Volkswagen’s design boss wants to know what you think of a pick-up version of the ID. Buzz

Developing new car designs is a challenge as the designers have to anticipate trends and look ahead to market needs. They may have new ideas and features, but how will car-buyers respond? To get an idea of how people feel, concept cars are built and displayed to show proposed designs so feedback can be collected. […]

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2022 Tata AVINYA Concept EV

Tata Motors reveals AVINYA concept to preview new EV model for 2025

Following the presentation of the CURVV concept early in April, Tata Motors recently unveiled a second concept car which will be the basis of a new battery-electric vehicle (BEV) that will enter the market in 2025. The new concept car is called the AVINYA, the name being derived from the Sanskrit language to stand for […]

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Audi urbansphere concept shows what the luxury MPV of the future could be like

The third of Audi’s ‘sphere’ concept cars showing its idea of premium electric vehicles in future in three different segments has been unveiled today: the Audi urbansphere. Where the 2021 skysphere was a roadster GT concept and the grandsphere that followed was a luxury sedan, the urbansphere takes the form of an MPV. ‘Co-created’ with […]

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Audi A6 Avant e-tron concept

A6 Avant e-tron concept previews Audi’s future electric stationwagon

Like many other carmakers, Audi too has firm plans on electrifying its range and within this decade, it will have a range of models running only on electric power. The models will come under the ‘e-tron’ umbrella which is the name Audi uses for its battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Some are already in the market, […]

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Hispano Suiza-IED concept 2022

Reimagining the world’s first sportscar for the 21st century and beyond

At motorshows and other exhibitions, carmakers often display concept cars which have advanced designs that suggest what cars will look like in future. They have various bodystyles, suggesting that there will still be variety, and sportscars are popular subjects for futuristic design studies. The carmakers’ studios have numerous designs for the future but sometimes they […]

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EdisonFuture 2025

EdisonFuture’s electric pick-up truck aims to grab a slice of future market

Pick-up trucks are big business in the US market and have been top-sellers for decades. Their popularity made the Ford F-Series the bestselling vehicles on the planet (though almost entirely sold in North America). While the Big Three – GM, Ford and Chrysler – have long dominated this segment of the market, newcomers from foreign […]

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2022 Cadillac InnerSpace concept

Cadillac InnerSpace concept reimagines the luxury experience of motoring in future

For those who have not followed the changes in Cadillac, the quintessential American automobile brand, their products are no longer the huge and heavy ‘aircraft carriers’ they once were. In fact, since the 1980s, the General Motors subsidiary has been ‘downsizing’ in response to energy concerns and the need to look for socially acceptable. It […]

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