Contrary to whatever you make think, the internal combustion engine that Rudolf Diesel invented in the late 19th century is not ready to go into the history books yet. The engine named after him that has powered millions of vehicles – and not just motor vehicles – for more than 100 years may have gained a bad reputation at various times in its life, but its robustness and fuel efficiency have made it the preferred choice for commercial vehicles.

The introduction of the commonrail high-pressure fuel delivery system 20 years ago made it more popular for passenger vehicles as it enhanced performance and various solutions were found to reduce its ‘dirty’ image (although ‘dieselgate’ was damaging). Nevertheless, today’s diesel engines, mostly with turbochargers boosting output, are still popular powerplants for vehicles like pick-up trucks and SUVs in the passenger-carrying category.

Mazda began developing its SKYACTIV technologies over 10 years ago to raise fuel efficiency and engine output, and it has been constantly upgrading the technologies which are applicable to both petrol and diesel powerplants.

Mazda has been one of the diesel ‘loyalists’ and used its long engineering expertise to develop powerful, clean and efficient engines as part of the SKYACTIV powertrain family. Like some other Japanese carmakers, Mazda believes that a multi-solution approach is more suitable in the quest to reducing emissions to address climate change. Not all countries will be able to switch to electric vehicles at the same pace and some may still require combustion engines or hybrids, at least.

It has therefore not given up further development on combustion engines, pushing to the limits of the envelope to achieve lower emissions and better performance. It has now revealed an all-new e-SKYACTIV-D diesel engine which will be added to the Mazda CX-60 line-up in 2023.

Super-clean diesel engine
The new diesel engine is a Mazda first – a 3.3-litre unit that features Distribution-Controlled Partially Premixed Compression Ignition (DCPCI) Technology. This highly innovative advanced combustion technology makes the new e-SKYACTIV-D one of the cleanest diesel engines in the world, achieving a thermal efficiency of over 40%.

Developed using the ‘right sizing’ concept which optimises displacement to improve both fuel and power efficiency, the 3283 cc longitudinally installed commonrail electric direct injection 6-cylinder engine will have two power output levels: 200 ps and 254 ps. Depending on the model variant, there will be either 2-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

Uses 48V hybrid boost system
The engine uses a new 48V Mazda M Hybrid Boost system to combine high output with excellent fuel economy. Together with the DCPCI technology, engine efficiency, emissions and fuel economy are improved. These contribute significantly to greater driving range, better performance and yet lower fuel consumption and low emissions.

6-cylinder engines are inherently smooth due to their ‘perfect balance’, which will contribute to drive enjoyment. The engine’s high torque delivery gives strong pulling power, even with a 2,500-kg trailer. Though it has a larger displacement and more cylinder, the e-SKYACTIV-D’s lightweight construction makes it weigh not more than the 2.2-litre Mazda SKYACTIV-D 4-cylinder turbodiesel engine used in the CX-5.

More new powertrains coming
In total, Mazda is launching 5 new electrified products in the next 3 years that feature its multi-solution platform architecture. These will include an in-line straight-six 3-litre e-SKYACTIV petrol engine and an e-Skyactiv PHEV. For the European market, the launch of the new CX-60 will take Mazda further forward in its fleet’s emission reduction to become entirely carbon-neutral by 2050. After 2025, the company will launch its brand new SKYACTIV EV Scalable Architecture which will allow Mazda to efficiently build electric cars of all sizes using one common platform.

Mazda to use SKYACTIV-D engine with next-generation biofuel in endurance racing

The CX-8 joined the Mazda range offered by Bermaz Motor in 2019 and like the CX-5 below it and the CX-9 above, it found its own niche in the competitive SUV segment. With 3 rows, it provided the extra seating space which was required by some customers that the CX-5 could not offer. And being assembled locally at the Inokom plant in Kedah, it could be priced competitively.

Today, the updated CX-8 made its debut with the usual enhancements that products in the middle of their generation received. The overall design with KODO: Soul of Motion philosophy is retained but the front grille has been revised a bit to present a strong, mature and dignified presence. LED headlamps are also fitted and give a visual signature.

2022 Mazda CX-8

2022 Mazda CX-8

2022 Mazda CX-8

The 3-row cabin retains all the comfort and convenience features with the more premium features now becoming standard. These include the 7-inch instrument panel display, 6-way power seat for front passenger, handsfree power tailgate and auto-folding mirrors, along with additional USB ports for the passengers in the third row. There are also LED interior lamps as well as a wireless charger and wireless Apple Carplay which is accessible through the 8-inch Mazda Connect Infotainment display.

2022 Mazda CX-8

2022 Mazda CX-8

2022 Mazda CX-8

The CX-8 Mid and High variants get updated leather upholstery for the seats in black, while the 2.5L High Plus variants retain the Nappa leather in Deep Red. For added comfort, the front seats have an internal ventilation as well as heating functions.

Customers can choose from 5 variants, three of which have the SKYACTIV-G 2.5-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine (192 ps/258 Nm) and one with a 2.2-litre 4-cylinder turbodiesel engine( ps/Nm). A powerful new engine is also offered in one variant and this is the turbocharged version of the SKYACTIV-G 2.5 which produces 228 ps/420 Nm. All variants are paired with the efficient SKYACTIV-DRIVE 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission with manual shift mode.

2022 Mazda CX-8

The drivetrains are front-wheel drive but there is now a new variant with All-Wheel drive (AWD) as well and only this variant has the turbocharged engine. At the same time, the turbodiesel variant which used to have AWD is now 2WD. Mazda’s AWD system is advanced and intelligent to allocate power to specific wheels to improve stability and grip on slippery surfaces. However, all variants of the CX-8 also have G-Vectoring Control Plus (GVC Plus) and this too controls and stabilises vehicle behaviour at high speed when cornering. GVC Plus uses braking force on the outside wheels to counteract undesirable vehicle movement.

Mazda’s i-Activsense integrated safety suite has been updated and drivers can now enjoy safer motoring with the newly added Adaptive Front-lighting System, High Beam Control, front and rear Smart Brake Support, and Mazda Radar Cruise Control with stop/go (meaning the system operates down to standstill).

Colour choices for the 2022 CX-8 are Soul Red Crystal, Machine Gray, Snowflake White Pearl, Deep Crystal Blue, Jet Black and Platinum Quartz and Polymetal Gray, the last two being new additions.

2022 Mazda CX-8

2022 Mazda CX-8

Mazda vehicles distributed by Bermaz Motor come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty or maximum of 100,000 kms after original registration. Additionally, owners get 5 years of free scheduled maintenance (except for the BT-50), inclusive of labour, parts and lubricants. Both Manufacturer Warranty and Free Maintenance have a coverage period of five years and a mileage limit of 100,000km, whichever comes first.

To know more about the new CX-8 range and other Mazda models, or to locate an authorised showroom in Malaysia, visit www.mazda.com.my.

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Mazda’s SUV range (discounting the Mazda Tribute which was jointly developed with Ford’s first Escape) started off with single-digit numbers – CX-3, CX-5, CX-7 and CX-9 (the CX-30 being an exception) – and last year, the carmaker announced that its new generation of SUVs would have double-digit designations. And these would be more premium, in line with Mazda’s aspirations to move further upmarket.

We were told that from 2021 to 2024, there will be no less than 5 new SUV models and their designations were even revealed: CX-50, CX-60, CX-70 and CX-90. The CX-50, not intended as an immediate replacement for the CX-5, appeared last November and is intended primarily for the North American market where it is now being built as well.

Now comes the CX-60 which is Mazda’s first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and aimed largely at Europe. It’s not the company’s first hybrid as there has been a Mazda3 with a SKYACTIV HEV engine sold in Japan for many years. That hybrid drew on Toyota’s hybrid technology and with the association deepening in recent times, it is likely that this new PHEV may have been developed with some of Toyota’s long experience.

Most powerful Mazda production model to date
The PHEV powertrain has a SKYACTIV 2.5-litre petrol engine and a 100 kW electric motor powered by a 17.8 kWh high-capacity battery pack. With an output of 327 ps/500 Nm, it is the most powerful powertrain Mazda has offered in a production vehicle for sale to the public. Claimed 0 to 100 km/h performance is 5.8 seconds, with a range of up to 68 kms on just electricity in city driving conditions.

A new 8-speed automatic transmission and Mazda’s i-Activ All-Wheel Drive system delivers power to all four wheels, with Mazda Intelligent Drive Select (Mi-Drive) offering 5 different drive modes. Recharging is said to be within 4 hours using an ordinary power outlet.

Later, the CX-60 will also be available with two new engines for the PHEV powertrain – a new generation straight-six 3-litre e-SKYACTIV X petrol unit and a 3.3-litre SKYACTIV-D diesel. Together with the new engines and 48V technology, Mazda will also introduce a RWD version of the SUV. A bigger 3-row model, the CX-80, will be added to the range within the next two years.

2022 Mazda CX-60 PHEV

Typically high standard of vehicle dynamics

With its emphasis on jinba-ittai (the unity between a horse and its rider) for all its models. It would be surprising to find the CX-60 also having impressive vehicle dynamics. Compatible with the CX-60’s longitudinal front-engine rear-wheel drive mechanical layout, Mazda’s SKYACTIV Scalable Architecture is matched to high bodyshell rigidity and a double wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension set-up.

Additionally, the CX-60 also has Mazda’s Kinetic Posture Control technology which further stabilises vehicle posture when cornering by braking the inside rear wheel to mitigate roll and the draw the car body downwards, while positioning the high-voltage battery between the front and rear axles and as low as possible, further helps the CX-60’s centre of gravity and stability. This is probably an evolution of the G-Vectoring Control (GVC) chassis technologies developed some years back and used in many models today.

2022 Mazda CX-60 PHEV

2022 Mazda CX-60 PHEV

KODO design maintained
The appearance of the CX-60 seems to have a bit of the CX-5, which is not unusual since the KODO design language is still  being used. The grille has the familiar shape seen on other Mazdas but differs in detailing, while the body surfacing is masterfully done to exploit the flow of light across the body.

Besides design, Mazdas has always given craftsmanship a top priority in its products and for the CX-60, the very highest standards of craftmanship combined with new technologies and human-centric ergonomics to deliver a premium interior rooted in Japanese heritage.

2022 Mazda CX-60 PHEV

The elegant, premium quality interior design introduces the ideas of Kaichou – an element of disruption which mixes different materials and textures. With the flagship Takumi version, materials such as maple wood, nappa leather combine with uniquely worked Japanese textiles and chrome details, and Musubu – the art of binding which was the inspiration for a specially detailed instrument panel stitching.

2022 Mazda CX-60 PHEV

2022 Mazda CX-60 PHEV

The treatment of the maple wood trim reflects the Japanese aesthetic of Hacho – asymmetrical balance, or intentional unevenness. The woven fabrics’ diverse patterns and yarns respond sensitively to changes in light, and a Japanese stitching technique called Kakenui creates ‘hanging stitching’ seams with spaces between the trim fabrics revealing a glimpse of the material beneath.

An innovative feature for some variants is the Mazda Driver Personalisation System> This can  recognise the occupant of the driver’s seat via facial recognition and automatically make adjustments – seat position, steering wheel, mirrors, Head-up Display, even the sound and climate control settings – to fit their physique as well as their personal preferences. Whether this is a practical approach remains to be seen as there are some people who have unusual ways of sitting!

2022 Mazda CX-60 PHEV

How will Mazda’s CX range evolve?
How the Mazda range will look by the end of the decade can’t be determined yet. The company has often said that it wants to move upmarket and has progressively given its products a noticeably more premium image. Having the new double-digit range of more premium models sold together with the existing single-digit models may be a way to see whether they can move into – and stay – in the upper level of the market.

But for sure, they will eventually rationalise their range one way or another because, as one senior executive explained some years ago, Mazda is not very big and its volumes do not allow it to have too much variety. It has been careful to choose models and segments to compete in, avoiding fragmentation that is inefficient. And it has done that well so far…

2022 Mazda CX-60 PHEV

Visit www.mazda.com.my to know more about Mazda models available in Malaysia

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Visit www.bhpetrol.com.my for more information.

2021 versions of the Mazda6 and Mazda MX-5 RF are now available in Malaysia, Bermaz Motor announced today. Pricing (without insurance) for the models start from RM170,917 and RM258,591, respectively. Purchases made before June 30, 2021 will have 50% of the sale tax exempted under the PENJANA program.

With each new mode, Bermaz Motor offers 5-year (or maximum of 100,000 kms) manufacturer’s warranty and free scheduled maintenance for the first 5 years (or maximum of 100,000 kms). The free maintenance program includes costs for labour, parts and lubricants.

2021 MAZDA6
As before, this sedan model comes with a choice of SKYACTIV-G 2-litre and 2.5-litre petrol engines, coupled to the efficient SKYACTIV-DRIVE 6-apeed automatic transmission with manual shift mode. The driving dynamics are enhanced by G-Vectoring Control Plus which is the second generation of Mazda’s vehicle dynamics control technology which now has direct yaw moment control via the brakes as well.

2021 Mazda6

For the Mazda6 2.5, there are 19-inch alloy rims finished in metallic black and Gloss Black Door Mirrors, while the interior comes with leather upholstery throughout the cabin is in Burgundy Red with the same colour used for the stitching on the dashboard and door trims.

The 2-litre variant is now equipped with Advanced Keyless Entry and a Walkaway door lock feature for extra convenience while paddle shifters have been added to the steering wheel. For the 2.5-litre variant, a power sunroof and head-up display are standard.

2021 Mazda6

2021 Mazda6

2021 Mazda6

Both variants now have Wireless Apple CarPlay which allows iPhone connectivity without the need for a Lightning cable link. It uses a combination of Bluetooth and wifi to connect an iPhone and once paired properly, projecting the apps from the smartphone to the dashboard display can occur automatically. Android Auto is also available for those with smartphones running on the Android operating system.

The 6 previous colour choices for the Mazda6 – Soul Red Crystal, Machine Gray, Snowflake White Pearl, Sonic Silver, Deep Crystal Blue, Jet Black – continue to be offered, with Polymetal Gray now added to the list.

2021 Mazda6

2021 Mazda6

2021 MAZDA MX-5
Bermaz Motor is importing only the RF version of the roadster and a World Car of the Year winner. The design of this version has a Retractable Fastback (RF) which preserves the iconic lines of the sportscar while providing open-air motoring pleasure.

2021 Mazda MX-5 RF

It is powered by a SKYACTIV-G 2-litre engine with a 181 ps/205 Nm output which goes to the rear wheels. Transmission options are a SKYACTIV-MT 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. Besides the kerb weight of 1,111 kgs which provides an excellent weight-to-power ratio, the driving dynamics are also enhanced by ‘jinba-ittai’, the unity between driver and car that are a must for every Mazda.

2021 Mazda MX-5 RF
A manual transmission is also available with the SKYACTIV-G engine.

The MZD infotainment system with a 7-inch full colour touchscreen includes Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay (new) for ease of connectivity. Besides voice commands, the system is also managed by a multi-function controller between the front seats.

2021 Mazda MX-5 RF

Customers have a choice of exterior colours – Soul Red Crystal, Snowflake White Pearl, Deep Crystal Blue, Machine Grey, Jet Black and Polymetal Grey.

To know more about the new Mazda6 and Mazda MX-5, visit www.mazda.com.my.

Bermaz Motor accepting bookings for 2021 Mazda CX-3 2.0, priced from RM130,729

The current Mazda CX-3 has been in the Malaysian market since 2018 and although there have been many new SUVs appearing over the past 3 years, the Mazda SUV’s looks are still fresh. Perhaps this has to do with the KODO design language which gives a timeless quality to the appearance.

2021 Mazda CX-3

2021 Mazda CX-3

So not a lot needs to be done for the usual mid-cycle update in as far as exterior aesthetics are concerned for the CX-3. However, in keeping with market trends, Bermaz Motor has upgraded the specs with All-LED exterior lighting as standard. The headlights also come with automatic on/off and self-levelling capabilities.

Power sunroof added for 2021 model
Other standard equipment for the model, which comes from Japan in CBU form, include 18-inch aluminium alloy wheels, a roof spoiler, shark fin antenna, dual stainless-steel tailpipes, and new for 2021, a power sunroof as well as front parking sensors.

2021 Mazda CX-3

2021 Mazda CX-3

Some interior features have also been updated and there are new leatherette-fabric seats and a 360° View Monitor for the latest model. The infotainment system is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity software so smartphone apps can be transferred onto the dashboard system. Other premium standard features include an Active Driving Display, a 7-inch, full-colour touchscreen display with Mazda Connect, Bluetooth hands-free phone and audio, and a 6-speaker audio system. For ease of operation and safer motoring, the functions can be managed using the multi-function command knob between the front seats or steering wheel-mounted controls.

2021 Mazda CX-3

2-litre engine but no AWD
The 2021 CX-3 continues with the Mazda SKYACTIV-G 2-litre petrol engine – a rather large displacement for a small body – which produces 154 bhp/206 Nm. Power delivery is only to the front wheels through a SKYACTIV-DRIVE 6-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode. In addition, there’s Mazda’s G-Vectoring Control technology which improves driving dynamics by making acceleration smoother and more linear.

Mazda GVC
How Mazda G-Vectoring Control (GVC) works

2021 Mazda CX-3

Comprehensive safety systems
The CX-3 comes with an extensive list of safety equipment and systems that include 6 airbags, and i-ACTIVSENSE, Mazda’s integrated safety system which helps the driver to avoid accidents. The system includes automatic emergency braking and also alerts the driver if the vehicle departs from its lane. Besides a blindspot monitor, there is also active scanning of the rear as the CX-3 is reversing out. In the event of approaching vehicles from either side, the driver will be alerted, reducing the possibility of an accident.

Bermaz Motor is now accepting booking for the 2021 CX-3 which is priced from RM130,729 (excluding insurance). The price has 50% sales tax deducted under the exemption provided by the government. Although registration and deliveries will only start from July 2021, customers who make their booking before June 30 (the expiry date for the sales tax exemption) will still be entitled to the exemption.

2021 Mazda CX-3

Colours available are Soul Red Crystal, Snowflake White Pearl, Deep Crystal Blue, Machine Gray, with Polymetal Gray being a new choice for the range. All new vehicles will come with a factory warranty as well as free scheduled maintenance for the first 5 years or maximum of 100,000 kms after original registration (terms and conditions apply).

For more information, visit www.mazda.com.my or any authorised Mazda dealership in Malaysia.

Mazda at 100: Proving superior and reliable engineering through motorsports

When the KAI concept was displayed at the Mazda stand during the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, it was already known to be a preview of the new Mazda3 generation. Besides showing the promise of more advanced SKYACTIV technologies – including the sophisticated SKYACTIV-X engine – the KAI concept was already generating a lot of positive anticipation for the new Mazda3 that was launched in 2018.

2017 KAI concept
Kai concept displayed at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show gave a first look at the new Mazda3 design.

The expectations were not disappointed and the Mazda3 has impressed in every market where it has been launched. As it is the time of the year when ‘Car of the Year’ awards are handed out, the Mazda3 has already collected a few with two awards in the space of one week in two difference countries. Earlier, the Mazda model was also picked as 2019 Women’s World Car of the Year by a panel which consisted only women.

This week, the Thai Automotive Journalists Association announced it as their Car of the Year, the second time a Mazda has been voted ‘Thailand Car of the Year’, after the Mazda CX-3 in 2016. The model, which is manufactured in Thailand, went on sale in May this year.

Today, it was also announced as the ‘China Car of the Year 2020‘, the first time a Mazda has won the award. The Mazda3 received the most votes from a panel of 38 judges who considered 10 nominees from 194 models that were launched in mainland China.

2019 Mazda3

Apart from the appeal of the matured Kodo design language, the latest Mazda3 adopts the new SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture which enhances vehicle dynamics while also giving a more natural sense of balance. Based on its philosophy of designing the car around the human being, Mazda has dramatically enhanced the model’s fundamental driving attributes to make accelerating, turning and braking feel completely natural.

For the Malaysian market, Bermaz Motor offers both the sedan and hatchback versions with two different SKYACTIV-G petrol engine options – 1.5 litres (118 ps/153 Nm) and 2.0 litres (162 ps/213 Nm). Prices range from RM139,620 to RM160,059.

2019 Mazda3

To find out yourself why this new Mazda is winning awards, visit www.mazda.com.my to locate a showroom in Malaysia for a test-drive.


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