to its fullest for storage space. In addition to a storage recess at the passenger’s feet, which can fit a cabin-sized suitcase, the designers have also created another storage area at the rear.

EuroNCAP tested a few quadricycles some years back and found that their safety levels were rather low. Citroen doesn’t offer details of the passive safety of the Ami other than to say that it has a ‘level of protection greater than that offered by 2 or 3-wheeled vehicles’ and ‘its optimized footprint gives Ami stability and a great freedom of movement with no risk of fall’.

Easy to customise, the Ami is available in 7 different versions with customisation done through accessories. The accessories kit includes functional decorative items such as a central separation net, a door storage net, mat, storage tray on the top of the dashboard, and small hook for a handbag.

2020 Citroen Ami

“Disruptive projects are always the best projects. These are usually the ones that really drive the automotive world forward, and it is a tradition at Citroen to want to contribute to changing this automotive landscape. The design of Ami is a product design, not an automotive design,” said Pierre Leclercq, Head of Citroen Style.

BHPetrol RON95 Euro4M


It was a very good weekend for Citroën as their C3 WRC teams consisting of Sébastien Ogier / Julien Ingrassia and Esapekka Lappi / Janne Ferm achieved a magnificent one-two finish at the Rally Turkey. The results obtained over the weekend also means that the French manufacturer and team are back in the running for the drivers’ and co-drivers’ world titles. (more…)

If you’ve been thinking of getting a new vehicle this year, this month and the next would be a good time to find great deals. Various companies are celebrating the Merdeka season by giving their customers special offers and at the NAZA Automotive Group, there are models from three different cars brands to choose from. There should definitely be something for you!


NAZA Kia Malaysia will reward 62 lucky customers
Naza Kia Malaysia, the official distributor of Kia vehicles in Malaysia, will start its ‘Fuel your Freedom, Discover Malaysia with Kia’ campaign from tomorrow. During the period until September 30, 2019, 62 customers who purchase and register a new Kia vehicle will be rewarded with RM620 worth of petrol vouchers to discover Malaysia!

Peugeot 5008

Special price for Peugeot 5008
Prefer a European SUV? Nasim Sdn Bhd, which represents Peugeot in Malaysia, will let you drive home a new 5008 SUV – winner of multiple awards – for RM161,888. This special price is applicable during August and September 2019, while stocks are available.


Premium affordably-priced MPV from Citroen
The Grand C4 Space Tourer is a premium family-friend MPV from Citroen. Buy one before September 30, 2019 and you pay only RM139,888 to Naza Euro Motors. Apart from the typical design flair of Citroens, the Grand C4 Space Tourer comes with an Advanced Comfort programme  and state-of-the-art safety features as well as latest-generation technologies for provide a safe and enjoyable journey.

For more information about the models available from each brand, click on the links below to visit their respective websites:

NAZA Kia Malaysia – www.kia.com/my | Nasim Sdn Bhd – www.peugeot.com.my | NAZA Euro Motors – www.citroen.com.my


The Citroën C3 Aircross SUV was launched worldwide less than two years ago and already, more than 200,000 units of the compact SUV have been sold across the globe. This very model which was launched here in Malaysia just two months ago (courtesy of Naza Euro Motors) promises amazing performance and great styling at only RM115,888 (OTR without insurance). (more…)

Naza Euro Motors Sdn Bhd, the official distributor of Citroen here in Malaysia, is proud to announce their latest addition to the current line-up which is the all-new 2019 Citroen C3 Aircross SUV. For this year, the new C3 SUV boasts exceptional space, modern driving technology, comfort as well as safety. (more…)


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