2021 Nissan Newbird EV

Nissan Newbird – body of a Bluebird, heart of a LEAF EV

During the 1980s, Nissan was among the early Japanese carmakers to begin setting up overseas plants – not plants merely assembling cars but full-fledged factories that carried out the almost all the manufacturing processes. As the brand was very popular in Europe, the company decided to establish a factory there and after considering a few […]

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MANSORY Aston Martin DBX 2021

MANSORY’s complete conversion package makes the Aston Martin DBX even more exclusive

In the first 6 months of this year, 1,595 units of Aston Martin’s first SUV and first 5-seater were delivered to customers worldwide, joining the 1,516 units in 2020. That’s not a huge number by global industry standards so it is pretty exclusive (it should be for around RM1 million each) even if you get […]

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Lunaz Aston Martin DB6 EV

Lunaz turns 1960s Aston Martin DB6 into electric sportscar for more than US$1 million

With the latest James Bond movie being in the news as it is about to be released worldwide, there is more than usual awareness of Aston Martin which has a number of cars used in the movie ‘No Time to Die’. The carmaker has been publicising its association with the secret agent for decades and […]

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2021 Suzuki Jimny Beans

Fresh coffee wherever you want it with Suzuki Jimny Beans

In this age of increasing food trucks and mobile food services, here’s an idea from Suzuki’s British subsidiary which turns the Suzuki Jimny into a mobile coffee bar. The conversion of the compact SUV was carried out by Coffee Latino, which specializes in such projects. The vehicle has a Chiffon Ivory Pearl metallic finish with […]

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Electrogenic 1971-2021 Citroen DS EV

Electrogenic gives the iconic Citroen DS a new 21st century ‘heart’

The Citroen DS is one of the legendary design icons of 20th century automobiles. Its sharp futuristic design was unlike other cars that were on sale in 1955, the year it was launched at the Paris Motor Show. Besides the design – which had children referring to its as the ‘spaceship car’ – it was […]

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Everrati GT40 EV

Everrati and Superformance team up to produce electric version of Le Mans-winning GT40

A couple of months back, we wrote about Everrati Automotive Limited and its new flagship 500-bhp Signature adapted from a Porsche 911. The British company, which specialises in converting iconic cars to run with electric powertrains, has now teamed up with Superformance to build an electrified version of the GT40. Superformance is a specialist in […]

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Marc Philipp Gemballa reveals his first supercar – the MARSIEN (w/VIDEO)

In May this year, Marc Philipp Gemballa – the son of the man who founded the Gemballa tuning company 30 years ago – announced that he was developing a new car of his own, codenamed ‘Project Sandbox’. It had nothing to do with the Gemballa company and is a venture by his own company. Based […]

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Uwe Gemballa’s son to launch his own sportscar soon

Marc Philipp Gemballa, the son of Uwe Gemballa who founded the tuning company with his name 30 years ago, has embarked on the development of a new car of his own, codenamed ‘Project Sandbox’. This will see the creation of a sportscar that is off-road capable and inspired by the legendary Porsche 959 rally era. […]

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Everrati Signature Widebody (2021)

Everrati Signature Widebody – an electrified Porsche 911 (964)

Everrati Automotive Limited, a British company specialising in converting iconic cars to run with electric powertrains, has unveiled its new flagship, the 500-bhp Signature. It is developed from a fully restored 1991 Porsche 911 964 and has been given widebody treatment with carbonfibre elements. The Signature joins other Everrati electrified models such as the Mercedes-Benz […]

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