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Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn. Bhd. marked a significant milestone by launching the pilot test of the first pair of Scania road tankers, operated by Konsortium Port Dickson Sdn Bhd (KPD), designed to operate using B100 Biodiesel.

In collaboration with Scania and Konsortium Port Dickson Sdn Bhd (KPD), Shell Malaysia aims to pilot test these road tankers as part of an initiative to reduce carbon emissions. Supported by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) and the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC), the venture aligns with efforts to drive sustainability in the transportation sector.

One of the highlights is the significance of renewable fuels in lowering carbon emissions from vehicles with internal combustion engines, providing an alternative pathway for companies to achieve their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. Scania has been a pioneer in preparing its vehicles for biodiesel use, and since 2019, all Scania diesel vehicles sold in Malaysia are FAME-prepared up to B100.


In partnership with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia, Shell Malaysia has introduced an exclusive line of remote-control cars. Combining the innovation linked to Shell V-Power with the iconic appeal of beloved Star Wars characters, this collection marks the creation of the world’s inaugural Star Wars Racers Collection, set to ignite fervour among fans and auto enthusiasts alike.

Inspired by the eternal battle of light and dark, this limited-edition collection comprises six remote-control car designs, featuring renowned Star Wars characters:

  • Darth Vader Racer
  • Stormtrooper Racer
  • Darth Maul Racer
  • The Mandalorian Racer
  • Boba Fett Racer
  • BB-8 Racer

Shell Malaysia, through its business mobility division, Shell Fleet Solutions, has launched its Accelerate to Zero (A2Z) Programme in Malaysia. The A2Z programme aims to assist fleet owners in optimising their operations, achieving sustainability goals, and navigating challenges such as supply chain disruptions, driver shortages, and the pressure to decarbonise.

The A2Z programme includes various integrated solutions:

  1. Shell Card: A revamped Shell Card acts as the key to unlock all the solutions, enabling integration for a fleet’s day-to-day mobility expenses, including fuel, telematics, lubricants, and electric vehicle (EV) charging through the Shell network.
  2. Shell Recharge: Shell’s EV charging ecosystem offers corporate fleets a comprehensive package of hardware, software services, and support solutions to meet specific EV infrastructure requirements. Customers can access Shell’s expanding network of charging points.
  3. Shell Telematics: This solution combines integrated Shell Card data, ‘live’ vehicle tracking, vehicle performance monitoring, and more to provide corporate fleets with critical data and business intelligence to help them achieve greater sustainability.
  4. Carbon Compensation: Fleet owners can opt to compensate for the carbon emissions from their fuel purchases through carbon credits generated by Shell projects.

The debate has been raging for years now – which petrol actually takes you further? Some swear by Shell, other say it is BHPetrol or Petronas.

But there has never been a real world test conducted – till now.

The team at PISTON took it upon ourselves to finally put an end to the debate.

The contenders – Petronas, Shell and BHPetrol – were chosen as they are some of the most widely available fuel providers around the Klang Valley and Peninsular Malaysia.

The cars we chose for this comparison are three Honda City RS e:HEV, or otherwise known as the Honda City Hybrid.

Why did we choose the City Hybrid? Well, the objective of the comparison was to see which fuel gives us the most mileage over the most diverse terrain we could find.

We wanted to drive through heavy traffic, uphill and downhill, through highways and back roads. And because the City Hybrid is impressively frugal, we were confident that we would not need to refuel despite driving close to 500km’s in a day.

And we were right, the Honda City proved to be the perfect companion as it offered impressive comfort and features like Apple Carplay and Android Auto to keep us entertained throughout the long, tiring drive.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Honda Malaysia for loaning us the three Honda City’s.

We also took as much care as possible to eliminate all possible variables. First we extended a request to Honda Malaysia to service all three cars with new lubricants to which they generously obliged (thank you Honda!). This was to ensure that the engines of the three cars were working equally as hard and there was not one working harder than the other.

Secondly, we ensured that the tyres of all three cars had the same pressure. This was to ensure equal rolling resistance. Low tyre pressure results in higher rolling resistance which in turn increases fuel consumption. So it was essential to ensure the tyre pressure of all three cars were the same!

And we also ensured all three cars had a lone driver. Vehicle load also increases fuel consumption, and because all three drivers were roundish around the sides, weight was about the same as well.

And finally, we took special care to ensure that residual fuel was minimised. We did not want fuel brands mixing up with one another. So we were sure to empty out the tanks as much as possible (by driving instead of draining) and then refuelling with the competing fuel.

So with this, we hit the road from Kayu Ara towards the Damansara toll. Our journey took us east towards Raub via the Karak Highway, and then off the highway towards Sungai Koyan. From there we headed West towards Cameron Highlands, and then north via the old Tapah road. From there, we hit the highway heading south and ended at the Jejantas Sungai Buloh.

And the winner? Well, that’s in the video below:

Shell Malaysia recently introduced its new Shell FuelSave 95 which is said to get you 15km more per tank.

Through the Shell FuelSave 95 Challenge 2023, Shell actively encouraged drivers all over the nation to enjoy longer, uninterrupted travels of up to 15 KM longer per tank with this new main grade fuel.

Malaysians from Northern to Southern Peninsular Malaysia to East Malaysia have gathered numerous shared experiences of enjoying extra savings and better fuel mileage, making their RM2.05 per litre spent on the new Shell FuelSave 95 worth it.


Ever since the Industrial Revolution began in the 19th century, emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2)have kept increasing in the environment from industrial activities and products. The gas, often referred to as a ‘greenhouse gas’, has been identified as the main contributor to global warming. Although nature has had processes to remove CO2, the increase of the gas has exceeded the capability of natural systems to remove it, leading to accumulation that has reached levels where the climate is being changed.

The warning signs are clear and depending on who you listen to, we could be very close to the tipping point when the change will not be reversible. But regardless of the timeline, it is clear that global warming is occurring and action needs to be taken. Scientists believe that preventing an increase of more than 1.5 degrees C. is crucial for the planet’s future and some 200 countries have given commitments to do their part to achieve this goal.

Industries, most of which generate CO2 through their activities and products, have also made a similar commitment to help prevent climate change. Many have already stated goals to stop generating greenhouse gases – becoming carbon-neutral – in their activities and products during the next couple of decades.

Among these companies is Shell, the global energy company, which has long had activities upstream and downstream as well as products – fuels and lubricants, in particular – which have generated CO2. The company has declared that it will become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050.


Sunshine contains energy and it’s free and abundantly available, so it makes sense that it can be used to power facilities. Modern technology had made it possible to collect sunshine and convert it into energy and Shell Malaysia is making use of this technology in efforts to lower carbon emissions.

The company has installed solar panels at 216 of its retail stations around the country as is part of the drive to adopt a combination of measures to improve its energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint. Installation of solar panels at retail stations help supplement and reduce dependability on local utilities, resulting in increased electrical savings for the stations in the long run.

216 stations to date
Shell is working with Cleantech Solar to install the solar panels at its retail stations in Malaysia. So far, a total of 22,505 solar Photo Voltaic panels with a total capacity of 10.12 megawatt (MWp) have been installed on the roofs of 216 stations as part of the company’s commitment to run a safe, efficient, responsible, and profitable business. Exemplifying this, the current number of solar panels in the stations can generate 12,939 MWh of electrical energy, enough to power roughly 3,740 households in a year.

“At Shell, we aim to make the transition towards a low-carbon future possible for our operations and will always look out for initiatives that will enable us to provide cleaner and sustainable energy solutions for our customers. We have fitted 216 of our stations with solar panels and we will be progressing towards about 350 stations by the end of 2022,” said Seow Lee Ming, General Manager of Mobility Shell.

Green Building Index Certification
In 2019, Shell Damansara Jaya and Shell Taman Connaught were the first two retail stations in Malaysia to receive the Green Building Index (GBI) Certification. The GBI is the country’s industry-recognised green rating tool for buildings to promote sustainability in the built environment by saving energy and resources. These two Shell stations mark the first entries in the new retail fuel category introduced for the certification standard. The company is also the first in the Asia Pacific region to receive this GBI certification.

Shell also opened what is an example of ‘the station of the future’ – Shell Mint Hotel – which is Malaysia’s First Gold GBI Certified Petrol Station. Apart from being powered by solar, this station has sustainable features such as a food waste composting machine that converts food waste into fertilisers, energy-efficient air-conditioners and chillers, recycling facilities and a smart LED lighting system at the forecourt. To lessen the station’s usage of water from municipal systems, a rainwater harvesting system is utilised to collect and store rainwater to be reused in its facilities such as the toilets.

Shell has now received GBI certification for 5 of its stations in Malaysia. They are Shell Taman Connaught, Shell Damansara Jaya, Shell Mint Hotel, Shell Tangkak Lay-by and Shell Alor Pongsu.

The Shell Group has set a target to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050, in step with society. This is also in line with the government’s ambition towards Malaysia achieving Carbon Neutral in the same year. By powering Malaysia with cleaner energy and innovation mobility solutions, Shell hopes to mobilise the energy sector and increase its efficiency by offering products and services with lower carbon emissions.

Shell station preserves Penang’s living heritage whilst maintaining connection to the past

Shell has been in Malaysia for over 110 years, initially starting with exploration operations and then moving downstream to establish a nationwide network of retail outlets selling fuel and other products.

One of the brand’s oldest stations is in Penang and has existed since the 1920s, serving many generations of motorists on the island. With ambitions to preserve Penang’s living heritage whilst maintaining an important connection to the past, Shell has carried out restoration of the station and unveiled the new look recently.

The station has served the community through thick and thin, as exemplified by the station surviving World War II and witnessing Malaysia’s independence Situated along Penang Road in the Buffer Zone of the Penang Heritage zone, an area popular with tourists for its rich historical context, Shell Penang Road will be listed under the Penang Heritage directory, reflecting its significance as an important cultural landmark. Shell is collaborating with Penang Global Tourism to elevate Shell Penang Road as a tourist landmark.

“Shell Penang Road has been a part of Penang’s colourful history and heritage for 100 years, and I am pleased that Shell continues to preserve the heritage of this station while innovating to cater to all of its customers’ needs. I hope that this latest addition to the Penang Heritage zone will encourage Malaysians to visit Penang and support local tourism and businesses,” said Yeoh Soon Hin, Penang State Executive Councillor.

While the station’s new look retains elements of colonial architecture, it also embraces modernity within. The convenience store offers modern comforts for motorists and provides food, snacks and other services.

“As we evolve to meet our customers’ dynamic demands and needs, it is important to remember our roots and hold on to our core values. Shell Penang Road stands as a testament to Penang and Shell’s history in Malaysia, reflecting how far we have come together. This station truly reflects Shell’s commitment to continue providing the best for the communities that we operate in,” said Seow Lee Ming, General Manager, Mobility Malaysia and Singapore.

To commemorate the launch, Shell is offering BonusLink members a limited-edition Shell Heritage Jute Bag, which features Penang’s cultural elements. Exclusively available at Shell Penang Road, the Shell Heritage Jute Bag is redeemable with 1,200 BonusLink points. Customers who sign up to be a BonusLink member at Shell Penang Road will be able to purchase the bag for RM15 (while stocks last).

Shell Malaysia realizes dreams of local SMEs

We once took for granted the freedom of being able to drive wherever in the country we wanted to go, whether to balik kampung, have a holiday or just look for new eating places. And then came the Movement Control Order which stopped all interstate crossings as one measure to stop the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Then we realised how much we missed the freedom of travel.

Now that the restrictions are lifted and we can go everywhere again, Malaysians are starting to travel for leisure again. Seemingly to celebrate this, Shell Malaysia is offering its customers RM5 Shell e-vouchers for BonusLink Points collected at Shell stations nationwide in the months of November and December 2021.

The ‘Every Little Point Counts’ campaign, as it is known, applies not just to fuel purchases but for every purchase made at Shell station nationwide. Customers can accelerate their BonusLink Point collection by getting their must-have road trip necessities at Shell stations. Be it big or small, every transaction at a Shell station earns BonusLink Points.

To participate, customers simply need to swipe their BonusLink card or use the BLINK app with any purchase and receive BonusLink Points. Once they accumulate 200 standard points, a RM5 e-voucher will be sent to them on the BLINK app or to the email address which is registered with BonusLink. The e-voucher can be used immediately at any Shell station in Malaysia. It can be redeemed for purchases from as low as 100 points. The Shell voucher for 200 standard BonusLink Points is given once in the month of November and December, respectively

If you do not already have a BonusLink account, you can sign up for one at any Shell station or use the BLINK app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. First-time users will be rewarded with a RM4 Shell voucher and 100 BonusLink Points as a welcome offer.

Shell Malaysia realizes dreams of local SMEs

Wherever Shell has been operating, it always cares about the communities around it and in Malaysia, Shell Malaysia has constantly been looking for ways to uplift local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). In August last year, the company started its “Realisasi Impianmu Bersama Shell” programme to help local SMEs expand their reach with an opportunity to sell their products through the Shell Select stores located at the stations.

With Realisasi Impianmu Bersama Shell, Shell looks to partner with SMEs who supply snacks, confectionaries, non-alcoholic beverages, and ready-to-eat meals. The initiative is open for Malaysians aged 18 and above, and the selected SMEs will have the opportunity to promote their products at a national, regional, or specific site listing as decided by Shell.

The company has now announced an expansion of Select store offerings to include products from 29 selected entrepreneurs of the programme, alongside essential groceries available at the stores. Shell Select shelves in Malaysia are now stocked with a wider selection of snacks, confectionaries, non-alcoholic drinks, and ready-to-eat meals from the local SMEs, including Joe Flizzow x deli2go’s gourmet chicken burger, murtabak ayam with lava cheese, murtabak kambing and locally sourced pineapple juice.

In addition, customers can also find essential groceries such as flour, sugar, cooking oil, biscuits, sauces, sardines, noodles, coconut milk, and various beverages. In the spirit of Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day celebrations, customers can enjoy special promotions at selected Shell stations until the end of this month.

Shell has always opened its doors to local SMEs and provided them with an avenue to promote their products at Shell Select stores. ‘Realisasi Impianmu Bersama Shell’ will give Malaysian entrepreneurs an extra boost and the opportunity to scale up their businesses. In the month of October this year, Shell Malaysia will be participating in the Ministry of Domestic Trade, and Consumer Affairs Kempen Beli Barangan Malaysia to continue to help raise the economic prosperity of SMEs in Malaysia.

“We’re happy to welcome on board the entrepreneurs of ‘Realisasi Impianmu Bersama Shell‘. We currently have 29 local partners selected through the programme that are supplying their products to Shell Select stores, among which include newly appointed Shell Private Label local partners. This, ‘for Malaysians by Malaysians’ effort exemplifies our commitment to meet the daily needs of our community, which combine local SMEs’ innovative offerings and our extended essential groceries of quality and variety,” said Seow Lee Ming, General Manager Mobility, Malaysia & Singapore.

Ms. Seow also gave assurance that the well-being of customers is a No.1 priority for the company. “We strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment at our stations with strict SOPs while continuously improving our products and services in line with our commitment to make life’s journey better. Kita jaga kita,” he said.

The Shell outlet that does not sell fuel or lubricants


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