Nissan Expedition Brazil

Nissan expedition visits UNESCO World Heritage sites in Brazil

In September 2017, Nissan organised a project to enable researchers to visit Brazil’s historic archaeology sites. Known as the “Nissan Expedition: In search of Brazil’s beginnings”, its objective was to contribute to culture and scientific research by exploring the wealth of Brazil’s historic rock paintings. The expedition was done in 5 stages and the researchers […]

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FRIDAY FEATURE: The Allure Of The Ford Ranger 4×4

Trucks. 4x4s. Pick-up Trucks. Call them what you will, but a couple of decades ago they didn’t exist… well not on the highways anyway. Since Mercedes-Benz likes to call itself “the inventor of the automobile” I guess it’s only apt to call Ford Malaysia “the inventor of the lifestyle pick-up truck”… no, really. You see, […]

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FEATURE: Why 2019 Is Going To Be A Good Year For Trucks & SUVs! [+Videos]

Yes, 2019 is indeed shaping up to be a stellar year for Truck and SUV fans across the nation, and here’s just a taste of what’s to come! LAND ROVER Thanks to AutoExpress, we’re getting a first glimpse of the all-new 2019 Land Rover Defender. So who said the LR Defender was dead eh? You […]

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