Mercedes-Benz MBUX Hyperscreen

Mercedes-Benz puts a ‘Home Theatre’ in the car cabin

The EQ range of Mercedes-Benz cars is not just about a new range of all-electric vehicles but will also bring much new and more advanced technologies, especially since the platforms can be entirely new and not adapted from conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines. This gives designers and engineers a truly ‘clean sheet’ or perhaps […]

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Jaguar Land Rover Predictive Touch Technology

Jaguar Land Rover’s Predictive Touch Technology can help reduce spread of viruses

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on changes to many different aspects of life to fight the coronavirus. One of the important measures is the reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses, which can be on the many surfaces we come in contact with. Researchers are also beginning to find that the viruses can float in […]

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Car of the future

Model Year 2050 – what to expect in 30 years

In the 1950s, carmakers envisioned sleek cars with advanced powertrains and autonomous operation on the roads of the 21st century while futurists and science fiction writers imagined flying cars. Well, we have the sleek designs with advanced powertrains due to make changes in this decade as electric motors take over from the internal combustion engine. […]

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Human drivers use two eyes, autonomous cars need three eyes

Human beings have two eyes to view their surroundings as they drive, sending images to the brain which then makes the necessary decisions to brake or avoid hazards. When an on-board computer takes over the entire job of operating an autonomous car, two ‘eyes’ are not enough and a third sensor is needed. The first […]

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Honda e connectivity

Honda e previews connectivity features you could get tomorrow

CONNECTIVITY. It’s a term you hear often these days in descriptions of new models. It refers to the seamless integration between advanced technologies for infotainment and the portable devices that the car’s occupants have, as well as connecting to the world outside the car. The earliest ‘connectivity’ feature would have been the radio, receiving broadcasts […]

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VW says AI no threat to mankind

The advancement in autonomous tech have lead many automakers to create their own in-house data centres filled with powerful computers. That said, we shouldn’t expect a Skynet-like artificial intelligence (AI) revolution in the near future – atleast that’s what Prof. Dr. Patrick van der Smagt, Head of AI Research at the VW’s Data Lab says. […]

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