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With no rain likely, the Australian GP was expected to have just one stop for most teams, with tyres switched from starting mediums to hards. The first cars were expected to start coming in around lap 15 of the 58-laps of the Albert Park Street Circuit,

Max Verstappen rocketed off from his pole position, but Mercedes-AMG’S George Russell was close as Turn 1 came up and got through the turn first. Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton also moved forward together and somehow, after getting ahead of the Aston Martin driver, Hamilton also slipped past Verstappen.


The second round of the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship saw reigning champion Max Verstappen starting from 15th after driveshaft failure forced him out of qualifying, and Charles Leclerc in 12th after taking a 10-place grid drop for using more than his 2 allotted ECUs for the season,

Verstappen’s team mate in Red Bull Racing, Sergio Perez, had a poor start from pole position and was passed by a forceful Fernando Alonso in the Aston Martin. However, the Stewards would give Alonso a 5-second penalty for incorrect starting location.


As the lights went out to signal the start of the first round of the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship, Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen pulled away from the field cleanly. Ferrari’s  Charles Leclerc sneaked by Verstappen’s team mate Sergio Perez in pursuit of the world champion. .

Red Bull would be aiming to win at Bahrain for the first time since 2013 while Lewis Hamilton would hope that he could add one more win to the five previous ones that have made him the most successful driver at this circuit.

Although Fernando Alonso started from P5 and his team mate in the Aston Martin team was in P8, they somehow came in contact as the pack went through Turn 4. It appeared that Stroll was eager to get past Mercedes-AMG’s George Russell who had started from P6 but instead caused Alonso to drop to 7th. The Stewards considered the Aston Martin incident and decided that no action was necessary.


Ford has announced its return to Formula 1 after 22 years away from the sport. Despite having been absent from F1 since 2004, Ford remains the third most successful engine manufacturer in F1 history with 10 Constructors’ championships and 13 Drivers’ championships. Between 1967 and 2004, the carmaker provided engines to no less than 67 teams.

It was present in F1 up to 2004, with its last entry being with the Jaguar team (acquired from former F1 driver Jackie Stewart) as the British carmaker was then owned by Ford. The extremely high (and rising) cost of participating in F1 was given as the reason Ford withdrew and sold its team to Red Bull (the energy drinks company) for US$1 at the end of the 2004 season.

Drawing the carmaker back to the sport it dominated in the late 1960s and 1970s is the increasing interest in key markets around the world, including the USA. Furthermore, the FIA and F1 have a commitment to sustainability with increased use of electric power as well as sustainable fuels.


As the 20 F1 cars lined up on the starting grid for the last time in 2022, attention was focussed on Sergio Perez in P2 and Charles Leclerc in P3, both even in points. Max Verstappen was also world champion so the question was whether he would ‘cooperate’ to help his team mate take runner-up in the championship.

But much attention has also been on Aston Martin COGNIZANT’s Sebastian Vettel, who will be racing in F1 for the last time. Much liked, admired and respected, there were many messages of farewell (with ‘DANKE SEB’ as the tagline) and gatherings to mark the German driver’s last time with the F1 community that he has been a part of for the past 15 years.

Race starts at 5 pm in Abu Dhabi | 9 pm in Malaysia

After 21 rounds in 19 countries, the 2022 FIA Formula 1 World Championship has reached its final round this weekend at the Yas Marina Circuit, the venue of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix since 2009 and also where racing after sunset began for F1. Since 2014, it has been the last round of the championship and is likely to remain so till the end of the decade.

Last year saw changes made which resulted in a faster, more flowing track, with improved overtaking opportunities. The main changes were removing the old chicane at the start of the second sector and widening the following hairpin. The twisty chicanes at the start of the final sector were replaced by one long, banked corner. This has improved overtaking possibilities into the hairpin at Turn 5, at the new banked Turn 9 and in the final sector where the corners in the hotel complex were opened up.


At the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City, the start is like a drag race as the first turn is 800 metres away. So being in pole position, as Max Verstappen was, did not necessarily mean having a great advantage but he was not too concerned since his car had an edge over the Mercedes-AMG of George Russell on the straights anyway.

So on lights out, the Red Bull driver got ahead, with Russell and Lewis Hamilton getting in behind him. Verstappen’s team mate, Sergio Perez, was watching for an opportunity but with Russell in his line, he was impeded a bit. Nevertheless, he pushed on the second corner and Russell had to go wide (with what seemed like a slight contact) and got ahead to emerge third after the corner.

Race starts at 2 pm in Mexico/ 4 am (Monday) in Malaysia

Following a dramatic race in at the US GP in Texas last weekend, Round 20 of the 2022 FIA Formula 1 World Championship continues in the western hemisphere in Mexico City, the 22nd time a F1 round has been held in Mexico. Every race in the country has been held at the circuit now known as the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, named in honour of the country’s racing drivers, Ricardo and Pedro Rodriguez.

This circuit in particular is special to Honda because it was the first Japanese team to win a Formula 1 race in the 1965 event. While it did not participate as a factory team later on, it was an engine supplier and contributed to the victories of Williams (1987) and McLaren (1988-1989) in the Mexican rounds of the championship. And it is also associated in the same role with Red Bull Racing, which will be the 2022 World Champion.


Although the F1 Drivers title was confirmed after Japan, the teams were still out to score the most points in the remaining 4 races. So the mood on the starting grid at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) was just as tense, especially for the Red Bull and Ferrari drivers who were separated by just a point. And for Mercedes-AMG, there was nothing to lose in pushing hard now…

As the lights went out to start the US Grand Prix, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz got off cleanly from his pole position but Red Bull’s Max Verstappen next to him had just as strong a take-off and was the first to reach Turn 1. Just behind, the two Mercedes-AMG cars were also closing in on the corner and George Russell locked up, coming in contact with Sainz who went into a spin.

The incident cost Russell a 5-second penalty but for Sainz, it was worse… although the damage to his car didn’t look bad, he had to retire after heading into the pits when it was found that the radiator was leaking. A big disappointment after getting to start from pole position. His team mate, Charles Leclerc was still too far back, having had a 19-place penalty on the starting grid.


The Japanese F1 Grand Prix has always been popular with the drivers, with the great Japanese hospitality and fans giving them a warm welcome at Suzuka after missing the races for two years. Polite as ever, the Japanese fans accord every driver – especially their home hero, Yuki Tsunoda of the Scuderia Alphatauri team – the same enthusiastic cheers.

As with many Japanese GPs in past years, it rained a lot and as the cars went on their formation lap, it was still raining. So Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen, who could become world champion today, was glad to have received only a reprimand for the incident with McLaren’s Lando Norris during qualifying, allowing him to keep his pole position. Alongside was Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc who likewise would have a clear view of the track ahead as the cars headed to the first turn.

Behind, the other drivers would have to be super alert as they strained to see through the water spraying up from other cars. In some years, conditions could be really bad – as in 1976 when Niki Lauda chose to retire when he considered the risks caused by the heavy rain to be too great.



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